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Already in the birthday mood!

The screen goddess will be celebrating her 40th birthday with a five day event tagged ‘Omotola4point0’. It will commence Wednesday 7th of February, which is her date of birth, and end Sunday 11th February.

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In a short video posted on the Facebook page ‘We Love Apostle Johnson Suleman’, Stephanie Otobo, a singer, made a confession amidst tears about being paid to slander the man of God- Pastor Suleman who is the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries.

In her confession, Stephanie Otobo said she fell into the wrong hands in her desperation for career advancement. She said she was paid a lot of money to blackmail Pastor Suleman

While confessing during one of the services held in the church, the church members gave a roar of rage, apparently displeased with her for trying to tarnish the image of their famous pastor.

The wife of the pastor- Rev Lizy Suleman from her expression was happy that a sinner was saved. She further said that true Christianity was truly about acknowledging one’s sins and asking for forgiveness which she applauded Stephanie for. Rev Lizy also said what Stephanie did was difficult for most Christians who have sinned to do. The woman of God forgave Stephanie Otobo and prayed for her as well.

Watch the video here:

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National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has placed a ‘Not To Be Broadcast (NTBB)’ warning on street rap king Olamide’s latest hit track ”Science Student”. Virtually all radio and television stations across the country during the week got the notification proscribing the song from being broadcast.

According to Saturday Tribune, NBC Head of Public Affairs, Hajia Maimuna Jimada on Wednesday confirmed NBC’s take on the song which has already garnered thousands of views on Youtube. The statement says:

“NBC does not ban music. Our mandate is on what goes on Radio and TV. Olamide’s ‘Science Student’ has been declared ‘Unfit for broadcast,’” she said.

Jimada further gave a hint on why the song should not be broadcast as: Profligate mention and the subtle promotion of illegal drugs. While also issuing standing warning to all broadcasting corporations within its jurisdiction.

Although Olamide came out to clear the air on the true meaning of ”Science Student”, NBC sure has a different opinion about the street jamz.

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