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The story is about a young lady “Sola Arikusa” (FATHIA BALOGUN) vlcsnap-2018-02-19-08h10m47s585who wanted vengeance after her whole family was wiped out by assassins. In a bid to avenge the death of her family, she travels some kilometres away in search of powers from the all-powerful Deity ‘Ijamido’ who would usually shed tears before pouring out blessings on the villagers that want to be blessed.

However, Ijamido sleeps for a whole year after which it’s woken for a day to bless all the villagers who are already assembled and celebrating its arrival with so much ecstasy.
The native doctor tells Shola that he can’t wake the deity up. Shola is saddened about her wrong timing especially when the deity is still in its season of its sleep, but on her way, the child of a native doctor promises to help her in exchange of the money she wanted to give his father. Ijamido is woken before its usual time and this brings a lot of death in the village. Did Shola Arikusa escape Ijamido’s wrath? Find out here


The king and the chiefs plan against shola. They find out what will make her powerless and were told the urine of a woman pregnant for the first time.
They take the king to the forest and tie him down. They beat him continuously waiting for Shola to show. Meanwhile, a guy hides somewhere waiting to pour the urine on Shola. When Shola shows up, he tries to pour the Urine on her but finds out that the bottle is already empty. Shola however kills all of them and lets the king go telling him that they have sacrificed their life for him.

The Muslim clergy’s son- Farouk is watching a football match when his father shows up. He asks him if he has done his prayers and he replies no. His father scolds him and asks him if he has ever seen him with such behaviour. The son replies him that he has once seen him watch football match during prayer time and this upsets the Muslim clergy more. He drives faruq away from the sitting room and tells him to go do his prayers including the ones he has sone before
King Adeoye calls one of his soldier friends and tells him how shola Arikusa is making life unbearable for him. The soldier promises to help him deal with shola.

Biliki is having sleepless night because of Shola’s case. She wonders if she is a human being. She therefore prays to God to give her the power to conquer Shola irrespective of her powers. Meanwhile, her husband just stares at her wondering what is troubling her.

The soldiers go to arrest Shola at her place. One of the soldiers try to grab her forcefully but something befalls him, so immediately steps away from her. This terrifies the soldiers. Shola however follows them to the station but tells them it is because she respects the uniform and not the person wearing it that she is why she is following them.

The soldiers brag about their boldness and how they were able to arrest Shola to the king. One of the soldiers assures the king that Shola can’t do anything, but Shola speaks to them without revealing her face that she can do a lot. This terrifies all that are sitting in the palace. The king goes psycho and he starts misbehaving, the soldiers run away afterwards.

The police in command confirms from Biliki if anyone is feeding Shola and she replies no but tells him that she saw her eating. They wonder what kind of human being she is because one of the soldiers made him know that even though she is their custody, she still appears to them in the palace. The police in command asks about Biyi from Biliki and she lets him know that he has relocated

Biliki goes in search of Biyi in his new place. She finds him and pleads with him to return to the police work. She also lets him know that they have captured shola and would be judging her case the next day. She pleads with Biyi to testify against Shola. But Biyi is still burning with fury at what Shola has dome to her family and vows never to show face wherever she is. Biyi tells Biliki about how Shola imprisoned his daddy in the phone after killing his family as well as turning his brother to a sick person. All Biliki’s effort to persuade Biyi be at the court the next day failed as he walked away on her.

Judge Abayomi is the presiding Judge over Shola’s case. His brother tries to tell him to back off the case since Shola is not an ordinary person, but Abayomi brags to his brother that he is not an ordinary person as well. the next day, Shola however turns the table and judges him outrightly revealing to people that he is into voodoos. She wears him a cloth worn by people who do voodoos
and disappears afterwards.

Shola’s guards are worried that she is yet to return from the count. Moments later, she appears to them and they reign praises on her. They all go in to celebrate.

Shola has a dream where her parents are unhappy with her. Shola cries and explains to them that she is punishing those that killed them. Shola afterwards wakes up crying

Shola is not herself again after the dream she had the other day. Her guards notice her change in mood but fear to ask her what the problem is. Shola sees a young guy and narrates her experience to him. The person in return advices her to repent. Shola returns to her house still moody which makes the guards worry more. They think they have offended her. The female guard among them goes on behalf of others to ask Shola if there is a problem, but she says there is no problem, but she just wants to be alone.

The Muslim clergy while chatting with his wife sees one of his relatives pass by. He is a drug addict and this makes him misbehave. He starts acting under the influence of drugs and the clergy strips him of his rights as a Muslim clergy. He afterwards reign curses on him.

The muskic clergy calls a family meeting. He tells his family that he would be travelling to America. He gives them instructions on what to do and what not to do when he is away. He tells all the women in the house (wife and daughters) to stay in doors all through his one month trip, while he tells his son faruq to counsel people while he is away and shouldn’t hesitate to condemn their souls to hell like he does. The family reluctantly agrees to his decree.

Shola visits the popular Muslim clergy and tells him to show her the way to repentance in order to save her soul from condemnation. The Muslim clergy as usual condemns her soul to hell and tells her not to border repenting but carry on with the act of killing. His harsh utterance infuriates shola who stands up and then kills him afterwards.

Shola goes to another Muslim clergy who prays for the forgiveness of her sin. He tells her to be strong when trials surface.

Shola disengages her guards and gives them 20 million each, but tells them to be godly and never do evil again, else she would find them.

Shola calls Folorunsho to come over at her place. At her place, she tells him that she has repented. Folorunsho is aghast. He however tells her a secret he has been hiding from her. He tells her that Biliki his wife was the lady dating her late brother and who her late brother impregnated but denied the pregnancy. In their discussion, Biliki and other police men show up at Shola’s place with the intention to arrest her. Shola surrenders but pleads with her to go and get her Tesbiu. Biliki not trusting her words, shoots her instantly.

The four hunters go to their various houses after hearing the town’s history
The muslim clergy goes to hell, while Shola makes heaven.

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