Perpetua Onyinyechukwu Onyisi a.ka Omo Jesu, you have left me in tatters, despondency, melancholy and total despair. Death, you shameless phenomenon with your pang took my beloved friend, sister, confider, counselor, better half, mother and wife away. Shameless you- Death! I fear not your anguish, what more? You have done an irreplaceable damage to me but her resplendent face even in agony kept me alive.

How can I move on without you? What is the meaning of life without you? How do I cope with the adorable children you left behind? How can I do it alone without you? Death, show your surreptitious face at this moment! For you cannot do more than you have done.

Our meeting was not fortuitous. We grew together in strong bond physically and spiritually.  We shared our visions, hopes, aspirations and yearnings together. I particularly recall with nostalgia our fifteen years and eleven months of our blissful conjugation. More or less, it seemed like five minutes. Youloved visitations with the entire family. my queen, since you took ill, our Sunday rituals (visitations) especially to “Yeyeness” Maltida Odekunle aged 103 years, has been truncated. How would I be able to explain to Yeye of your painful demise? Wht about all the friends and extended families you have touched one way or the other? How do I explain to them the great chasm you left behind? I have continuously searched for answers.





You are a rare gem and multifarious in nature. You combined sheer athletism with academic brilliance. You had an insatiable quest to develop personnel. An indefatigable teacher and coach! Your set objective was to train Nigerian teachers in Montessori Management dynamics to impact our children from the cradle. Through this, you touched many lives and empowered many more.

You were a community developer and selfless. The motherless babies homes and destitude community shall agonize over your demise. How do I provide them succour? The shoes you left behind are too big to fill. What a vacuum! Your professionalism, charity, knowledge, piety, charm and diligence stand you out.

Onyisi! Onyisi! Onyisi! Get up from this deep slumber and walk with me again. Walk with me, with our lovely children Olisamedua, Ekenedilichukwu, Ifunayachukwu and Ngozichukwuka to our destination. You have not reached the Golan heights we await you. Such are the wonders of your Maker who decides fate. I cannot question him, instead, I am grateful to him for making our paths cross.




The community of worshipers in our great parish St Dominics Catholic Church is filled with your imprints. As a lector, you participated actively in all religious functions. This always gladdens my heart each time you had the opportunity to honour the biblical readings. Each time you did, your voice resonated and filled the entire church. i was always joyous and full of your praise. little did I know that i would have plethora of explanations to make to tge brothers and sisters you left to grief over you in our parish.

Who would bring back the bliss to me each time I attended mass Onyisi? Kun ni oto !(Means: Wake up) This is not how you intended to say your bye to your entire family, great parishioners, home and abroad.


You were brave, bold and un-phlegmatic. Your smiley face remains your hallmark. You never ceased to amaze with your kindness and hospitality. i cannot thank you enough for making part of the Nwabueze family a treasure dear to my heart. If for nothing, you fought courageously to keep the family intact, but death had other plans. Oh death! Show your face, show your claws, show your ruthlessness, but you would rather hide like a coward you are.

Onyisi, you have conquered death as you have joined the Saints triumphant in the eternal blossom of God.

Rest in peace my beloved wifey and Queen

Till we meet again to part no more!

Onyisi! Je si kein

Olisa John Chukwuma (Husband)




Dearest mummy, why did you leave so soon? We would never have believed this will ever happen in a million years. Words cannot explain how terribly shocked we are. Our only reassurance is that you have gone to meet our Heavenly Father and joined all the saints in boundless sea of love. While you were on earth, you were the best mum anyone could ever have. You cared for all your children, you loved them, you were a fighter and you taught us to never give up. You were beautiful, intelligent and loving, these characters are very hard to find especially in our country, Nigeria. We miss you and everything about you from your smile to your laugh; you will never be forgotten in our lives. Even though you have left us in the physical, you have not left us in the spirit, you remain with us in the form of our family and friend. You will remain in our hearts forever. It will never feel the same without you. We miss you and will love you forever.


                                                         OTHER TRIBUTES



“Ring Ring” My phone rang one morning and I picked it up. It was my dad Mr. Ashuayin Nwabueze. From his voice, I could tell something was amiss.

“….Something tragic happened, bad news…” he finally managed to say in our dialect.

The way he uttered the word my intuition told me it was not sickness, accident, loss of money but death.

Forgetting that my dad already mentioned the word “bad” before “news”, I started hoping that it was the death of the entire Boko- haram squad in Nigeria and all those wicked murderers both in Nigeria and all over the globe.

With a heavy heart he finally let it out “Perpetual is no more” still in our dialect. It was hard to believe it was your Perpetual, so I started visualizing different Perpetual with unknown faces in my head refusing to believe that it was you.

You were such a beautiful soul that no one would have envisaged your death in a semi-centennial. Your name neither fitted yet into the book of the dead nor your beautiful face in the catalogue of the dead. Because you were:

P– Pacific; E– Ebullient and energetic; R– Resolute and religious; P– Proficient; E– Elegant

T– Top-notch; U– Unmatched; A– Assiduous; L– Loving

It is still so hard to believe that you are no more.  Ashuayin and Maria Nwabueze; Azubuike Nwabueze and family; Augusta Adeleye and family; Dumebi Ayeni and family; Oge Nwabueze are still in shock and pained about your death.  They all said you were not only obliging but unparalleled.

I thought I had be writing a “Tribute” to you on the establishment of your school which I prayed to God about for you and secretly nurtured the desire to work with a brilliant and focused mind like you.

Why shouldn’t I pray for the establishment of your own school?  You were such a terrific builder which is evident in the years you spent first as a teacher and then as the headmistress of Heritage School.

I love you; we love you cousin, the whole Nwabuezes love you, the whole Olisa-Chukwumas love you, Nigerians love you, the world love you, but God loves you more. Again, it is hard to believe that you are no more. It is hard to believe that when people say “Rest in Peace” for those that are gone, you are among them. It is hard to believe that when we talk about you, it would be in the past tense, but your terrific impact and impart will never be forgotten in a hurry .

The whole thing still seems to me like a dream; can someone please wake me up!




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Keep resting in peace the beautiful smiling angel!

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