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Airtel has enlarged its room as it added more A~list actors in its new advert titled “The arrival of the inlaws”. The new actors onboard are Dele Odule and Ngozi Nwosu while the old ones still retaining their spot are Idowu Philips popularly known as Iya Rainbow and Abdulateef Adedimeji.


his advert is a sequel to the previous advert titled “Amin” (View the Amin review here), which featured just Idowu Philips and Abdulateef Adedimeji.


Abdulateef Adedimeji is from the Yoruba tribe but he is married to a lady from the Igbo tribe. They have a new baby which means families and friends of the couple would come visiting as they plan ahead for the naming ceremony.

So, at the beginning, Ade hears the hooting of the car. He glances at the Verandah and notices that his Mum (Iya Rainbow) and his wife’s parents (Dele Odule and Ngozi Nwosu) have arrived in preparation of the forthcoming naming ceremony, but are trying to park the car. (Note, they are all in thesame vehicle)

Quickly, Ade runs back into the house to prepare the rooms his mum and inlaws would stay while his Igbo wife takes care of their child.

He makes the beds properly, puts the pilow covers, footwears, glass cup and tooth brush in each room.

Ade gives his mum the room with the White bed spread and his wife’s parents, the room with the red bed spread.

Meanwhile, the family of the couple are both in thesame vehicle driven by the lady’s father. Whereas, the mothers of both couple seem to be at rivalry with eachother.

The family of the couple after parking the vehicle finally enter the house.

As both families climb the stairs of the house, Ade’s father in law climbs without uttering a word, while his mother and wife’s mother quarrel with each other (Apparently, they do not like each other). Ade’s mother is heard saying “Ile omo mi re, ole le mi jade~This is my son’s house, you can’t chase me out”

Finally, the families get to see the new baby and they are all excited about the baby after which they retire to their various rooms. They find a tab in their room, however noticed there was no internet connection.

Ade’s mother and his mother in law step out to complain to him but find him setting the AIRTEL internet box so that they can all be connected to the internet. The two women struggle to have the box to themselves but Ade grabs it from them.

The mothers of the couple return to their various rooms unhappy. Moments later, they are already connected to the internet and are are now happy since they are satisfied with Airtel data.


What really is the reason for the rivalry between Ade’s mother and his wife’s mother? Tribe or what? It was uncalled for.

The message in the advert is “Everyone is satisfied with data that works” But, it could have also been “The data that works well makes people happy and unites people”

It is like the advert is supporting feud among various tribes. It doesn’t promote intertribal marriage, because the two mothers did not settle their dispute; which by the way we dont know the cause.


Even if there was a need for the footwears was there a need for the brush? Didn’t they bring brush from their various homes

Why the rivalry? It is uncalled for

How come Ade’s mother and his wife’s parents arrived at thesame time in thesame vehicle?

Ade’s wife is so not observant, the husband is running around and she doesn’t care to find out the reason.

I can’t feel any familiarity or closeness between the couple and their parents.

Then Ade’s father in law (Dele Odule), I am wondering his role there sha, smh…



It is an Interesting advert, but it would have been nice If Airtel’s terrific data united Ade’s mother and his wife’s mother.


Mother A and B don’t really like each other. Mother A’s data is fast and reliable while Mother B’s own is not. Since Mother B is a kind of person that likes to know what is trending, she then decides to end her feud with Mother A by asking her about her data and sharing with her as well.

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