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Ahah, some women are just not nice o. How can Nollywood actor~Rachael Okonkwo still be adding such pet name like “Keene Baby” for Nollywood actor~Ken Erics at the period everybody is accusing her of

sleeping with the actor and breaking his marriage?

Okay o, continue…

Ehen, to the real story, so I learnt that Nollywood actress~ Rachael Okonkwo is the yellow beautiful chic responsible for the collapsation, sorry I meant destruction, sorry o, I meant em, she is behind the collapsed marriage of Nollywood actor~Ken Erics and his wife~Onyi Adaba.

(Read the funny and intelligent interview with Rachael Okonkwo here

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Rachael has however debunked such rumours saying that she and Ken Erics or “Keene baby” as she calls him are just friends.

Rachael even went as far as placing a big curse on hersrlelf if she had anything to do with Ken Erics sexually.

View her post below

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Ahah! Calm down #Igboliciousbabe aka #nkolinwansukja, im never reach that level

Meanwhile, Rachael Okonkwo is an ambassador for Dano Milk and Roxettes paint.

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