YEAR: 2017

A man-Bode dies a natural death at a very young age and his younger brother- Baba Lisa (Rasaq Owooniran) thinks he was killed. He visits a traditionalist and pleads with him to wake Bode’s spirit and make him torment his killers. Bode unable to find anyone gets his spirit trapped. He roams around until he enters into his son- Folawe (Ibrahim Yekinni) who now sees his mother- (Bimbo Oshin) as his wife and vows to marry no one but her. Would this be possible? Will he get back his senses or will he lose his life? Find out in the plot

Olaronke (Tope Solaja) enters her car and sees two masked men. In her shock, the guys on mask tell her that they do not intend harming her. Olaronke while trying to decipher what is happening suddenly sights her ex-boyfriend- Rotimi (Babatunde Bernard) walk up to her from behind and propose to her. Olaronke turns him down and drives off.

Yetunde- Folawe’s wife (Yewande Adekoya) is discussing with Folawe’s mum (Bimbo Oshin) who advises her to keep being patient with her son-Folawe despite his difficulty. Folawe (Ibrahim Yekinni) walks in on them, greets only his mum but shuns his wife Yetunde. Folawe’s mum immediately rebukes Folawe’s act but he shuns his mum’s words and excuses himself as they leave for a party.

Rotimi (Babatunde Bernard) and Folawe are at Olaronke’s house to apologize for the proposal concept that is infuriating her. Folawe lets Olaronke know that he is behind the concept and shouldn’t punish his friend, who is her boyfriend- Rotimi for it. She turns down their apology and drives them out of her house.
Rotimi is in his house regretting following Folawe’s proposal concept.

Folawe (Ibrahim Yekinni) is with his mum (Bimbo Oshin). He tells his mum the issue between him and his friend Rotimi; about his proposal concept to his girlfriend which did not go well with his girlfriend. Folawe’s mum tells Folawe that he looks and does exactly like his late father- Bode. Folawe’s mum shares with her son- Folawe memories of how his late daddy proposed to her. She advises Folawe to try thesame concept with Yetunde his wife, but Folawe will not as he says he already has someone he truly loves. Folawe’s mum then decides to ask him about the lady he keeps saying he loves but he replies that soon, she would know her.

Folawe is all alone in his room pondering on how to approach the lady he loves.
Folawe goes to a bar to pick some prostitutes to spend a night with. He picks two ladies but drops one of them when she keeps saying she is already in love with him.

Folawe’s mum and wife- Yetunde enter his room and see him on bed with another lady. His mum scolds the lady and sends her away while she scolds her son- Folawe for daring to bring a prostitute to his matrimonial bed. Folawe is then being forced to have sex with his wife- Yetunde

Rotimi is having a chat with his friend-Folawe and his wife Yetunde. He tells Folawe to try and show love to his wife, he afterwards excuses them and gives them some privacy. But, Folawe still maintains that he can’t love Yetunde after which he leaves the room.

Yetunde is all alone in the room and in a deep thought. She scolds herself for deciding to stick to one difficult guy like Folawe who has refused to show her love or have sex with her.

Folawe’s mum is with her son- Folawe and his wife- Yetunde. His mum hails him and calls him- ‘my gold’ like she usually calls him. She pleads with him to show more love to his wife and also get intimate with her, but Folawe shuns her words. He instead leaves them in the room with the excuse that he needs to see someone urgently.

Rotimi again visits Olaronke’s house to ask for her forgiveness but she again turns him down

Folawe thinking he is the cause of breakup between his friend- Rotimi and girlfriend goes to plead with Olaronke to forgive his friend. Olaronke at this junction tells Folawe that it is not his proposal concept but his friend. She tells him the truth about catching Rotimi in bed with another lady. This surprises Folawe as his friend Rotimi did not tell him that. But still, Folawe begs Olaronke again and she finally accepts to forgive Rotimi. To prove she has forgiven Rotimi, Folawe pleads with her that they should go to her boyfriend’s house. On getting to Rotimi’s house, they see him in bed with another lady and this time around, Folawe’s wife-Yetunde. He immediately breaks his friendship with Folawe and tells Yetunde that she should go pack her things out of his house.

Folawe’s mum calls her late husband’s younger brother- Baba Lisa (Rasaq Owooniran) to report her son’s refusal to marry. Baba Lisa tells her not to worry that he will find a solution to it even if it means going through the traditional way. She tells him that Folawe keeps saying he is in love with someone but did not bring the lady home.

Folawe is with another lady who tells him about her dreams where she picked him out of about twenty men. She pleads with Folawe that they should make the dream become reality and marry each other. Folawe shuns her and tells her that her dreams are illusions.

Folawe’s mum (Bimbo Oshin) and Baba Lisa (Rasaq Owooniran) are in the sitting room talking about Folawe. Folawe has not been coming home after sending a short message to his mum’s phone that she should not look for him. Baba Lisa assures Folawe’s mum that she would see Folawe.

Folawe’s mum is in deep thought and contemplation about her son. Meanwhile, Folawe is in a room with a lady. He wakes her up and tells her to leave. The lady refuses to leave telling him that they did not have sex. But, Folawe tells her that he doesn’t want to have sex. The lady tries to persuade him to have sex but Folawe instantly raises his voice on her and threatens to call the security to throw her out.

Folawe’s mum and Baba Lisa are together waiting for Folawe to show up. When Folawe finally shows up, Baba Lisa tells him that he and his mother have been searching for him. Folawe again tells them that the reason he has been away and has refuse to marry a wife is because he is in love with someone and doesn’t know how to approach the person. After much pleas from his uncle and mother, Folawe finally opens up. He tells them that he is in love with Morenike Ashabi- which is his mother. Folawe’s mother is in shock and instantly moves away from her son. Folawe keeps saying he will marry no one except his mummy. Seeing that they refuse to believe him, he walks out of the house. Baba Lisa asks Folawe’s mum if she has ever being intimate with her son and she replies no. Baba Lisa calms her down and assures her that he will find the way out through traditional consultations.

Baba Lisa goes to meet a traditionalist to help him decipher what is happening. The traditionalist tells him that Folawe sees his mother as a wife and wants to be intimate with him.

Folawe’s mum is having a nightmare where her son tries to sleep with her. She screams out of the dream only to find her son lying next to her. She quickly runs away from her son and decides to stay in the bathroom.

Folawe’s mum is narrating to the traditionalist and Baba Lisa her old times with her late husband- Bode till his time of death and how she made a vow not to marry again. The traditionalist lets her know that the reason men do not approach her is because of the vow she had made. The traditionalist then reveals the reason Folawe keeps saying he wants to marry her to them. He blames it on Baba Lisa. The traditionalist lets Baba Lisa know that when his elder brother- Bode died and he went to wake his spirit to torment his killers, Bode didn’t see who to kill and his spirit started roaming around till her entered his son- Folawe, who now sees his mum as a wife, meanwhile, he died a natural death. Folawe’s mum and baba Lisa pleads with the traditionalist to find a way out of the situation for them. He tells them the solution to it (off camera)
Folawe’s mum is on the phone with Baba Lisa who tells her that he has done all the sacrifices asked by the traditionalist. Folawe’s mum thanks him and also tells him that she done her part as well. She tells him that she won’t call him names like ‘my gold or wura’ again.

Folawe’s mum is in the sitting room happy that their problem has finally been solved. Folawe and his new wife- Olaronke joins her and they celebrate the victory as well Olaronke’s pregnancy- which they all plan to travel out when she is due for delivery.

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