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According to “English dictionary” Xenophobia is the fear a country has for the strangers or foreigners in its country.  It is also a strong dislike for strangers or foreigners in a country.

With the ongoing South Africans’ attack on Nigerians and other foreigners in the country, I was about to say that Burna Boy’s song titled “Anybody” (View the review here https://ogefash.reviews/2019/08/21/lyricstranslationmeaning-music-review-anybody-by-burna-boy-this-song-is-just-preaching-violence/) may be needed here. However, because the song promotes everything that has to do with violence; it may not be needed after all. In essence, we can’t use violence to solve violence (Ouch! I hope I didn’t just step on toes and if possible the fingers of all Nigerians) Abi wetin una think?

But wait o, “oginni bu” “menene” “kini” as in “what” exactly is the problem of some people, or should I say South Africans? Can a tree grow itself without the roots? Can a country develop and emerge toppest without foreign investors. Abi kilose South Africa yi papa? (What is really wrong with this South Africa?)

Is it because they are no longer under countries that are under- developed but developing ka “isi ha na aza aza” (That their head is swelling); wo, ori re yoo bu ni (your head will burst). If they are not careful, they would just return them to under- under developed, abi wetin?

Ah ah! Ema gba mi ke (Please save me o). Abi don’t these South Africans know that when there is everything foreign in the country, there would be increased jobs and wages, but for only those that are not slothful; as in lazy

Don’t they know that “Everything foreign” helps increase the country’s national income? Don’t they know that aiye (their life) won ma better ni (As in standard of living would be better)?

So I heard these South Africans complained about the following things and decided to start killing to do away with the foreigners in their country


  • That jobs were given to immigrants. So why are they giving the immigrants the jobs? South Africans should have just asked the immigrants rather than resort to harming them. I mean it is pretty obvious to me that these immigrants are not slothful and are willing to collect whatever “Rand” (ZAR) paid to them till better income starts coming in.
  • That the immigrants were responsible for the crime in the country and not the real citizens; iro nla (Big lie!). I am sure they themselves don’t believe this. These settlers couldn’t have committed these crimes without the help of the citizens
  • The upsurge of settlers is overwhelming and they are taking over their land. Ehen in Nigeria, there are a lot of settlers, and I am sure other countries have lots of settlers. Ti Oluwa nile #Winks

But really, South Africans really need to stop this rubbish. The name South Africa is now becoming synonymous to Xenophobia. Xenophobia ti pe gan ni (has been long in) South Africa. According to Wikipedia, Xenophobia in South Africa dates back to  the early 1990’s; 1994 precisely. Since 1994 till date, there has been  so much violence and discrimination against foreigners in the country. if they are not careful, they would lose big time. Already, countries are already boycotting the country.  Countries are already sending planes to bring back their people before they kill them all like chicken. Meanwhile Madagascar and Zambia had to call off a friendly football match against South Africa. Nigerian Musician- Tiwa Savage who was billed to perform in South Africa on the 21st of September instantly cancelled the show. Entertainers, politicans, business men are already avoiding the country. Musicians have attacked each other on the rise of this xenophobic attack in South Africa.  Meanwhile, celebrities are blaming South African rapper- Klernan Jrryd Forbes also known as AKA for this. They said his series of tweets after South Africa lost to Nigeria in the nation’s cup brought about this attack.

View AKA’s tweet below

Aka even said foreigners should return to their various countries; oro rada rada

View reactions of some Nigerian celebrities to his tweet

To me o,  these tweets are just a clear case of envy; perhaps most South Africans are envious of other countries because of their success. I have said it, because they are part of the “developing” countries that is why they are “Gapaing” they are “prouding’ as in they are proud and feel no other country or person should be better than them.

They should better be realistic, when it comes to music, Nigerians are better and more popular that them. Music; don’t even compare. Abi na movie?  They know they are not the giant of Africa, they are not leading in Africa. If other African countries are better than them, whose fault na? Life is turn by turn, so they should pack somewhere and wait for their turn.

If I may ask self, what exactly do they stand to gain in all these mayhem they are causing? What do they stand to gain in all these “Go back to your country” That word self is so sick. I mean if you count all the provinces in South Africa- Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Free State, Kwazulu Natal, Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga, you would ask, how exactly do they want to possibly achieve this, knowing fully well that their citizens are already married to these settlers? So they would drive their citizens away.

That brings me to ask this question, is there a president in that South Africa. Jacob Zuma I know, biko (please), who is the current president? If there is another one? Is it President Cyril Ramaphosa?  He seems to be too mum for my liking; perhaps he is also xenophobic. I mean how can his citizens, his followers just wake up one morning and decide that they do not want foreign people, gene, vagina and d_ck (please ignore) , markets, food,  liquid, cities, car, ship, soil, word, trade, student, policy,  substance, foreign everything and start destroying them? What exactly is President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa doing about the animalistic behavior of his people? What exactly is President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria doing about the slaughtering of its people in South Africa. Or could this be the end time well prophesied in 2nd Timothy 3: 1-5 where it says in the last days odd things will happen, nations will rise against nation according to Matthew 24:?

I mean how can some group of people just wake up and say that they have had enough of tranquility and what should come next is war. They just sit down, fold their arms, cross their legs and open their mouth to call out war and devise all means to start this war.  They think war is exactly the way they use their mouth to call it. Or they think war is just about quickly attacking a group of people and being able to return home uncaught and unscathed? It goes beyond that.

When war breaks out, infact your house would be scary to stay, it would be too hot for you to enter, sleep would be far from you, you can’t trust the person beside you, you can’t even trust your family; o le du ro. War is war! No one should really be chanting “War”.

And some mumu people in the country were now destroying foreigners’ properties and were also looting their properties, perhaps the reason some people in Nigerians are also contemplating destroying South African properties in Nigeria. And South Africans have too many businesses in Nigeria; talk about MTN, Shoprite, Multichoice, Stanbic, PEP Store and so on. I even learnt they went to one of the PEP stores in Surulere and did a lot of looting.

Watch the video here (Nigerians loot PEP Store)




You see, they have to’ja (looked for trouble of ) Nigerians and other foreigners. Nigerians are not xenophobic people they are xenomania people, as in they love foreigners; they love everything foreign die.  They are obsessed with anything foreign. They love foreign! And some people are killing the foreign; mtchew.

South Africans should better relax and chop akpu rather than gathering energy to  extricate foreign things and beings in their country. Imagine, look at the cars they even destroyed recently…

Or could the media be escalating the whole story? Are they exaggerating the story? Are they misinforming the public because they are trying to get traffic to their sites? Or is it the citizens that are adding “pepper” to the crisis with their silly and sarcastic words like “We urge all foreigners to pack their bags and leave!”

Please, Peace! Peace! Peace! Well, that sounds like your girlfriend’s  name right? But the “Peace” I am referring to now is freedom from trouble, war or any thing that would bring war.

Nobody is a dumbo; no country would sit down and watch its citizens being killed without a form reprisal.

Just lay down rules for staying in the country and highlight the punishment people that break the rules would face, rather than kill them or ask them to leave!

Biko SouthAfricans, let the storm still, and let there be peace again!



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