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Hi Ogefash, am I an annoying tenant when I put my speaker on someone else’s window slab?

Ogefash’s reply
Collins Dictionary defines the word “Annoy” as ” To irritate, bother, or make somewhat angry, as by repeated action, noise, etc.The same dictionary also defines an annoying person as someone or something that makes you fairly angry and impatient.

In layman’s language: An annoying person is someone that repeatedly does or says things loudly or quietly to make someone upset. It may be doing the right thing in the wrong place. It may be doing something to distract others. It may be you stressing people or being noisy.
Honestly, some tenants can be unintentionally and intentionally annoying, but, most of them are intentionally annoying. My experience as a tenant makes me never want to be a tenant again in my life, but a house owner, and, I pray soon, God makes me one.

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So what does tenant mean? Who is the tenant?

A tenant according to Collins Dictionary “Is someone who lives in a house or room and pays rent to the person who owns it.”

In layman’s language: A Tenant is someone that occupies a place not owned by him or her for either a short or long time.

So, as a tenant, especially if you are staying in a face-to-face aka “Face-me-I-face-you” apartment, a crowded one at that, you will easily understand this T.W.O episode 9 and be able to relate.
For those that do not know what a “Face-to-Face” apartment means? Wikipedia defines it as “An apartment where a group of one or two-room apartments has their entrances facing each other along a walkway, which leads to the main entrance of the apartment building.”

So, are you an annoying tenant for putting your speaker on someone else’s window slab?

Yes! Most definitely, if it is done without the person’s consent. Putting your speaker on someone’s window slab means the output from that speaker [that is the sound emanating from the speaker] which in most cases is always loud will distract and disturb the tenant occupying the room whose window slab you placed your speaker.

Because the sound enters directly into the tenant’s room. So, if the person was trying to read, he or she won’t be able to read again. Not everyone reads with music. Sometimes people tag those that read with music as unserious people. Honestly, there are some theories you no go fit try play [you won’t dare to play] music if you want to understand the concept. You wouldn’t even want a pin to drop beside you so as not to lose focus not to talk of playing music.

More so, people have the category of songs they love to listen to. Some people listen to only religious songs while some people listen to only secular or inspirational songs. So, if you are playing a secular song and the person only listens to religious or inspirational songs, this will upset the tenant.

So, yes again, you are an annoying tenant because you are using your madness and loudness to disturb another tenant. You are pleasing yourself to displease another tenant.

Moving on, doing annoying things as a tenant doesn’t end with placing a speaker on someone else’s window slab. I would share with you +20 other things you do as a tenant that are irritating and makes you a very annoying tenant.

+ 20 Annoying things you do as a tenant

  1. Refusal to pay utility bills: Some tenants will never pay for electricity, water, sanitation, maintenance, and other collective utility bills. This is so bad and so very annoying. Some release the money after several arguments. This is equally bad. You should know that these are collective bills, if one or more persons do not pay, it would affect the usage of utilities or services as there may be a disconnection. The annoying thing is that some of these people have the money, but they just don’t want to pay. They had rather use their money to be buying malt or bead and egg every day than pay bills. If Power holders disconnect the light, they are quick to bring out money for someone to help reconnect. Come to my house, a lot of them are there. Gush, very annoying!
  2. Exemptions: These are people that exempt themselves from tasks, activities, or bills. They just free themselves from activities. For example “I can’t wash the toilet. I can’t fetch water for the cleaner. I can’t collect the Electricity bill. I can’t go and pay the Electricity bill. I can go and do this or that..” Whereas, tenants are expected to take turns in such activity.
  3. Brushing and moving along the walkway or corridor with the toothpaste foam in your mouth: Please stay in one place, nobody wants to see the stinking foam in your mouth. Also, learn not to force yourself to talk when you have gathered enough foam in your mouth while brushing.
  4. The Hulk Hogan or Liv Morgan Tenants: Some tenants just love to wrestle. They want to fight everybody. They believe they are unbeatable. That’s why some of them get into trouble. Because, sooner or later, they fight someone and the person dies due to medical or spiritual problems. Now, how do you want to explain a spiritual death problem in court? It is “tubu, ewon” straight, that’s prison, lo’nlo [you are going to]. The same thing applies to people that are quick to beat other people’s children. You don’t know the kind of spirit or disease a child has, and you are quick to beat the child because you feel insulted. 
  5. The spouse beaters: Some men beat their wives and vice versa and have no iota of shame about it. This is so saddening. They do this repeatedly constituting a nuisance in the apartment. Most often, tenants have to leave the important activity they are doing to settle the fight just to be able to concentrate on their activity.
  6. Children beaters: Some parents are quick to raise their hands to their children. They beat them unnecessarily just because they birthed them. Every little thing, pam-pam-pam. Whatever happened to dialogue? The children cry almost every minute thereby disturbing other tenants. If you try to meddle, they would say, “Omo mi ni, ko kan e timba pa gan [It’s my child, none of your business even if I kill the child]” Okay, na you born am, “oya epa o [okay kill then.]” Your beating your child often shows that the beating technique of training a child is not working, so, find another technique.
  7. Repect Me At All Cost: Tenants that are always forcing others to respect them when they have got no respect. Meanwhile, respect has to be earned and not forced. 
  8. Insult: Tenants that love to insult people but are pained when they are insulted back.
  9. Errand: Tenants that feel they have the right to send you on an errand because they are older than you. 
  10. Poor House Maintenance and Landlord Waiters: Tenants that use the house anyhow. They don’t sweep or wash well, and they leave the apartment untidy. Tenants that don’t flush the toilets after usage. Tenants that leave the apartment in bad condition. If anything spoils, they are expecting the landlord to fix it. They are waiting for their landlords to do everything for them. They want the landlord to repair their doors, light, water, etc which they alone make use of.
  11. Animal lovers: Tenants that bring in animals and leave them to roam about not caring that some tenants are afraid or uncomfortable around such animals. Not also forgetting that these animals often time mess up the whole apartment, and their owners don’t clean up the messed up area.
  12. Envious: Tenants that act negatively or enviously against you because you got something new into the house. Some will even envy your children whereas they have their children as well. This is sad, very sad.
  13. No Permission: Tenants who don’t take permission before using your items. Because you keep your items outside, they say to themselves “We are all living in the same compound now, and there is love in sharing.” They use your hanger, bucket, stove, washing machine, soap, and any of your items outside without your permission. This is annoying, and, if you don’t know, the owners of those items usually curse in their minds.
  14. Noisy equipment/Gadgets: Tenants that use noisy or loud equipment. They will even place it outside their room thereby disturbing other tenants. For example, washing machines, blenders, generators, etc. Perhaps, they make so much noise because they are faulty, and you have refused to repair or replace them. Your resolve not to replace them invariably disturbs other tenants. It is also wrong for you to place any item whether noisy or not beside someone’s house, in front of their house, or at the back. 
  15. The unsleeping tenant: Some tenants just never sleep. Any idea? So they would also want to do things to make others not sleep.
  16. The cursing tenant: Some people curse from morning to night, so sad. Hearing curses is quite disturbing.
  17. Take for granted: Tenants that take your kindness for granted. For instance, someone gets angry with you because you are unable to give money or help at that moment forgetting the times you have always helped out. 
  18. The Gossips: Tenants that gossip about you and still want to be friends with you, or want you to feed them or lend them money.
  19. Shifters: Tenants that shift your items from the original position. If you spread your cloth on the clothing line, they would shift it. If you put your bucket in a bathroom, they would shift it to another bathroom. Some even spread their wet clothes on your almost-dry clothes.
  20. Water and item stealers: Don’t think taking someone else’s water behind their back is not criminal enough. It is! Stealing water from people’s buckets or drums, or stealing their personal belongings like clothes, shoes, and underwear is wrong.
  21. Personalizing group facility: Some tenants spend almost forever in the toilet and bathroom forgetting that it is not their toilet and bathroom, and other tenants would have to make use of them before going to work, school, or leaving the house. Some even leave their buckets of water for minutes in the bathroom when they are not ready to have their bath, and if you remove it, they quarrel with you.
  22. Potty watchers: So, some tenants are fond of watching you and your potty when you want to go and thrash your urine and poo like say they don’t urinate or poo. Some can be so annoying that when you go and thrash it, they would make silly remarks, exclamations and sounds…
  23. Taking turns: Some tenants don’t want to take turns, especially at taps, bathrooms or toilets. They just want to do pa-pa-pa as if they are the only ones who want good things in life.
  24. Cleared space: Some tenants would fill up the space beside their house with loads and all sorts, and then you if you left your side of your house cleared, they would come and be constituting a nuisance there.

If you do all the aforementioned, just know that you are a very annoying tenant and you should desist from such acts.

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