YEAR: 2017



The story is about a young lady “Sola Arikusa” (FATHIA BALOGUN) vlcsnap-2018-02-19-08h10m47s585who wanted vengeance after her whole family was wiped out by assassins. In a bid to avenge the death of her family, she travels some kilometres away in search of powers from the all-powerful Deity ‘Ijamido’ who would usually shed tears before pouring out blessings on the villagers that want to be blessed.

However, Ijamido sleeps for a whole year after which it’s woken for a day to bless all the villagers who are already assembled and celebrating its arrival with so much ecstasy.
The native doctor tells Shola that he can’t wake the deity up. Shola is saddened about her wrong timing especially when the deity is still in its season of its sleep, but on her way, the child of a native doctor promises to help her in exchange of the money she wanted to give his father. Ijamido is woken before its usual time and this brings a lot of death in the village. Did Shola Arikusa escape Ijamido’s wrath? Find out here


A group of hunters gather to discuss the history of various kingdoms. On that fateful day, they pick the history of “Ijamido deity”. Before discussing the history, the narrator first reigns praises on Ijamido deity to which there is a thunder strike.


There is an ongoing celebration by the villagers as they patiently wait for the arrival of Ijamido deity. They celebrate the deity and render all sorts of praises to Ijamido deity with the aim to make it shed tears, as its tears is like a blessing to the villagers.

A lady moves towards the deity and reigns praises on the deity, shortly after, Ijamido deity sheds a lot of tears;this excites all the villagers and they rejoice more.

Three chiefs gather together to discuss the next person to be crowned king. One of them Ademayowa Arikusa reminds them that he is the next king as the previous king before his death-King Aderoungbe made him king over others because of how he effectively protected the villagers from robbers. He lets them know that he has the document. The two other chiefs are skeptical about his utterances as they have another person in mind

Another chief- Adeoye Adebowale who is also eying the kingship position, gathers with other chiefsand makes them know that Ademola’s lineage is not the next in line for kingship title. Adeoye finds ways to bring Ademayowa Arikusa down since Arikusa truly has the evidence of the kingship position.

Chief Adeoye goes to meet an inspector and both of them along with Justice Makinde plan to implicate Ademayowa Arikusa with a murder story.

Chief Adeoye approaches another influential chief and seeks his support financially, materially and all ways. The chief promises to help him but lets him know that once he gets the kingship title, he must share his benefits with him. The chief promises to handle chief Adeoye’s opponents for him. He assures him that there is nothing for him to worry about.

Ademayowa Arikusa is already dead and his wife is with their children narrating the story of their father to them. She lets them know that their late father saved the villagers from robbers and because the king was impressed with him, he gave him the kingship title next. She hands her son a file containing their late dad’s property.

Late Arikusa’s son is on the phone with his girlfriend who lets him know that she is pregnant for him, but he denies it and calls her a flirt. While chatting with her, his mum walks in on him demanding to know who he impregnated. Shortly, his elder sister Shola Arikusa runs into the sitting room because of a cockroach. Shola makes jest of her brother for impregnating someone while her brother in return teases her for running away from a mare cockroach. Shola jokingly tells her mum and brother that she would kill the cockraoch with a cutlass and then leaves the sitting room to go retrieve the cutlass from the backyard. Some moments after, assassins walk in on them, collect their properties and then kill them.

A Muslim clergy- Alfa Agba (ODUNLADE ADEKOLA) is known for condemning humans’ lifestyle, quick to judge them and refer them as hell candidates. A yahoo boy- Korede comes to meet him for success in his yahoo business. Instead of him to lead him right, He curses him for always duping other people. He tells him that he will go to hell. This terrifies Korede and he runs out.

Shola is still saddened by her family’s death. She remembers her friend telling her how to seek supernatural powers from Ijamido deity after seeing that her friend also has power. She remembers how the holygans tried attacking her friend but were unsuccessful.os deity tears.

Shola is with her close male friend- Folorunsho (RAPHAEL NIYI) and lets him know that she intends to sell the only house she inherited, she is so obstinate about it but Folorunsho disapproves with her. He promises to use his influence in the bank to borrow money for her.

Shola travels to a a far place to see a native doctor concerning powers from Ijamido deity. He tells her that Ijamido sleeps for a year and wakes up for one day, to which all the people gather to get blessings from its tears. He tells her that her money is too small to wake the deity, and that it is not its season yet. On her way out of the village, the native doctor’s son calls her back and promises to help her call upon the spirit of the deity, but demands money from her. He forcefully calls unto the deity till it yields its call and sheds tears, oblivious and desperate Shola quickly grabs the water to drink, instead of waiting for it to be poured in the river first. The native doctor’s son scolds her about this but it is already too late as minutes later, thunder strikes showing Ijamide’s rage. This leads to the death of tons of villagers. However, Shola survives the thunder but is transformed into a powerful person. She is already unshakable.

Shola now has bodyguards. Her make friend- Folorunsho comes to check up on her but she instantly tells him that they can’t be friends again. While talking to Folorunsho, she falls into trance briefly and see the location of one of those that killed her family. Shola tries to discharge Folorunsho quickly and tells him that they should meet at a certain restaurant with the sole intention to refund his money.

At the restaurant, Shola makes all in the people in the place to freeze except Folorunsho after which she kills one of those that killed her family.She then refunds Folurunsho’s money telling him that no one must know about what he saw. Folorunsho is terrified.

The Muslim clergy- Alfa Agba is being hosted on a television program. Je again condemns all and says they would all go to hell including the presenter and the crew. He becomes too aggressive so the presenter asks the crew to stop the recording. His wife, son, daughters and other family watching the live broadcast at home are not happy with his attitude.

A young man- Ifabiyi (FEMI ADEBAYO) goes to meet his father, who is a native doctor Adifala(YINKA QUADRI) to seek help for promotion in his place of work. His father performs some voodoos and someone goes to put his son’s name among those to be promoted

The Muslim clergy’s son- Farouk while in the sitting room with other families tries to tell his dad to be more careful with his words but his father scolds him

Two police men enter the house of Ifabiyi to tell him that he has been made an inspector, which pleases his family.

The new king Adeoye is with his chiefs when they hear a female voice but are unable to see the person. It’s Shola, and she gives the king 14 days to leave the throne.

Inspector Ifabiyi and Folorunsho’s wife- Inspector Biliki (REMI REBECCA ) have been chosen to haunt down Shola Arikusa. Meanwhile, Shola’s bodyguards reign praises on her.

Folohunsho tries to tell his wife- Biliki to drop Shola’s case knowing that she is not an ordinary person. Even Folohunsho’s mum (YETUNDE OGUNSANYA)is not in support of Biliki handling the case.

A governorship aspirant Goriola (IJAYEGBEMI MONSURU ) goes to meet Adifala for help in order to win the next election. Adifala asks him to bring money and three women for the rituals

Folorunsho is still not happy with his wife that she wants to work on Sola’s case. When he sights a picture of her in his wife’s wardrobe, this displeases him more.

Three ladies are already kidnapped for Goriola and are used for sacrifice in order for Goriola to win the election. Adifala tells Goriola to come back for the last stage.

Adifala’s second son- Ifasakin also comes to his father telling him to help him win the governorship post with his voodoo. His dad tells him that Goriola has also come for him for help and he has started working on him but he however promises to make his son win instead.

Sola again invades the house of another family who participated in the killing of her family. With her voodoos, she gets all the family members in the sitting room and kills them all.


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