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Moving on, so why is this particular advert being reviewed today on Ogefash Photo Blog? Here is why! Some weeks back, I woke up with this advert song on my lips and glimpse of the advert filed my view. Probably there is a reason it should be on Ogefash Photo Blog. So let’s go about the review right about now and wait for the reason to manifest. What y’all think?

For me, I think I would just wait for the reason to manifest! Winks!


It’s Mama Segun’s (Acted by Idowu Philips aka Mama Rainbow) 76th birthday. Her son, Segun (Acted by Adedimeji Lateef) is throwing a big birthday party for her. People are already seated under the canopy outdoor waiting for Mama Segun to show up. Meanwhile, Mama Segun is struggling to tie her head- tie indoor.

Next, Mama Segun’s daughter-in-law, Amaka (Acted by Benita Essien) checks on her mother-in-law, Mama Segun to see the reason for the delay. Amaka finds her struggling with her head-tie. Amaka tries suggesting to Mama Segun to make a simple head-tie like hers or get the ready-made head tie but Mama Segun shuns her. Moments later, Segun comes around to fetch Amaka while admiring her backside.

Both Segun and Amaka return outdoor to greet families and friends. Amaka’s dad (Acted by Dele Odule) in his usual inactive role is also there, but this time around, he is seen smiling and greeting people.

Next, one of the party attendees (Name unknown) is asking Amaka why her mother-in-law is yet to show up at her own party. Amaka then explains to her that her mother-in-law is struggling to tie her head-tie.

The party attendee (Looks like Ayo Mogaji though; not sure) and Amaka’s mother (Acted by Ngozi Nwosu) join Mama Segun in the room and help her tie her head tie. As soon as Mama Segun shows her face at the gathering, all attendees celebrate her.

As Mama Segun dances with so much excitement, her head-tie disentangles. This makes the party attendees exclaim loudly in shock.

Destabilized, Mama Segun goes back inside. She is however joined by six other women in the same wears popularly called “Aso ebi” by the Yorubas in Nigeria. These women show her a better head-tie and quite bigger. She welcomes the idea and dons it.

Mama Segun returns outside with excitement and the party attendees exclaim joyfully, glad to see the celebrant again in a better head-tie.

As Mama Segun again takes to the dance floor, she dances with so much energy and excitement that people fear that her head-tie is going to disentangle again, but that doesn’t happen anyway.

After the birthday celebration; Mama Segun adds her new head tie to other collections.


The advert may have been done in form of comparing two different head-ties to depict how one is better than the other. But basically, the advert is a push to Airtel network users to upgrade their SIM from 3G to 4g as well as purchase a 4G phone as it is better and faster. The first head tie worn by Mama Segun represents 3G while the latter head tie worn by her represents 4G.






Everybody body party oh

Dem go look me up and down (They would look at me from up to down)

I go shake my head; left and right

So dem go no say my gele get shine shine (So that they would know that my head tie is shining

I go waka the party oh

So my gele high xxxxx

Even mama Sikirat ati mama Chizoba (Even Sikirat’s mother and Chizoba’s mother)

I know say dem like my Gele (I know that they like my head tie)

But dem no go complement (But they won’t complement)

If you see my Gele o (If you see my head tie)

E go wound anybody (It would wound anybody)


Call: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Resp: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Call: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo oh oh oh(My head tie is bigger than yours)

Resp: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Call: Gele mi ga ga ga oh (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Resp: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Call: O ga, o ga, o ga bi signboard (It is big, big, big like signboard

Resp: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Call: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo oh oh oh(My head tie is bigger than yours)




Call: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Resp: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Call: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo oh oh oh(My head tie is bigger than yours)

Resp: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Call: Gele mi ga ga ga oh (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Resp: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Call: O ga, o ga, o ga bi signboard (It is big, big, big like signboard

Resp: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Call: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo o(My head tie is bigger than yours)

Resp: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo o(My head tie is bigger than yours)

Call: Gele mi ma ga ju ti re lo oh (My head tie is bigger than yours)

Resp: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo o(My head tie is bigger than yours)

Call: My gele big pass your own by far (My head tie is far bigger than yours)

Resp: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo o(My head tie is bigger than yours)

Call: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo oh oh oh(My head tie is bigger than yours)

Resp: Gele mi ga ju ti re lo (My head tie is bigger than yours)





3G is great, 4G is better. You don’t know what you are missing, till you experience it. Upgrade to a 4G device and sim

SMS Get to 141

To enjoy double data on Nigeria’s 4G widest 4G Network

Airtel! The smartphone network!




Gele is a Yoruba word in Nigeria that means head tie…

So, I am trying to scan for errors in this advert but I didn’t find one; maybe I need to clean my spectacles and check it all over again.

But while I am still trying to scan for errors, I would like to proceed with the review.

I must give kudos to the writer of Airtel’s several adverts for his or her original and imaginative writing. If an award is to be given for networks with the most creative advert concept; Airtel may likely take the first position repeatedly.

So the advert which was shot in form of a party setting sees Mama Segun (Acted by Idowu Philips aka Iya Rainbow) celebrating her 76th birthday. While the party attendees are already waiting outdoor for Mama Segun to show her face so that the party can kick-off, she is in her room struggling with her head-tie (Which represents 3G). However, two people (Amaka’s mother (Acted by Ngozi Nwosu) and a friend (Name unknown)) join her in her room and assist her in tying the head-tie, but it soon disentangles when dancing excitedly on the dance floor (Which automatically means there can be unforeseen circumstances and disappointment with the 3G)

After Mama Segun’s head-tie disentangles, her clique comprising six uniformed ladies quickly take her in. One of them shows her a ready-made and bigger head-tie (This represents the 4G). Mama Segun dons it and returns to her birthday party. She returns to the dance floor and dances in the same manner she had done with the former head-tie that represents 3G, but this time around, the head tie doesn’t disentangle (In essence, no disappointment with 4G and it is faster)

Airtel Network used this advert to show the great difference between 3G and 4G Network. 4G which means 4th Generation represents the fourth generations of mobile broadband connection that would boost network performance.

So how exactly did they use the head-ties to show a great difference between 3G and 4G? Between the two head ties, one is contemporary (In red colour) and the other is old (In cream colour). The contemporary head-tie represents the 4G Network while the old head-tie represents the 3G Network.

In essence, if 3G was fast, 4G is definitely faster. If 3G was effcient, 4G is definitely more efficient. If 3G was good, 4G is better. If 3G made you happy, 4G would make you happier.  With 3G, there are unforseen cirmcustances and disappointments like the one that happened to Mama Segun, but that doesn’t happen with 4G. With 4G, downoaling and uploading of contents can be superfast; the transmission speed is extremely faster than 3G.

If you recall, we started from 1G to 2G, 3G and now 4G; as a matter of fact there is already a 5G which people think is causing mayhem all over the countries, talk about #coronavirus. Experts say that 5G generates radio frequency that can damage DNA and lead to cancer (Source: If this ends up false, there may be a sequel to this advert since the world would be moving to the 5th Generation network. Would Airtel network do something similar to this head-tie? I am sure they are too creative to do that. So just stick around and see what comes next from the owners of Airtel.

Whoops!Did I just digress? Can’t tell 

So back to the advert…

I have checked for errors; but did not find any. It has a real party setting; there are drinks all over the tables which is typical of a party, although no one sipped the drink (Which is not typical in any party). The venue regardless of the fact that it is an outdoor party is well decorated; typical of party venues. They all don gorgeous clothes; typical of people to do when they go for outdoor celebrations, even though we didn’t see their foot-wears (Which is not typical). The band, this is typical also in a oarty. The whole party attendees all had that facial expression that showed that they were really expecting the celebrant to show up; this is also typical in any party; but usually weddings.

Can’t help but notice their elegant costumes which had a touch of red. Red is the theme colour of Airtel Network. Their exclamations worked perfectly well, but one guy caught my attention, was he star-struck or he was just interpreting his role the best way her could. It must be the former. What y’all think?

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So how compelling is this Airtel advert? Does this advert have the push strategy to make people uprade from 3G to 4G? Maybe! Maybe not!

Maybe in the sense that from the narration at the latter part of the advert, you can tell that the advert is not just about the party but about upgrading from 3G to 4G.

Maybe not in the sense that people may focus more in the flamboyant head tie, dressing and the large gathering, and think it is just about another airtel giveaway; carried away lon je be (That means to be carried away.)


  • That last scene though; I am wondering what happened. I am trying to understand it, I am trying to relate it to the advert. The collection of Mama Segun’s head-ties including that head-tie that got distangled when she was dancing. Why still gather the old head-ties together? If the old head-ties represent 3G, I was not expecting to still see it in her collection of head-ties. I was expecting to see more of the contemporary head-ties she used in the latter part of the advert. What y’all think? Perhaps, she upgraded to the 4G but she decided to still keep the 3G?.
  • Baba Amaka and his passive role; although he smiled and greeted people, but I am hoping that one day, they would give him a major role in the advert; gentility doesn’t mean…
  • Mama Segun’s dance though; I kind of like
  • There was this particular guy that really exclaimed more than all of them. He must be from exclamation land…
  • The way Amaka and Segun wer moving their heads like.. (Can’t figure out what name to give thme now, but once I do, would let y’all know)


Idowu Philips aka Iya Rainbow, Lateef Adedimeji, Ngozi Nwosu, Benita Esien, Dele Odule

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MUSIC: Superb; it complements the advert. The music composer is Teni, a Nigerian Singer. She delivered the song well with a stylish and confident vocal.

Costume: Elegant. Those that featured in the adverts wore a costume that has the theme colour of Airtel (Red).

REMARK: Creativity at best; so flawless!



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