(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis/Plot Summary- My Boss My Ex: Starring- Ray Emodi, Onyii Alex, Maurice Sam

“My Boss My Ex,” is a 2022 Nigerian drama from “General Boss” production house. The major actors in the movie are Ray Emodi, Onyii Alex and Maurice Sam.

What is the movie “Mo Boss My Ex” about? My Boss My Ex Synopsis

The story was about a young unemployed graduate, Alex (Acted by (Ray Emodi). 

Alex searched for a job tirelessly but did not get one. His job hunt however came to an end after one of the companies he applied to called him for an interview.

On getting to the company, he realized that the interviewer who would also be his boss was actually his ex-Sophie (Acted by Onyii Alex.)

Alex tried to familiarize himself with Sophie but she cut him off as nothing but an interviewee. She was so cold to him, but she gave him the job.

Apparently, Sophie employed Alex to treat him like thrash because she felt he hurt her while they were dating.

 Alex because of the love he had for Sophie took in all her insults even though he didn’t know what he did to deserve her meanness.

Meanwhile, Sophie was in a relationship with a guy, Femi (Acted by Maurice Sam) who was just dating her for his money. Sophie did not know that Femi was a serial cheater. Femi cheated on Sophie and siphoned her.

When Sophie caught Femi red-handed, she threw him out of her house. 

Meanwhile, Alex who was unable to take any more of Sophie’s insults resigned from the company. 

What do you think happened next?

In the latter part of the film, Alex went to Sophie’s office and professed his love to her.

If you want to watch how Sophie ill-treated Alex, you need to hurry to General Boss TV to watch.

What do you think happened next?

Find out here

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“My Boss My Ex” Cast

Ray Emodi acted as Alex, Oyin Alex acted as Sophie, Maurice Sam acted as Femi, Naomi Okonkwo acted as Shade, Tijesunfemi Davies acted as Chris, Akpata Farouk acted as Mr. Johnson, Osareme Gloria acted as Patricia, Joy Ebuka acted as Gold, Mojibat Ibrahim acted as Chika, Chris Chukwuemedua acted as Office Staff 1, Eze Comfort acted as Office Staff 2, Chinonso Onicha acted as Bar Girl.

“My Boss My Ex” Crew

Story: Divine Orugbe

Screenplay: Esther Michaels

Script supervisor: Solomon Asuquo

Editor: OladapoEmmanuel

Producer: Divine Orugbe

Executive producer: Divine Orugbe

Asst. Director: Omoruyi Efosa Emmanuel

Director: Omoruyi Efosa Emmanuel

Production House: General Boss

Language: English

Year: 2022

Country: Nigeria

Genre: Drama, Romance

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