Chioma Avril Rowland is the current girlfriend of one of Nigeria’s favourite musician- Davido. She is no doubt the rave of the moment as Davido has placed her on a pedestal; the Musician’s (Davido) fame, wealth and glory also covers her. The way Davido carries her matter personally and on social media has even made the name “Chioma” most searched for on google and more popular than our lovely actress “Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha” as the former’s name now pops out first before Chioma Chukwuka’s name. She has become a celebrity overnight.

Some of the notable public display of affection by Davido for her includes the purchase of 45 Million Naira Porsche  for her, there is also the millions of naira endorsement deal he got for her, the assurance video dedicated to her, Davido declaring Igbo tribe as the winning tribe for her sake and so on.

Chioma is obviously young and she is getting so much media attention which is not going down well with some people (ndi haters) as they have formulated stories and are still formulating stories to bring down her personality. Some of the unfounded stories on her include, she is a Babcock University dropout, she has slept with all the boys in Babcock University (I dey wonder how girls can still remain virgins if our boys are not virgins; besides even a blind, deaf and dumb person knows that Davido has stopped being a virgin years ago), she was disowned by her parents and so on.


  1. Davido’s Babymamas- The name of Chioma all over the media would definitely not put smiles in the faces of his babymamas, especially Sophia Momodu who keeps nagging all over the media, as he chose Chioma over them. I mean how do you explain this? After having wild sex with the ladies and leaving them with a beautiful hand bag, he doesn’t choose any of them. Also, he didn’t give any of them a gift, he only gifted them with a baby girl. But he gave Chioma 45 million naira Porsche. He didn’t sing using their name and he never announced them to the world like he did with Chioma. He didn’t feature any of them in his video but featured Chioma.  He didn’t get endorsement for his babymamas but got for Chioma. This and more would definitely make her an object of envy.
  2. Ladies that have stingy husbands- There are people that their husbands are real akagum; they are very stingy. Their husbands do not buy gifts for them at all. Their husbands do not appreciate them.  Ladies who have these kind of men as husbands would envy the way Chioma is being taken care of/appreciated by Davido.
  3. Chioma’s Peers-These people would not be happy about her success. In their mind “Imagine, and we are agemates oo” “How can she be shining and I am not, it seems like she is using charms” ; yimu yimu
  4. Single ladies- Those single ladies that are not in a relationship, never been loved and are now desperate for love.
  5. Classmates/Schoolmates/neighbours- Over familiarity dey worry these people “Is it not that Chioma our this and that, we used to see her now” Well, that was then. She is a celebrity now and you are not! 

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