Our darling ‘MUST-BE-PAMPERED’ coveted actress. The actress who likes to be treated differently, who likes to be given the special ‘special’ invite and so on…

The actress who only likes to attend occasions that are done outside Nigeria.

Oh you need to give her the over first class treatment too, else she won’t be at your occasion.

Or better still, just fix your occasion at Dubai, or any other country that is not Nigeria, she would be the first to be at the occassion.

Remember her, Our delectable actress~ Genevieve Nnaji who was always on our screens in the early 2000s and was capable of waking the ‘man’ in a man up not only her colleagues own o, but the politicians as well. This has overtime made her famous and wealthy.

Ehem! To the main gist, we know you dey make money under the sun or in the rain. Whether indoor or outdoor, you are still making your money anyway, anytime, anyday, anywhere; ebami yi Oluwa ni ogo (In Davido’s voice).

But then, believe me when I say you are always absent at other celebrities’ occasions, so is it that they don’t send you an invite or they do, but you shun the invite because it is not outside Nigeria, or better still, you don’t have friends up to your standard in this world or something else.

Oh No! You have, but they must not be based in Nigeria, because you can’t associate with people that are living in Nigeria except they are politicians or are richer than you.

Oh No! If their occasion is not outside Nigeria you wont grace it.

In summary, Omotola’s big birthday celebration that drew even the richest man in Nigeria, talking about Aliko Dangote, you did not show face; I know some people would start forming up stories like “They are not close na” okay, no wahala. A lot of top celebrities don do event before and after Omosexy’s birthday, you still did not grace their occasion.
Now Uncle and Aunty Jacob’s first fruit- Soji Jacob had his wedding recently where most big celebrities like you o- Kate Henshaw, Rita Dominic showed face but you still didn’t. So my question is, when you want to finally have an occasion, whether na your own wedding o, or your daughter’s wedding, so who would be present na? As you no dey show face for others occasion.

Don’t worry I know the answer, only politicians, people that are not based in the country, but definitely not cockroach people (naturally cockroach people means people wey no get money, but for you, people that are not up to your standard)
Or better still, it is going to be a secretive wedding or better still, it would be done outside Nigeria?

Fine, we know people of the world are wicked, they envy, backbite etc, but no be all of them na…

Loosen up a bit terrific one, celebrate with others when they are celebrating, even the bible records it.



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