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Our darling ‘MUST-BE-PAMPERED’ coveted actress. The actress who likes to be treated differently, who likes to be given the special ‘special’ invite and so on…

The actress who only likes to attend occasions that are done outside Nigeria.

Oh you need to give her the over first class treatment too, else she won’t be at your occasion.

Or better still, just fix your occasion at Dubai, or any other country that is not Nigeria, she would be the first to be at the occassion.

Remember her, Our delectable actress~ Genevieve Nnaji who was always on our screens in the early 2000s and was capable of waking the ‘man’ in a man up not only her colleagues own o, but the politicians as well. This has overtime made her famous and wealthy.

Ehem! To the main gist, we know you dey make money under the sun or in the rain. Whether indoor or outdoor, you are still making your money anyway, anytime, anyday, anywhere; ebami yi Oluwa ni ogo (In Davido’s voice).

But then, believe me when I say you are always absent at other celebrities’ occasions, so is it that they don’t send you an invite or they do, but you shun the invite because it is not outside Nigeria, or better still, you don’t have friends up to your standard in this world or something else.

Oh No! You have, but they must not be based in Nigeria, because you can’t associate with people that are living in Nigeria except they are politicians or are richer than you.

Oh No! If their occasion is not outside Nigeria you wont grace it.

In summary, Omotola’s big birthday celebration that drew even the richest man in Nigeria, talking about Aliko Dangote, you did not show face; I know some people would start forming up stories like “They are not close na” okay, no wahala. A lot of top celebrities don do event before and after Omosexy’s birthday, you still did not grace their occasion.
Now Uncle and Aunty Jacob’s first fruit- Soji Jacob had his wedding recently where most big celebrities like you o- Kate Henshaw, Rita Dominic showed face but you still didn’t. So my question is, when you want to finally have an occasion, whether na your own wedding o, or your daughter’s wedding, so who would be present na? As you no dey show face for others occasion.

Don’t worry I know the answer, only politicians, people that are not based in the country, but definitely not cockroach people (naturally cockroach people means people wey no get money, but for you, people that are not up to your standard)
Or better still, it is going to be a secretive wedding or better still, it would be done outside Nigeria?

Fine, we know people of the world are wicked, they envy, backbite etc, but no be all of them na…

Loosen up a bit terrific one, celebrate with others when they are celebrating, even the bible records it.


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One thing you can’t take away from delectable actress~ Kate Henshaw is her love to celebrate with other people whether wedding, birthday, surprise gifting of car etc.

She is one actress with a difference; she is jovial, fun to be with and never looks down on people like some of her colleagues.

She is always happy to celebrate with others, hence the reason she honours her colleagues invites.

However, among her colleaues, she seems to always be around Rita Dominic; in essence, wherever you find Kate Henshaw, you will find Rita Dominic and vice versa.

She recently turned 47 and guess who she celebrated with? Ofcourse, Rita Dominic; Funke Akindele and husband, JJC Skillz, Shaffy Bello also came to celebrate with her.

From the above, one can tell that there is this strong bond she has with Rita Dominic; perhaps, she is the only close pal she has in the movie industry.

By the way Rita and Kate, I love your red shoes; Ehen, they even wore thesame colour of shoes.


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Following the constant public backlash Davido’s treasure~ Chioma Rowland aka Davido’s assurance, aka Mrs. Adeleke to be, keeps getting on why she dropped out of Babcock University (a school owned by the founder of Seventh Day Adventist) just to be moving around with Davido, she has come out to reply Nigerians in seven words.


Meanwhile after her post, Davido also voiced out on his twitter handle.



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Olusoji Jacob is the first son of the celebrity couple~ Joke and Olu Jacobs.

Here are more pictures from his wedding to his Beautiful bride. Celebrities like Kate Henshaw, RMD, Hilda Dokubo, Ufoma McDermott, Ireti Doyle, Monalisa Chinda, Lala Akindoju and others graced the occasion.

It was gathered that they spent over 10million naira for the wedding.

Happy Married Life to the new Jacobs


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I just love this her message,seems like she was referring to me, so I decided to tap into it, you can also.

The message is basically for people that are downcast and are about to give up. Here is Adesua Etomi Wellington encouraging you to stay sttong cause things will surely get better when you least expect.


“|This message is linked to my faith and the God I serve but IT IS FOR EVERYONE|.

“I remember a time in my life when it seemed like NOTHING was going right and I mean NOTHING. Everything just seemed to suck.

“I was constantly being hurt by people I cared about and was good to, my career…well, I didn’t have one and it wasn’t for lack of trying, people I loved were going through tough times, everything wasn’t going right.

“It became hard to pray. I’d stay in my house, in bed for daysss. I never talked about it.

“On so many occasions, I’d cry myself to sleep. I constantly wished I was someone else.

“I was deeply unhappy.
Can’t remember how but I was finally able to start praying through it all.

“Started talking bout it too. I Wish I could tell you that things got better immediately. Lol.

“They didn’t but I’d tell you what did happen. I fought every single day for my life. The life I knew was mine. I started to focus on what i did have and became more thankful.

“I started to speak positively about myself and my life. I started to smile more. I started to laugh more and then I learnt the secret of being content in any and every situation.

“I also learnt to give even when I had very little. I worked on myself and asked God to make me better.

“One day I remember hearing ‘ it’ll all make sense some day’. I’m not saying it all makes sense now but things are definitely better than they used to be.

“It didn’t happen overnight but it did happen. Slowly but surely. There’s a reason I constantly try to remember to keep God at the centre of it all. He’s literally holding me together.

“I still go through tough times, everyone does but my perspective has changed.

“We don’t see complete pictures but I serve a God who does.
I know it’s tough and I’m really sorry. If no one has told you before, i want you to know that you’re stronger than you can possibly imagine, even on the days that you can’t get yourself out of bed. You’re beautiful. You’re loved. You’re cherished.

“You’re forgiven and the world needs you. You’re not a mistake. All these are true, whether you believe in God or not.

“I don’t know why I wrote this but I feel someone really needs it.

“Now and always, ☀ Sunshine”


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Pastor David Oyedepo is the founder of Winners’ Chapel. He is one of the men of God who can’t stand the continuous killings by the Fulani herdsmen.

What displeases him more is the inability of the President~ Muhammadu Buhari to take actions against the perpetrators of such act as he is keeping mum while people are dying daily.

Without mincing words, the man of God via a YouTube video posted by the church’s official page told the president to get out of the office.

His words

“Enough is enough,”

“When I was talking in 2015, people were saying my own was too much, now everybody can see what’s happening. What has moved forward in anybody’s life? You don’t know it’s war. Why are they attacking the Christian communities? Why has nobody been arrested? I can tell you this, the authorities and the powers that are behind them.

“I will never be partisan; Jesus got me out of it in 1984. But I will not be alive to see innocent people massacred.

“We must wake up and push this evil back. Not one of those so-called herdsmen – they are jihadists – has been brought to book till date. Herdsmen don’t shoot; they have been here all along. They are just taking cover under the herdsmen to assault innocent citizens. They wake up in the night and slice innocent children to pieces. Yet, you have a government in place. What!

“The most honourable thing for any non-performing leader to do is to resign. The most honourable thing is to resign. That’s my own for Mr President. Resign! Get out of office! Even our Islamic friends in the North are calling on him (Buhari) to resign. Because that’s the noblest thing to do. Or are we going to look at one system destroy a whole nation?”

On Nigeria becoming a Fulani republic

His words

“I’m going to say this and I’m not going to be tired. This (Nigeria) will never be a Fulani republic. That is not our terms of agreement. It will remain a secular nation till Jesus returns. It’s not just (about) land, it’s (about) heritage.

“Forever, I stand on the fact that no government has the authority to collect land from those who own it and transfer it to another person because on the other side (presumably the north), it never happens.”


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Apparently, not only musicians throw shades at one another, it also happens in the Bank industry

Sterling Bank throws shade at other banks with new advert & the banks reply. Hilarious!

Last week, Sterling Bank Plc tweeted a photo  depicting the symbols  of various banks GTB, UNION BANK, ACCESS and FIRST BANK with the caption “In shooting for the moon, men become stars”

“Shoot for the moon, become a star – it’s the least you deserve, Welcome to #SterlingBank,” the bank tweeted.

Immediately, Union Bank tweeted , “Heading to the moon without a spacesuit…journey mercies” @UNIONBANK_NG

This was also followed up with another tweet by them “When the elders speak, you keep quiet”

Sterling Bank throws shade at other banks with new advert & the banks reply. Hilarious!

While Access bank tweeted “We will travel on an imaginary rocket too, if we were a one-customer Micro-finance Bank; but with ten million customers and counting, we rather bring the galaxy to you!”

Sterling Bank throws shade at other banks with new advert & the banks reply. Hilarious!

First bank in the same vein tweeted  “What an elder sees while sitting, a child cannot see even if he travels to the moon, #RespectYourElders #YouFirst.” @FirstBankngr, 

Sterling Bank throws shade at other banks with new advert & the banks reply. Hilarious!

The last bank GTB has however decided to give them a silent reply; meaning, they have decided to keep mum about this issue.





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After  popular film maker Tchidi Chikere divorced his first wife- Sophia and decided to start another family with beautiful actress- Nuella, the latter has been subject to a lot of public criticism as they keep accusing her of putting assunder Tchidi Chikere’s initial marriage in order to have him to herself.

Though  the two  recently got married four years after their traditional marriage which has produced a daughter, but she is still yet to be free from being called “Husband Snatcher”

View her message below…


Unable to bear more of those harsh words from people, this was what she wrote via her rep Big Sam Media

“Let me start by confirming some of the rumours you may have heard. Yes, the traditional marriage rites between Tchidi Chikere and I will be performed soon. This was not the way we imagined or planned it, but as they say, nobody has a crystal ball to tell where or who we end up with. Life is a dice.

At the time the rumours of his separation/divorce and me being involved was going on, I definitely was not in that space where some story writers said I was. I was busy doing other things with my life, other preoccupations, a relationship (I thought would lead to marriage), and my acting career. Things happened, my relationship packed up and we went our separate ways, I moved on.

Tchidi and I have always been friends (As I am with other colleagues), We trade in the same career, but we never crossed that line (we never dated), not to talk of me getting pregnant for him ( I’m presently not pregnant as still being written) sometimes, It’s really tiring confirming or refuting some of these rumors. I know some naysayers would still believe what they have made up their minds to believe and stick to; Truth is, I am not making this statement for those set of people, neither am I making it to get people on my side. This statement goes out to those who love me and truly care about me and the way I live my life, and to my very reliable and supportive fans who have been asking questions and deserve to know the truth.

In the past two years, Tchidi and I worked more, we got closer and more friendly, we were both single and I began to understand and see the real him. Needless to say that I also began to really, really like this real person I was getting to know more and more with every passing day. Then it happened, our hearts clicked. Well, maybe the flying rumours contributed to this and made me look more his way, or it could have been part of life we have no control over.

Suffice this to say, he proposed to me a while ago and after very careful thought and consideration on every side, I said yes. Would I say no because of what people would say and damn where my heart led me? Just like Bill Cosby said, ‘the key to failure is trying to please everybody’. I chose not to take that route, instead follow my heart.
My heart is remarkably at peace with this decision, and I am willing to take this leap of faith which every married woman has taken. Where this love will lead me, I cannot say, I am not God, but, I have hope, faith and believe that it will lead me to a good place. Every one of us in this life deserves a chance to be happy. I am taking my own chance.

This is the only statement I am making on this. Any other one after this is not from me. I can’t help what people say or write, but please be careful about what you listen to or read and believe. For those who wish me the best, I wish the very best, for those who don’t, I leave you to God who sees and knows all things. Thanks for reading.”

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Blue Ivy is Beyonce and Jay Z’s first child and daughter. She was born on the 7th of January, 2012.

The beautiful Twins of the celebrity couple- Sir Carter and Rumi Carter came five years after Blue Ivy was born.

Now to the main gist, the celebrity couple are expecting another baby.

Well, this has not been ascertained though, but Beyonce got tongues wagging when she rubbed her belly during her performance in Paris. She later posted a photo of herself wearing the France football national team jersey written ‘Carter’ and number four.

This made her fans conclude that she  and her husband Jay Z were expecting baby number four.

Source: SDE

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We all know Ajobo is a typical Igbo man so one won’t be surprised at his choice of bride- Uche who is also an Igbo lady and a beautiful one.

“Thanks to all our family and friends that came shared in our joy at our traditional wedding.. God bless you. #meettheajebos18 #igbowedding#ohafiawedding.”

The above were his words after their traditional marriage.

The comedian recently had his white wedding in Lagos. Remember that the couple released some pre-wedding pictures that shook the internet. In one of his IG posts, he was shedding tears of joy after his wedding. In another, he thanked those that took out time to grace their event.

His words, “Big thanks God almighty for his grace and Love, and thanks to everyone that supported Us to make yesterday a success, Our hearts are filled with Joy. God bless you. #meettheajebos18 #BecomingMrErem”


Now we are happy to see that Ajebo has finally gotten married after using his mouth to say during an interview that he wont get married if he doesn’t have 100 million Naira in his account. We are happy he has up to that now. Happy Married life, may God bless this union.




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Oh oh, someone doesn’t seem too happy with our Nollywood actress Angela Okorie as she calls her a “cut and nail” actress. It doesn’t end there, she goes on to call her an unprofessional actress. Think you know who the person is? Well the words were uttered by movie Producer- Omoruyi Patience Izzy who took to instagram to hurl abusive words on the big boobs actress for abandoning her set without telling her.

View her IG post here

Dear @realangelaokorie ,I am the costumier for the movie “Local league “,the set u left without saying goodbye or finishing your remaining scenes . I want to ask you this question , who leaves a production without saying a word to the production manager ? I thought by now u would be professional but u disappointed me and the entire cast and crew .. Did u behave the way u did cos u were in Benin? Cos I know u can’t try the shit u did to an igbo director.

You gave us 2 days and u ended up coming the very day we started shoot ,not like u came early oh ,you came past 12noon and u counted that as a full day . I don’t even want to go to how u behaved on set ,that’s an ……, let me just not talk about that… The annoying part was we went to pick u and we were told u left ,not even a word to the director, pm or even the producer.

I thought u were a professional actress and u know the rules of the game ,not knowing u are a cut and nail actor ,yes I said cut and nail cos u didn’t even read your script before coming on set (Professionals don’t do that) .You looked lost on this set cos the director had to tell you what each scene was about .. Why do u actors (especially the female actors ) come to Benin and misbehave ? You all re alwahs in a hurry .

You know what ,na @africamagic give una this level that if u don’t have a face in a movie they don’t buy ,that’s why we still come calling u guys not like u are better than my Edo actresses . This also will end soon . I just said my piece of mind and don’t bother blocking me cos I am not even following . You should apologise to the director, and the entire crew ,especially the director cos u left him left him cracking hod head on how to block the remaining two important scenes u abandoned . Oma oh , God will do our own for us but we will never behave like u