“Life does not give awards for efforts but results; never give up! Says Popular actor Bimbo Manuel at the school’s valedictory service.

The Jelili Omotola hall, University of Lagos was recently illuminated with the dazzling presence of the of outgoing students of the prestigious International School Lagos (ISL), 2018 set at the just concluded Valedictory Service of the school. The graduands who looked so exquisite in their white and black graduation outfit;  the female stylish in their dresses and high heels, and the guys so elegant both in Native and English attires, could not contain their joy as they already looked forward to facing the next academic phase of their life; the university.

Families and friends came in mass all gorgeously clothed to celebrate the latest set of intellectual graduates.

The valedictorian of the day was the slim but capable ‘Ifeoluwa Are’ who made all A’s in his result and scored a total score of 297 in his Jamb. Ifeoluwa was gifted with a book and a laptop. He was also bequeathed a cheque by one of the parents that was really impressed with his academic performance. Others with outstanding results were Alimi Mohammed, Tofunmi Adebayo, Immaculata Daikpor; they all had 8 A’s

Kicking off the major event of the day was the procession by the outgoing students which was followed by the singing of the national anthem and the school anthem led by the unique school band. The opening prayer was done by the VP Academics-Mr. Amusan, K.O.

Next was the introduction and calling of reputable personnel to the high table. Notable among them were the Vice Chancellor of University of Lagos Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, who was ably represented by Professor Wale Okunnuga; Popular Nollywood actor, Bimbo Manuel; Deputy registrar Unilag, Dr. Taiwo F.Ipaye, who was ably represented by Mrs. Ronke Asiwaju; Chairman- International School Management Board (ISMB)- Prof Mrs. W.A Makanjuola, who was ably represented by Mr. Jide Ogunnekan; The special guest of honour and chairman of the ocassion- Dr. Orpama Oboman and wife; the principal of the International School Lagos, Dr. M.O Malik; the PTA vice chairman, Mr. Eyo Asuquo and Mr. Chibuzor Mbakwe


The international school Lagos, Unilag is situated in a safe environment that aides the students’ swift learning. The school fosters intellectual interest, potential and aspirations of students. They promote good values and students of the school have respect for others. ISL prepares students not just academically but emotionally and socially. Students of the school can compete with their counterparts within and outside the country. The school has top-notch facilities as well as experienced teachers whose innovative style of teaching prepare the students for the global world.

At the school’s valedictory service, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos- Prof. Oluwatoyin T. Ogundipe (ably represented by Professor Wale Okunnuga) wished all the students well in their next phase of life.

In the same vein, the principal of the International School Lagos- Dr. M.B Malik, also wished the outgoing students well. He advised them to use their new found freedom wisely. His words “Even though you now have freedom at your finger tips when you get to the university; ‘all those things like being called out with an alarm or caned to be somewhere does not exist in the university’, but take control of your life. A lot of associations will beckon at you, but you should always remember the home you are coming from. Don’t join groups that will cut off your life.”

Dr. Malik went on to say that the school in the last exam recorded a 100% pass in English, Maths- 94.7% pass, Biology- 89.2% pass, physics- 71.9%, Chemistry- 76%, F. Maths- 69%, Financial Accounting- 75%, CRS, IRS, Food and nutrition 100%, Commerce- 96.9%, TD- 83.8%, Economics- 95.4%, Geography- 88.9%, other subjects 100%.

The Chairman ISMB (Ably represented by Mr. Jide Ogunnekan) also advised the outgoing students to do the right thing even though they will be on their own and there will be no overseeing adult watching to make sure they do what is right, attend lectures and maintain sexual purity. “However, with every action comes a reaction, every decision comes a repercussion or reward, be wise , do not let the world deceive you. Let the value deposited in you both from ISL and home work for you. You represent the family, alma-mater and yourself” She added

Bimbo Manuel– a notable actor, director, writer, broadcaster, audio-visual content developer and fashionista, was one of the guest speakers at the event. The actor had a lot to tell the graduating students. He congratulated them and charged them to praise themselves. “Praise yourselves, no matter what people say because it was not easy” he said. He further said that whatever they become is their decision and that they should be the best in whatever choice they make. The actor said that they should never give up as real life doesn’t give awards for efforts but only results. He admonished the outgoing students from doing things to satisfy people. He asked them to shun cultism but remember the child of who they are. He charged them to understand and speak English, be computer literate, never forget God, stay connected, be friends and never make a life-long enemy for themselves and think out of the box. His words “ If you can’t think out of the box, you are not ready for the new and emergent world. Break traditions, apply traditional knowledge to the new ways of learning things, disrupt tradition, invent, create, be a different one, not one who knows the old ways best; it is not useful to you. Do not stop your quest for knowledge else things will die. Your dreams and friends will change; you become limited in your thinking, let God be your constant companion”

Leaving them with a watchword, he says “Be indispensable” People will look for you when you have what they need and no one has it.

The special guest of honour Dr. Oboman in his address pointed out some of the things that may distract them. His words “ The first distraction are peers; choose good friends so you can pass. If you follow bad friends, you will fall. The second distraction is the social media, but you must learn how to control it. Thirdly stay off drugs. Fourthly, stay off alcohol and lastly rest. Reflect what has been and what is to come.”

The event which was anchored by Mr. Oluwaseun Ajidagba ended with a beautiful display of the culture of the country in the by the school’s cultural troup. There was also a change of baton – outgoing head boy/girl and their assistants, launching of the yearbook, cutting of the graduation cake, presentation of awards to the outstanding students. Mr. Popoola A.O (VP Administeration) gave a vote of thanks.


Speaking with Ogefash Blog at the end of the event, Ifeoluwa Are, (The overall best graduating student 2018 set) said though the journey through ISL was tough, but God almighty, the dedicated and caring teachers of ISL, loving parents and siblings, supporting friends, hardwork and personal determination made him achieve the feat.

“I.S.L as a school has the highest level of qualification in terms of experienced teachers and staff. It is definitely the best school to go to”


Also, Daikpor Edeseimi Immaculata (The outgoing head girl of the school-2018 set) has this to say Aargh! I am so happy to be here today and very thankful too because the journey here wasn’t easy. These six years have been a blast and I am leaving with no regrets. I have learnt more about myself and how to have good relationship with others.

“I.S.L is a school that prepares us rigorously for the outside world. The teachers are disciplined and friendly. I love the fact that our classes are always very interactive as our teachers always encourage us to participate in class so we can voice out our opinions on the topic being taught. It is a school situated in a conducive area. We have great facilities such as basketball courts, a good sick bay and lots more. Renowned for its excellent academic result.”


In the same vein,  Samuel Adebiyi Adekunle (The outgoing head boy of the school- 2018 set) said “Wow! 6 years are already up. Honestly it looks so fast. The experience was indeed nice. The role of a head boy was challenging but interesting as well. I can not forget ISL. I will miss the hustling, playing football and so on”.

“I.S.L is spectacular. The joy I feel can’t be expressed in words. The teachers are not only qualified but remarkable, so also the principal, vice principal and the students.The facilities are out of the world and there is good power supply, state of the art basket ball court, large classrooms well equipped with whiteboards, good lightning. We also have a terrific football field and  an adequate computer lab. ISL is one of its kind. For you to have been admitted into the school, it means you are brilliant, count yourself worthy and privileged to be a student. ISL boasts of intelligent students who have won so many laurels both in academic and co-curricular competitions; a visit to the Principal’s office, and you will see all our trophies.”



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  1. Swift– So, I opted for Swift Network to be the major internet service provider for Ogefash Blog; I really don’t know why, but I chose swift. I walked into their office at “Kings’ Plaza” Surulere where I purchased that their modem. Like I always tell them @ Swift, I emptied my account just to get that their modem. That day, the modem I wanted was not available, so I was asked to come back for it.

Some days after, when I went back to their office, I was given the modem. I was  filled     with joy, oblivious that Swift sold me a fake modem; about to be condemned modem.         Why? Less than 6 months (What naturally should last for years), it stopped working,     just  when blogging started getting interesting.

Not forgetting, it was really difficult using their modem in my registered area of business, I had to move from one place to another in search of their network.

So, I went to make a complain at their Surulere office. I was told to send an email to that effect. I sent several emails but Swift never replied. And, when they finally decided to reply my email, they were very cruel…Infact their reply made me speechless till today.

So, they were very unfriendly in their reply, but what ended their reply made me speechless and it is still making me speechless till now. I was asked to get 21,000 Naira to buy another modem, for something that did not last a year. In essence, I would have to be buying that their modem every 6 months.  Some would say 21,000 Naira is no big deal, yeah, true, but it was a big deal for me at that moment, because (the reason is in no 2)


  1. Laptop– So still talking about what I went through in the months of June and July; prior to the Swift modem issue, my laptop crashed on me without any warning. Thanks to Nepa or should I say PHCN or the power holders for the epileptic power supply.

    While moving around in search of power so I could publish articles, I stopped by at a place where a generator was on to quickly publish some articles. The person refused. However, just as I was about leaving the place, the hand of the bag I carried cut, so the bag dropped on the floor, so also my laptop. My laptop got damaged instantly. So, I was left with no tool for blogging, but then, I needed to blog. So, I withdrew some money and remained just about 15, 000 in my account to buy another laptop (Couldn’t afford a new one, so I went for a fairly used laptop)


  1. Fashion Course– Now, I love anything that has to do with fashion, perhaps, not for a full time career, but just to have a knowledge of it. So about the fashion course, I really don’t like to be idle, so I felt the need to acquire some skills when I am not blogging. So, I heard that a particular fashion industry was teaching people how to assemble garments for a period of two months. I also learnt that people would be given a machine and startup capital to start their businesses. I have always wanted to own a machine to perfect my sewing skills rather than just use my hands to sew purses, bags and under wears.  Of course, the money? I felt it would be useful on Ogefash Blog. So without hesitation I registered for the course (It was free by the way, but the bus fare was much)  even though I had insufficient money in the account to transport myself from Bariga to Opebi for a course that was for the duration of two months, but that did not deter me.  I also wanted to mingle. During the course of the program, I learnt we wont be given a machine or any money to start our business. I was initially discouraged, but again, I learnt that a token would be given to us as bus fare. Whatever they wanted to give may not be reasonable but I felt it was going to be helpful. For weeks, this fashion house did not release the expected money, despite what was written in the admission letter (every day, every 4 weeks, you would be given…). Even weeks after the program ended, we did not see alert. My account became red as I already emptied my account (Don’t worry, I am a risk taker) in order to finish the program; even though I usually walk some distance just to…                                                                   download
  2. Blog Bill– I thought Ogefash Blog yearly subscription was going to expire in September. But no, by June, I was sent a message that the subscription would expire in July. I had no money in Ogefash Blog account neither did I have in my personal account. What do you think happened next? Your guess is as good as mine, I became slimmer with worries.  (Anyway, the bill has been settled, thanks to God).    I really laugh hard when I remember what a photographer said to me “You don’t pay to own a blog, those people are cheating you oh. If you are paying, may be it is just one or two dollars!” Like seriously, 1 or 2 dollars, I laugh again in chinese. Yorubas say “O na owo lati gba owo” If you want money, then you have got to be ready to spend money. Uncle Photographer, Ogefash blog is not 1 or 2 dollars, it is more than that.
  3. Rent Bill-Phew! I thought it was over, but no! In the act of still thanking God for settling Ogefash Blog Bill, so my Landlady started haunting me with calls asking for rent. Hmmmm


Utility bills– Stared at me and I stared back at them, my hot plate stopped working, my bulb stopped working…and a lot more stopped working

It was also difficult to reach my lines because my phones also decided to pack up on me, not forgetting my foot wears and bags that all decided to spoil at the same time.

My Point: It isn’t easy being an entrepreneur, there are always challenges that may make you give up, but don’t.  Just keep thriving! Just one day, when you least expect, that breakthrough would come. Like Bimbo Manuel said during ISL’s Valedictory Service  (View the report @ “Life does not give awards for efforts but results” Keep moving don’t stop,  till you are satisfied with where you are; trust me you wont because you would still keep aiming higher.




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Kate Henshaw is one of the Nigerian actresses you would always yearn to meet. She is also a tamed politician. She is down to earth, accommodating, lovely, friendly and jovial and above all, a professional actor. She can act the role of a teenager, mother, grandmother and so on. She is one actress that stands out among thousands of Nollywood actresses because of her ability to be able to associate with others whether mighty or non mighty.

One of the reasons I like the actress is that she is always there to felicitate with her fellow colleagues in all seasons. Just like the bible says- there is time for everything; that everything she is always there as a guest, sister, mother, family or friend but never as an enemy.

Kate Henshaw was born July 19th, 1971; 47 years ago precisely, to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Henshaw. The Cross River State born actress is the first child from the family of four. She schooled both in Lagos and Calabar. She majored in Medical Microbiology at the School of Medical Lab Science, LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) in Lagos.

Her love for acting made her journey into the movie world. In 1993, she auditioned for the lead role in a movie produced by Ifeanyi Anyakora “When the Sun Sets” and her outstanding dexterity earned her a role in the movie. She was on set with the terrific actors like Kanayo O Kanayo , Sandra Achums, Bob Manuel, Franca Brown, the late Funmi Martins and so on.

In 1999, Kate and British-born Roderick James Nuttall (Managing Director of Ledrop Nigeria Ltd, an agency for Jack Daniels and Piper Hiedsieck Champagne) tied the knot. Though they are divorced, the marriage produced a daughter- Gabrielle Nuttall whom Kate is so fond of. Gabriella was born in the year 2000, so she is 18 years old.

Kate once contested for the House of Reps Position in her constituency but did not scale through the PDP Primary Election. However, she was later appointed by the Governor of Cross River State as the Special adviser, Liaison, Lagos in December 2015.

She is currently the face of Onga seasoning cube, a judge on one of Nigeria’s most watched TV show- Nigeria’s Got Talent and has one time been an ambassador for Nigeria’s telecommunication giant- Globacom as well as Samsung Mobile.

TRAGEDY: When her house got burnt in 2015 and she lost all her belongings in the fire incident

MOVIES: Above Death: In God We Trust (2003), Aremu the Principal (2015), Stronger than Pain (2007), Games Men Play (2006), The Meeting (2012), Couples Award, A Million Tears, Broken Tears, The Women (2017), Iquo’s Journal, Roti, The Assasin’s Practice, Scars of Womanhood, New Money (2017), Fighting for Nothing, Consequences, Broken Ambition, End of Battle, Busted (2017)…

AWARDS: Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role (2008) for the film “Stronger than Pain”.

We celebrate Kate Henshaw at Ogefash Blog and pray that God continues to pave terrific way for her in all her endeavors.


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Pastor Ifeanyi Onyia was not just a pastor at the popular Redeemed Christian Christian Church of God, he was also an Engineer.

He and his entire family (Wife and five kids~ three girls and two boys) died in an accident on their way to church on the 10th of Jume, along Enugu~Onitsha Road.

They were laid to rest on Friday at their home in Nachi, Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State.

May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.