After watching the football match between Nigeria and Cameroon, there is just one Nigerian song coming to my mind and that song is what I am singing right now “Issa goal” by Naira Marley…

Nigeria just beat Cameroon in the just concluded match. Nigeria scored 3 goals while Cameroon 2.

Ighalo scored two goals

while Alex Iwobi scored a goal.

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Hidden Potential is unexposed ability, reserved strength, untapped strength, unused success, dormant gift or hidden talent.

The challenge people face in life is the inability to bring out the potential in them. Every human being has got potential and until it begins to manifest and become visible to all; it is still hidden.

What then is potential?

Potential is what you can do that you haven’t yet done; where you can go that you haven’t yet gone; who you can be that you haven’t yet become; what you can imagine that you haven’t yet imagined; where you can reach that you haven’t yet reached; what you can see that you haven’t yet seen and what you can accomplish that you haven’t yet accomplished.

What you have done now in life is only a mere fraction of the bigger things you will still do. People may tell you that you are not good enough and this will make you start doubting yourself and your capability. I know this because it happened to me.

How? You may ask

When I started out as a speaker, I was discouraged initially because someone once told me I wasn’t good enough and this actually made me doubt myself and my potential. What I am trying to say is there are some friends you have that are being intimidated by your potential and want to discourage you by all means so that you don’t value your potential and you end up hiding it.

How your potential can be hidden
1. Your potential can be hidden from you when you stay away from the source which is God!

2. It can also be hidden from you when you dwell on past hurts, disappointments, failures and pull downs that have tainted yourself image and belief about who you are.

Myles Munroe, a well known speaker from Bahamas in the Caribbean once said “The death of a seed is the burial of a forest.Just because a seed has the potential to produce a forest, does not mean it will. One of the greatest tragedies in nature is the isolation of a seed from the soil.”

In essence, having ability is good, but when this ability is not used, it is bad. I want you to know that there is a ‘’seed of greatness’’ deposited in you; you came into this world with an assignment which must be fulfilled. Winston Churchill says, “The price of greatness is responsibility. A better way to describe responsibility is responding to your ability.”

I will like you to know that there are lots of “great” men and women in the graveyard who never became great because they did not respond to their abilities. It is essential that you make an effort towards discovering what you truly love doing and live each day maximizing your full potential.

God created everything for a purpose and equipped ‘‘each created thing’’ with the corresponding potential or ability to fulfill that purpose. Begin to have a positive insight about who you are from today. If your thought and energy are negative; what type of speech and actions will you put forth? Negative of course ! What is inside you is how you respond to life.

Remember ‘’you’’ came into this world with an assignment to fulfill. Discovering your hidden potential is one assignment you certainly need to fulfil.