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By Oge Nwabueze


  • Choose the Food to eat
  • Choose the Country/Environment you want to live in; you definitely can’t choose Banana Island.
  • Choose Rolls Royce, Lamborghini or other luxury cars~ abi o ti choose e ni…
  • Choose your Boss
  • Choose to quiet your boss even if his or her mouth is smelling
  • Choose people to serve
  • Choose phones; definitely not

  • iPhone 3GS Supreme but you can choose palasa or…..;you know na #Winks
  • Choose to call people giving you money irritants even if they are
  • Choose to frown at one giving you money when they are annoying you
  • Choose the type of person that would break your heart
  • Choose luxury items/places
  • But you can choose to stay alive!

Suicide is not an option regardless the thick challenges. Like Nelson Mandela said, Poverty is man~made and can be removed. The hustling and bustling is real, stay alive and your breakthrough would come when you least expect it.

…And when the breakthrough comes, you can always choose whatever you want…

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