• DUMEBI AYENI & Co. (Barristers, Solicitors & Consultants)

    Dumebi Ayeni & Co. (LEGAL PRACTITIONERS) Be among our clients that we leave with wide grins. Contact us now!!! Phone no-09016491075- Email-dumebiayeni@yahoo.com

  • Visit our other blog “www.ogefash.review” for more music translations and meanings.

    Check our other blog – https://www.ogefash.review, for any music translation, lyric and meaning you can’t find here. Thank you.

  • Independent Journalism: Here is how to support our work @ogefash

    Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB), Dollar Account No: 0694494027, Naira Account No: 0631497678, Account Name: Ogefash Styl Media House (OSMH)

  • [Recap] Talk With Ogefash (T.W.O) EP 2 “What can make you commit suicide? What can’t?

    I wish all these people committing suicide would appear to one or two or more people still living on earth, and tell “in particular” the next “suicide attempters” what is on

  • [Recap] Talk With Ogefash (T.W.O) EP 1 “Obsession: How to handle Obsession”

    So if you find yourself in this situation, that is, a situation where someone is obsessed with you, and you are trying to push the person away, don’t do the following:

  • Happy Children’s Day!!!

    From all of us @Ogefash Photo blog. We love you dearly. Keep being obedient children, trust me, it comes with a

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