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So, this is the continuation of the highly coveted Airtel Advert or should I say “Advert Series” titled “The In-laws”. The first episode of the ‘In-laws’ was the ‘Arrival of the in-laws’ in preparation for the naming ceremony of Segun and Amaka’s new born baby boy.

This is the second part, which is titled the ‘Naming ceremony’. So, the ‘beef’, ‘Pomo’ and Shaki’  between the mothers of the bride and groom continue in this second part.




The major casts are the same with the part 1 of the “in-laws”; @IdowuPhilips aka @IyaRainbow, @LateefAdedimeji, @NgoziNwosu, @themodelinsomebodybabyvideo by @KingRudy (@paulokoye) and @Deleodule. Though this lady vlcsnap-2018-03-29-09h58m02s086vlcsnap-2018-03-29-09h54m02s522


just joined the series. She is the model that featured in Paul Okoye’s song titled “Somebody baby”.

Though those that featured in the advert were not called by any name in the advert, but in the advert trailer, the following are their names…

Ngosi Nwosu acted as Mama Amaka. She is the slay mama and her data profile is ‘pepper them’

Idowu Philips aka Iya Ranbow acted as Mama Segun. She is a prayer warrior and her data profile is ‘Whatsapp queen’

(Name unknown) acted as Amaka. She is married to a Yoruba man. She is Segun’s wife. She is Mrs Perfect. She is slayer on the low key and her data profile is ‘Only when necessary’

Lateef Adedimeji acted as Segun. He is married to an Igbo girl. He is Amaka’s husband. He is Mr 2Go Guy, uncle Surulere and the provider of all

The model in Somebody baby by @KingRudy acted as Chichi. She is the snapchat queen, Instagram slayer, center of attention, life of the party and social media addict.

Dele Odule acted as Papa Amaka. He is baba jaye. He is a lover and not a fighter. His data is his music.


It is the naming ceremony of the first child of Segun (Lateef Adedimeji) and his wife Amaka(name unknown); it is a baby boy. As they dance on the occasion, they also take out time to greet those that came to felicitate with them.

Segun’s  mother (Idowu Philips aka Iya Rainbow) goes over to where his son and wife are, and carries her grandchild but hands him over to his mother shortly.

Moments later, Mama Amaka (Ngozi Nwosu) walks into the place and all attention focus on her. She isn’t alone as she is with some beautiful families and friends who look elegant like her. Mama Amaka and her entourage dance to where her daughter and son-in law are. She carries her grandchild and immediately takes a selfie with the baby. The people around Mama Segun leave her and join Mama Amaka to take a selfie as well. She finds a way to make sure that those at the naming ceremony see the picture, so, she sends the picture  to them. The picture wows all those at the naming ceremony. Segun’s mother also brings out her tab to take a selfie which makes all that were initially around her run back to her including Mama Amaka’s entourage.

Next, the father-in -law in his usual  lethargic manner comes out, but we don’t know if he joined his wife or Segun’s mum.


Wow! They all looked stunning, especially the women. They were really glittering from head to toe. However, most of them were all dressed like it was a traditional wedding. Perhaps I should ask, do people always dress in the manner they dressed for a naming ceremony?

We are still yet to ascertain the major cause of beef between the mother of Segun and Amaka. Hopefully, before the end of the series, Airtel would let us in to the cause of their disagreement.

There is just one question I need to ask, what exactly is Baba Amaka’s (Dele Odule) role in the advert. Whatever role he seems to be playing out, I must confess that I really don’t like it. He is so inactive, domant, inoperative (anyway, no mind my grammar oh, the words are the same) He looks like a figure head or better still a zombie. Being gentle and loving no fight doesn’t mean one should be easily swayed or be inactive. I don’t want to say he is acting like a dumbo, but their characters are simular


With Airtel’s data you can share information/ connect with the people all over the world in the blink of an eye; basically it is fast (according to the advert)


We are not disputing the fact that Mama Amaka is a ‘Jasi’ mama or slay mama, which one come be all these childish acts….

How come Amaka’s mum got to the naming ceremony late, didn’t they sleep together in the same house. Imagine someone who is late for naming ceremony and she is “ga paing”; mother of Segun’s wife, mbok.

I wonder why they were looking at  Mama Amaka in hat way when she arrived the venue (11 seconds), see the way they even opened their mouth self- 35 seconds of the video.

Unnecessary display of  attitude by Amaka’s mother- 12 seconds, 20-23 seconds

Why are they making it look like Mama Segun is an illiterate in the advert, we know her as prayer warrior not latter. Which one com b ‘selefie’

Music by: Small doctor


I love the advert, they were all looking colourful. The message was passed across, data is life. While you are having fun, you can post pictures and videos of what is happening especially with a co-operative internet.










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