NOVEMBER 11 is not just a date in the calendar, but something drastic happened on that fateful day; someone’s birthday went sour.

November 11th was Tola’s birthday, and to make that day memorable, his friends (made up of Moshood, Enny, Bella, Ola, Mide) must celebrete him in their usual birthday style; it is called the birthday ritual, which means pouring a bucket of water, beating and doing all sorts to the celebrant.

On Tola’s birthday as they were performing his birthday ritual, he ran away from them and they chased after him. While chasing him, Tola tripped and hits his head on a stone. His friends secretly go and bury him without letting his family members know what happened to him.


Now, the remaining friends of Tola (Moshood, Enny, Bella, Ola, Mide) are extremely terrified as they noticed that each of them always disappear on their birthdays or they are brutally killed. So, who is behind this killing? Could it be that someone saw them carrying out the evil act, perhaps Tola’s ghost?

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Episode 1 ( 3minutes 44 seconds)

Episode 2 (4 minutes 30 seconds)

Episode 3 (3 minutes 22 seconds)

Episode 4 (4minutes 15 seconds)

Episode 5 (3 minutes 44 seconds)

Episode 6 (3 minutes 18 seconds)

Episode 7 (2 minutes 22 seconds)

Episode 8 (2 minutes)

Episode 9

The story so far

Episode 10 (season finale)

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