(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis/Plot Summary- Isemi: Starring- Damilola Oni, Adeniyi Johnson, Taiwo Ibikunle, Toyin Adegbola, Titilayo Hamzat

“Isemi,” is a 2022 Nigerian Yoruba drama from “The Damilola Oni Films” production house. The major actors in the movie are Damilola Oni and Adeniyi Johnson.

“Isemi” is a Yoruba word in Nigeria that means “Soul.” Isemi mi means “My Soul.”

What is the movie “Isemi” about? Isemi Synopsis

The story was about Dunmola (Acted by Damilola Oni) who exchanged her soul for intelligence.

Dunmola right from childhood had always been seen as unintelligent. She sought one of her friends’ help on this, and the friend took her to a spiritualist for help.

At the spiritualists’ shrine, Dunmola and her friend met two females by the name of Professor (Acted by Adeola Olusola (MO) and Foladara Faturoti.) 

The professors promised to help Dunmola only if she exchanged her soul. Dunmola agreed to exchange her soul for intelligence. She was however warned to quickly return to pick up her soul whenever she was sick or sensed death was knocking on her door, else, she would walk around the surface of the earth invisibly and won’t be able to get into heaven.

Sadly, Dunmola was killed by her colleagues before she could get her soul back. Her colleagues killed her because she wanted to expose their fraudulent acts. So, after her death, Dunmola wandered about but no one saw her. One day, a powerful man saw her and gave her a few days to go retrieve her soul back so she could have the tool needed to get into heaven.

Dunmola returned alive, to her apartment but found out that it was already occupied by a young man, Ayoola (Acted by Adeniyi Johnson) who was mourning the mysterious death of his fiance, Titilayo (Acted by Nike Hamzat.) 

After a series of disagreements, Dunmola and Ayoola became friends while Dunmola narrated her story. Dunmola sprung into action by first killing her colleagues who killed her. She then exposed the person who killed Ayoola’s fiance.

Who killed Ayoola’s fiance?

Ayoola’s fiance, Titilayo was killed by his best friend, Sesan (Acted by Samuel Busari) who was envious of Ayoola’s success. Sesan killed Titilayo because she threatened to tell Ayooala about how he was defrauding him and envious of him. 

In the latter part of the film, Dunmola got her soul back and died again.

What do you think happened next?

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“Isemi (Soul)” Cast

Damilola Oni acted as Dunmola, Taiwo Ibikunle acted as CEO, Samuel Busari acted as Sesan, Adeniyi Johnson acted as Ayoola, Toyin Adegbola acted as Mama Ayoola, Funke Akinlagun acted as Omotayo, Tieny Olalere acted as Omobolanle, Omobolanle Keshinro acted as Aunty, Oluwatobi Johnson acted as Doctor, Olalekan Awotolola Spin acted as Kunmi, Quetunde Kabir acted as Gateman, Alabi Yetunde (Ashabi) acted as Peju, Oyinlola Opeyemi acted as Gbefun, Damilola Ojo acted as Igbo, Bukola Omolara acted as Abukia, Sunday Bukunmi acted as Trumpet guy, Adesina Adeola acted as Accountant, Ajayi Yussuph acted as Production Manager, Adeola Olusola (MO) acted as Professor, Foladara Faturoti (Oju) acted as Professor, Akinoluyo Adebiyi acted as Staff, Karamat Adeboye acted as Staff, Tolu Ajiboye acted as Hired Killer, Kehinde Ishola acted as Hired Killer, Olatomiwa Owolabi acted as Hired Killer, Fafore Abosede Itanayo acted as Staff, Omobolanle Omifade acted as Staff.

“Isemi” Crew



Script supervisor

Editor: Ajala Bolaji

Producer: Damilola Oni

Executive producer: Damilola Oni

Asst. Director: Adeniyi Idris

Director: Adesina Abiola Paul

Production House: The Damilola Oni Films

Year: 2022

Country: Nigeria

Genre: Drama, Horror

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