(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis/Plot Summary- Psycho Granny: Starring- Robin Riker, Brooke Newton

“Psycho Granny,” is a 2019 American Thriller Lifetime production house. The major actors in the movie are Robin Riker, Brooke Newton, Matthew Lawrence, and Mary O’Neil.

What is the movie “Psycho Granny” about? Psycho Granny Synopsis

The story was about an elderly woman, Colleen (Acted by Robin Riker). Colleen, a felon with unerased criminal records, exterminated any family who did not live up to her standard (That’s a real psycho.). She perhaps killed her husband and gave up her only daughter- Melanie (Acted by Austin Highsmith) for adoption for the same reason.

Year in and year out, a family always fell prey to her evil mission. One day, Colleen stumbled on the Kirkpatrick couple, Samantha and Brad (Acted by Brooke Newton and Matthew Lawrence), and planned to eliminate the family if they didn’t live up to her family standard.

She first off got close to Samantha by pretending to be her lost granny after Samantha’s mum passed away. Over time, Samantha noticed some of her quirky behaviors, which were scary, and complained to Aimee (Mary O’Neil). Aimee made some findings about Colleen and discovered she is a felon.

Aimee was however unable to tell Samantha physically as Colleen murdered her when she confronted her. She also killed Todd(Acted by Jacob Young)

After killing those two, she moves to kill Samantha and her husband Brad, but the couple got saved by Melanie who showed up after Samantha approached her and told her about the whereabouts of her real mother.

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“Psycho Granny,” Cast

Robin Riker acted as Colleen, Brooke Newton acted as Samantha KirkPatrick, Matthew Lawrence acted as Brad KirkPartick, Mary O’Neil acted as Aimee, Austin Highsmith Graces acted as Melanie, Jacob Young acted as Todd, Caroline Williams acted as Mrs.Wicker, Makeda Declet acted as Jill, Morgan PeterBrown acted as Doctor O Quinn, Elissa Wagner acted as Julia.

“Psycho Granny,” Crew


Screenplay: Michael Prince, David Ian McKendry

Script supervisor: Kaytya Loban

Editor: Dave Parker

Producer: Buz Wallick, Jeremy Benadon

Executive producer

Director: Rebekah McKendry, Joshua Lou Friedman

Production House: Lifetime 

Year: 2019

Country: America

Genre: Thriller

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