Our model of the week- Queen Oti is a writer and an aspiring author. She is slim, tall, has full lips and  long straight legs. She is a compulsive saver. Queen hates to spend money unnecessarily.

She is a model and a poet. She is a singer and she says she loves God dearly.  She loves everything morally right. She is  aiming for the highest point possible. She says “If it is to be, then it is up to me”


Full name: Oti Queen Ugochi

State: Abia

Date of Birth: 2nd September

School: Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, Abia State.

Course: Public Administration

Hobbies: Writing, acting, modelling and hair making

Aside parents source of income: I fix weavons, braid hair and model


One thing people don’t know about Queen:  nil

Turnoffs : nil

Likes: Reading, Singing, Literary works


Movie: Practically, I love action, comedy, romantic-comedy, or sci-fi movies


Music: Gospel music.

Fvourite Music: Osimiri Atata by Preye Odede

Favourite Musician: Ayanate  Owuse

Actor: nil

Best Food: Beans and ripe plantain

Best Drink: Red wine.

Best Place: That Church

Wishes for Nigeria: nil

President for one day: I would sack the civil servants that riddle the system with corruption and inepitude, pay public workers that were being owed, reurate other means of making money apart from oil thereby creating employment opportunities for unemployed youths and provide for the poor.

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