Unknown and hidden facts about Carmela Wallace, the mother of late rapper, Jared Anthony Higgins aka Juice Wrld

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  1. Carmela Wallace is a devout woman; she loves God dearly.
  2. She did not allow her kids to listen to secular songs while growing up.
  3. She was once married to Mr. Higgins, but three years after their marriage, they divorced and went their separate ways.


  1. The marriage to Mr. Higgins produced two boys- late rapper- Jared Higgins aka Juice Wrld and his brother.
  2. She played the role of a mother and father for her two boys; she alone raised the boys.
  1. She was only married for three years and never remarried after that.
  2. She was instrumental to Juice Wrld’s love music life.
  3. She bought Juice Wrld a Piano at age 4, and paid for his guitar and drum lessons.


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