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(Quickly, click here, a surprise awaits you here

The everyday viewers of the most watched reality show in the country~ Big Brother Naija (#BBN) are really not happy with the show creators and one of the contestants~ #Tacha who has taken herself as the real pepper dem contestant in the house.

Infact, these regular viewers of the realty show said BBNaija paid Tacha to put on an act and she is probably a fake housemate. An instagram user with the name “@Kennydainry” said, Tacha is just acting a script given to her by bbnaija
(Meanwhile you can vote 32052 to keep Tacha in the house)
Here is what they are saying about Tacha:
1. She is going to be evicted in Jesus name, amin.
2. Tacha, na ur mouth go kill you!
3. Why the over~confidence? Is Big brother fucking you?
4. This girl is just too stubborn.
5. She should go, she is too proud
6. Stop copying Ceec
7. STFU~ You are really irrtating!
8. No contestant would like to stay beside a witch like her.
9.She is putting on an act.



What ya think?
Think Tacha is putting on an act? Fill us in…

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You need that blogger like me to give you sufficient details about things. So, I can talk about movies, music, adverts or gist about people, but trust me, I can also talk about food, food wey good, food wey make sense. That’s why I am telling you about “Modees Kitchen”; odi awesome, o di uto! (It is sweet)

Just order, wherever you are in Nigeria, infact, even if it is Abroad, they would locate you; as in they deliver worldwide #Winks. Their food is delicious and they are very clean when handling food items.


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Call: 08023001953

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Don’t you just want to take your children to Garden World Nigeris, Mogodo, Ikeja, this summer? I am certain you want to.

It is going down this July to August.

Garden world Nigeria is one place you would certainly love your kids to spend the summer after the close of school for the term.

Aside the very obvious fact that the Garden world is a beautiful place, it has state-of-the art facilities that will help equip your children with the necessary skills they need in their daily lives.


So, it is called Garden World “Eco Kids Summer Series”

Expect the following at Garden world this summer:

  1. Fun, educational, hands-on workshop and activities
  2. Nature walks
  3. Eco arts and crafts
  4. Critters: Compositing and gardening fun
  5. Health nutrition and cooking classes
  6. Swimming
  7. Active games and scavenger hunts
  8. Designing, building and assembling garden items
  9. How to grow plants and vegetables
  10. Waste and recycling
  11. How to sprout indoors
  12. How to eat healthy

As in the list is is endless. Quickly, register your child now…

For more details Whatsapp the Boss @ 08163051025

IG @gardenworldng


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If you know you want to look wapacious, you want to be called “ewa’ as in someone with extreme beauty on your wedding day, at work or any occasion, then you just need to contact the queen of makeup @i_am_ewatommy on IG

Ewatommy makeup studio was behind Ogefash’s makeup on her birthday


Home service available!

You can call her on: 08022378239

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Ewatommy is Tara certified!


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Hulala! I certainly love “Hisme” pap; so yummy. I tasted it and tasted no other!

Common, I am certain your mouth is eager to have some of this yummy pap. Here is how to have it delivered at your doorstep:

Call: Marion Ayoola 08097711017

Follow her new IGpage @hisme.yummypap

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You may not have known the two blood brothers- Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye as Psquare if you are 2 years old or less. This is because the duo split from the famous band- Psquare exactly two years ago to start their solo career and so far so good, they have been on top of their game. They are doing well musically and family wise.

Peter and Paul Okoye are not just blood brothers, they are twins and very identical at that. Paul’s choice of hair style- “dread” has made it easy for loyal fans to now identify both of them without any mix up, When they were both on low cut, it was hard to tell who is Peter or Paul. To be honest, when they were both on low cut, even me I could not tell which one was Paul or Peter. You doubt me? I think you should listen to and watch all the videos in their first and second album- “Last Nite and Get Squared”

So, before we talk about Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye individually, why not quickly take a gander at their profile when they were still together as Psquare below.


By Oge Nwabueze

Nigerian pop duo, Peter and Paul Okoye, aka Psquare, are known for their electrifying dance steps and stellar performance in the music industry. Their music speaks volumes and has over the years, earned them recognition beyond the shores of Africa. They produce hit songs that can sure knock your socks off. With their melodious tunes and top of the world banging beatz, you can’t help but dance to their tunes; there is hardly any wedding, party, reality shows that is concluded without their songs being played. They have indeed carved a niche for themselves, and it would be incomplete to talk about ‘Music’ without taking cognizance of the tremendous input of these most sought after duo. They are simply one of Africa’s most treasured!

The past decade has been extremely successful for them, and they are undoubtedly one of the few musicians opportune to smile to the back on several occasions as they have been touring different parts of the world thrilling fans with their scintillating performance; they leave the crowd begging for more. In one of their tours, they were admitted as honorary Calgarians in Canada. In the early 2013, one-half of the twin tweeted “Oil business tinz” announcing P-Square’s foray into the oil business. It would be incomplete to mention opulent musicians in Nigeria and Africa at large, without mentioning them. They are simply the world’s most sort after.

Born November 18, 1981, exactly 38years ago, their incredible journey into music began in St. Murumba secondary school, a small Catholic school in Jos, Nigeria. Their passion for music saw them join the music and drama club, where they sang, danced and mimed songs by MC Hammer, Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson. As time went on, they formed/joined different groups, from MMPP (Micheal, Melvin, Peter and Paul) to SMOOTH CRIMINALS. They have always drawn inspiration from their music idol, Micheal Jackson, and they eventually began Break Dancing.

They took their music trade to the next level performing at school functions and different shows within the city of Jos. They thrilled people with their melodious voice and dance steps and they instantly became a force to reckon with all over the Jos axis. Indeed their unique dexterity paved way for them in the entertainment industry.

As time went on, the group- Smooth Criminal dissolved, as they all pursued their academic degrees in various part of the country. Following their persistence and passion for music, in 1999, Peter and Paul, stayed together and returned to Music school to develop their skills on various musical instruments (Keyboard, Drums, Bass and Rhythm Guitar). They later on formed their own group called double P, P&P, and Da Pees until they eventually settled for P Square. They are the brains behind the soundtracks for hit movies like Tobi, Mama Sunday, Moment of Bitterness and Evas River.

In 2001, “P-Square” won the “Grab Da Mic” competition, and hence Benson & Hedges sponsored their debut album, titled Last Nite, which was released under Timbuk2 music label, and the rest is history.

These twins are goal getters and pace setters in the Nigerian music industry. They lead and others follow. ‘Impossible’ does not exist in their dictionary. Though they are one of Nigeria’s most criticized acts, but they always focus on where/what they are aiming for, not letting those critics pull them down. They never let anything get in their way.

Even in the face of these controversies, they are unarguably one musician everybody still wants to hear about in various forms of media and if provided the opportunity to dine with them, wouldn’t mind putting a pause to whatever they were handling, just to dine with them. They have indeed proven to be unstoppable in the midst of these numerous controversies.

They have irrefutably won the heart of music lovers in the Diaspora with their various monster hits. They have invaded many homes, hearts and phones with their songs, which have become anthems on the lips of so many people and ring tones on thousands of phones, both young and old. They are masters of their game.

The duo have gotten it all- fame, good outfits, dress sense, choreography, videos, cars, houses, money, albums, awards, loyal fans, they are innumerable and always on point. They are known for good and breadth taking videos that are widely accepted all around the geographical boundaries of Nigeria and also outside it shores.

They have also been consistent in their game; hardly does a year go by without a new hit from the duo. They have six successful albums to their credits and they include- Lastnite, Get Squared, Game Over, Danger, Invasion and Double Trouble respectively. Every song in their albums is always a mega hit and is played everywhere. No single track is boring. They are the only musician lucky enough to get all the songs in their album played on radio, unlike most musicians where DJ’s pick only one or two.

They are one musician with the fastest selling albums; capable of selling millions of copies within few days of its release. No artiste wants to dare release an album for the fear of it being obliterated.

They are always full of surprises and who knows, they might end up releasing a banging album soon. The twin who hail from Anambra State, have worked with the likes of Rick Ross and Akon. They remixed chop my money with international artiste- Akon and went ahead to drop yet another joint with hottest American rap star- Rick Ross, this time a remix of their melodic song “BEAUTIFUL ONYINYE”. In addition to the above, they have also released to the delight of their fans, three other smashing singles; Magical healing, Alingo and club banger hit, Personally. Personally- A tribute to Michael Jackson is currently enjoying airplay on major radio stations across the country. After personally was released, Jermaine Jackson spoke in high regard of the song, applauding them and comparing their showmanship to that of “The Jackson Five’’

In recognition of their hard work and enthusiasm as entertainers, they have several awards to their credit from the local and international scenes, some of which are

The 2003 Amen Award for “Best R&B Group, Hip Hop World Awards 2006 – Best R&B Album (Get Squared), Hip Hop World Awards 2006 – Best Music Video (Get Squared), Hip Hop World Awards 2006 – Album Of The Year (Get Squared), Hip Hop World Awards 2006 – Song Of The Year (Bizzy Body), City Mag 9th Awards Show (2006) – Best Hip Hop Group, Nigerian Music Awards (NMA) 2006 – Album of the year (Get Squared), Nigerian Music Awards (NMA) 2006 – Music Video of the year (Get Squared), 2007 Channel O Music Video Awards – Best Duo Or Group, 2008 Channel O Music Video Awards – Best Duo Or Group, 2008 Channel O Music Video Awards – Video Of The Year (“Do Me”), 2010 Channel O Music Video Awards- Best Group, MTV Africa Music Awards 2008 – Best Group, MTV Africa Music Awards 2009 – Best Group MTV Africa Music Awards 2010 – KORA Awards 2010 – Artiste of the Year

Irrespective of these countless awards, they are still dishing out those tunes that will make you yearn for more. Some have taken it as a task to always criticise every of their song, but the truth is that they turn around to feel and fall in love with their songs; it grows on fans and they can’t help but like and dance to their “on point” beats and sing along to their catchy hooks.

Whew! P-Square is no doubt Africa’s biggest group with a strong fan base of adoring followers that stretches beyond Nigeria into Kenya, Senegal, Congo, Gambia, South Africa, America amongst others. The duo are well past their days as struggling musicians. Though they once had a dream of becoming a footballer, the twin brothers are unlikely to look back and regret their decision to abandon football for music. At home and abroad, P Square is a hit. They were once signed to the biggest telecommunication company in Africa, Globacom; they gave them a record-breaking ambassadorial deal. They are certainly one to envy.

The history of the Nigerian music industry will be incomplete without chapters on the group p-square. Their consistency and ability to radically change the game cannot be overlooked in any respect. They have also proven that there is a difference between an artiste and a musician.

However, the group split two years ago and are now doing solo music. Their last album together titled “Double trouble” has about 13 tracks; Shekini, Missing you, Bring it on ft Dave Scott, MMS, Ifeoma, Ejeajo ft Ti, Collabo, Ogadigide, No be joke, Enemy solo, Sari sari, Zombie, Ije love, (+ 3 Singles) Testimnony, Personally, Alingo.

Now, let’s quickly take a look at the individual profile of Peter and Paul Okoye; the former Psquare band. I just hope Peter doesn’t sue me for putting their pictures together, cause I heard he sued his brother and some show organizers abroad for daring to put his picture alongside his brother’s ,and using it to promote a certain show….

(Clearing throat) All that one na drama; infact grammar na for dictionary. I am really hoping to hear something from the two again as Psquare someday. I really love them!


When you look at him from afar, you may think he is the popular American singer- Usher Raymond. He has on countless occasions being mistaken as the American singer. He is Peter Okoye aka Mr. P and the founder of P Classic records which he set up after he and his twin brother decided to split musically.

Peter Okoye is a twin to Paul Okoye. He is on low cut while his twin- Paul Okoye is on dread. Peter is more of the vocal type and has lots endorsements making him smile to the bank daily. He is a brand ambassador for Olympic milk, PZ cussons, Kitchen, Zoom, Pedini Nigeria and many others.

Peter has overtime shown how capable he is at handling music and other enterprises. He He is a fashionista. He has his own fashion outfit which he called “ZIP” He is one person every lady would want to have a taste of, I mean when you look at what is underneath his thigh (Clears throat; I did not just say that!). He is dapper and still got his six pack working for him.

Peter was born 38 years ago in Jos to the family of Mr and Mrs. Okoye. He studied Business Administration at the Univesity of Abuja. He is bold and has unshakable focus. He doesn’t let poeople’s negative energy or slanderous comments hinder him from achieving his goals.

He is married to married to Lola Omotayo Okoye who has two beautiful children for him, Camron and Aliona. Cameron just like his father loves to break dance but doesn’t joke around the ball when he sights it. He loves to play football.

Few years ago when he and his twin- Paul split, it was said that Paul was bringing in more song while he was basically dojng the dance. Peter has however proven that he can be a terrific dancer as well as a terrific singer and give a breathtaking music performance with or without Paul Okoye. He has released massive hits which has millions of views on youtube. His songs include- Cool it down, Zombie ft Simi, For my head, My Way, Woki Wokie ft Nyanda, Ebeano and the one that is currently making wave. “One more night” which featured female singer- Niniola

His videos come with lots of choreography and are always funny as well. He is one Nigerian artiste that has come to stay and has gummed his music mat on the floor.


He is fondly called by his stage name “Rudeboy” but I like to call him the “Silent money maker (SMM).” He is the second twin of Peter Okoye (aka Mr.P). He unlike his other twin- Peter doesn’t talk too much. He is one artiste that you will be filled with awe when you discover what he is worth and perhaps when you discover that he is richer than his twin; this is because he lives a very quiet life and doesn’t showoff

I can assure you that Paul Okoye is not giving up on music anytime soon not even when he is old and has wrinkled skin; this is because he has over time proven that he is the “Music” and “Music”lives in him. Like the popular Nigerian slogan for Mario game “ibi lo ma ku si” meaning ‘You will die here”, I can surely say thesame thing for Paul. He lives, eats and wakes up with music; everything about him reveals music. He was once part of the award winning famous group- Psquare which dissolved two years ago.

Paul Okoye is the one on dread unlike his twin who is on low cut.

Paul Okoye was born 38 years ago in the city of Jos to the family of Mr and Mrs Okoye. He studied Business Administration at the University of Abuja

He is married to Anita Okoye who has a fashion outfit called Tannkco. Paul nd Anita Okoye have three children. A twin boy and girl and another boy who is the first offspring of their marriage.

He has several hit songs to his credit. They are: Call heaven, Chizoba, Together ft Patoranking, double double ft Olamide and Phyno, Somebody baby ft Jim Iyke, Ifai, Nkenji Keke, Allowed ft Reminisce, Fire fire, Reality and the most recent with over 10 million views- Reason with me.

When people accuse him of still retaining the group’s voice (Psquare), he replies “I am Psquare!”


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