YEAR: 2018

Sean Peyton (Steve Lund)

is the only son of successful business mogul William Peyton (Michael Kopsa), who is the CEO of Peyton Enterprises. William Peyton is into real estate development and plans to bulldoze the famous Fountain Green Park

and thereafter build shops on it but the citizens are protesting against its bulldoze.

Meanwhile, Sean wants a job that he is passionate about, not some kind of real estate development job that his father is into and is also forcing him to be part of. William Peyton tries to convince his son to join the company but Sean’s constant refusal makes him give Sean an ultimatum; which is to get a job within one week or join his company against his wish or risk being cut off from his stipends/inheritance. Sean reluctantly agrees to his father’s challenge. While trying to decipher how to go about his father’s ultimatum, he stumbles on Allison (Siobhan Williams) img_20180728_172710-1182652675.jpgwho is agitating against his father’s plan to bulldoze and build on a park which she feels is useful to the citizens. With Allison’s will power to fight against the destruction of the park by Peyton Enterprises and having heard what she feels against his father, he decides to hide his real identity.

Soon they both fall in love and things get complicated as Sean is confused on how to reveal to her that he is the son of the successful business mogul she is fighting against. Find out what happens next when Allison discovers Sean’s secrets


At a charity event, fund is being raised for the youth engagement program under the Peyton Enterprises. While at the event, William Peyton’s (Michael Kopsa) only son Sean Peyton (Steve Lund) shows apathy since he doesn’t want to have anything to do with his father’s company. His close friend Jared (Jaimie Callica) approaches him and tells him to mingle with some of the ladies at the event since he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Reluctantly, he does. While chatting the girls up, one of the ladies, a daughter of another business mogul who is always beaten by Sean’s father- Candice (Elise Gatien) mistakenly spills drink on Sean’s suit. She apologizes, Sean accepts but leaves afterwards.

Allison and her friends Beth (Allie Bertram), Caden (Adam DiMarco), and Pascal (Ben Sullivan) are looking for means to save the Fountain Green Park from Peyton Enterprises’ latest development plan. They move round to drop fliers on cars in order to get people to kick against his motive.

William Peyton tells his son- Sean that he is happy that he is already bonding with Candice, the daughter of the competitor who he usually wins. His father wants him to date Candice, because he feels t it would be an added advantage to him when he eventually takes over the company but Sean tells his daddy that he is not interested in his kind of Job but wants a job he can be passionate about. His father however gives him an ultimatum, which is to get a job within a week else risk being cut off from his stipends/inheritance.
While Allison and her friends are dropping the fliers, the authorities sight them and chase after them but they are unable to catch them. While hiding from the Authorities, Allison stumbles on Sean Peyton, thinking he is one of them, she charges him to arrest her; oblivious that he is the heir to Peyton Enterprises, the company that wants to level the Fountain Green Park she and her friends are trying to save. As Allison chats Sean about her intention to stop the Peytons from destroying the park, she again sights the authorities that are after her but Sean helps Allison to escape.

Allison and Sean are now beside the C’est Si Bon food truck where Allison works in the day before attending law classes at night. She feels rueful for Sean as she thinks he will lose his job. Allison calls her friend-Beth to check if she and others are okay, and since they are all okay, Sean asks that they celebrate. Allison introduces herself to him while Sean tells her that he is Sean Pine, hiding his surname and his real identity, since she is still fuming with his daddy over his intention to destroy the park.

While Sean and Allison are in the food truck, Allison tells Sean that she works on the food truck – C’est Si Bon – during the day but attends law classes at night. She drives the truck down to the park they are trying to save while Sean makes them good snacks. Still feeling rueful that she made Sean lose his job, she offers him a job at the food truck. Sean is speechless at first, but then thanks her later.

Mr. Peyton while chatting with Candice promises to get his son to work in the company at all cost. He afterwards leaves the occasion with Sean’s best friend Jared (Jaime Callica).
Pascal drops Beth at the sport arena, who afterwards goes to see Caden. Caden wants Beth to play the ball with him, but she says she is not athletic. Reluctantly, she tries kicking the ball, but it hits her  and leaves her with pains. Caden feels so sad that their first date left Beth in pains and promises to make it up to her.

Sean not wanting Allison to know his house drops along the road.
Allison sees Beth trying to assuage her pains. Beth tells Allison that she got hit by the ball. She also tells Allison that both Pascal and Caden are asking her out and she is confused as to who to date. Allison advises her to know the two guys very well and make her choice. When Beth asks Allison about her own guy, she suddenly becomes mute. Beth encourages Allison to have some fun while trying to save the world and Allison tells her she is having fun.

Sean while chatting with Jared tells him about Allison and her intention to save the park from being bulldozed by his father. He also tells Jared that he intends joining Allison in the food truck where she works but Jared thinks it is ridiculous.

Sean is already working in the food trunk and Allison’s boss- Antonia (Karen Holness) is really impressed with his culinary skills, so she hired him on the spot. Allison is so excited about it. Sean also resumes work with his personal cookware, a gift given to him after his graduation at his culinary school. He encourages Antonio to have her own app to update people on her snacks to which Allison says she has mentioned social media countless times to Antonio but she would not listen.


Caden goes over to Beth’s place of work to check on her after the ball hit her body. He pleads with her to give him  another opportunity to make it up to her. However, Beth tells him that she has a poetry reading and wants him to bearound. Caden agrees to be there. Caden also offers to help Beth get more signatures on the petition to save the park from being bulldozed by Peyton enterprises so they can present it at the town council meeting. Beth is excited about this
Antonio commends Sean’s work and gives both Sean and Allison a break. During the break, Sean offers to join Allison in getting more signatures for them in order to save the park.

Pascal goes over to Beth’s place of work to check on her and she also tells him about her Poetry reading. Pascal tells her that he wrote a few poems while in the college and this makes Beth feel that they have something in common. She takes Pascal round the book store. Beth afterwards solicits Pascal’s help in getting people to sign the petition. Pascal offers to help and Beth is excited about it.
While campaigning for people to sign the petition in order to save the park, Sean stumbles on Candice, the daughter of his father’s competitor who his father usually wins. He hurries their conversation so that Allison doesn’t discover his secret. He lies to her that he is doing a field research for his daddy. Candice tells him that they should get together someday to talk about the field research or discuss some other thing and then takes her leave. Allison thinks Candice is interested in the petition but Sean tells her she isn’t.

Allison and Sean take a walk in the park that his father wants to bulldoze. She shows him a plaque where the park commissioning is dedicated to a lot of people including Peyton senior- William’s father. William Peyton Sr. was actually one of the benefactors of the park. Allison thinks it is ironic that one Peyton built the park and another wants to bulldoze it.
Caden is trying to get people to sign the petition that would help save the park so that they can have enough to present to the town council.
Sean tells his father that he now works as the head chef of C’est Si Bon. His father asks for the location as a proof of his words. Meanwhile, Sean tries to get his dad to tell him what he knows about the history of Fountain Green Park after Allison showed him the plaque, but a call comes through William’s phone and he is unable to say much except that the pack is a pure nightmare to him.

Allison joins Beth during her presentation at the inaugural poetry night, meanwhile, Caden is still canvassing for more signatures outdoor totally forgetting about Beth’s presentation. Pascal reads a poem which looks more channeled at Beth. Beth also reads hers.


Sean tells Jared that he is not ready to reveal to Allison that he is the son of Williams Peyton. Jared is looking for a dating scheme for Sean. Jared thinks Sean is crazy taking part in the petition to stop his father from bulldozing the park.
Caden is unable to catch up with Beth’s presentation. He rushes back in with a bunch of flower just when the presentation ended. He apologizes to her for missing her poem presentation. He explains that he lost track of time while trying to get people to sign the petition. Feeling intimidated Pascal lies that he has been able to get 500 people to sign the petition; Beth is so excited about this. Beth introduces Pascal to Caden and vice versa after which Pascal leaves. Both Caden and Beth sit to have a chat.

Sean makes some snacks for Allison and asks her out on dinner, meanwhile Caden gets more people to sign the petition.
William Peyton goes to check out the food trunk where his son says he now works to ascertain if he truly works there. On getting to the place, Allison recognizes and attacks him immediately on his intention to bulldoze the park. William tells Allison that she is littering everywhere with her fliers but she says it is freedom of speech. Pretending not to know his father, Sean politely tells him to leave if he has nothing to order since they have a lot of customers. This stuns Williams but he leaves without saying a word again.

Caden goes over to Beth’s place with some sport equipment they would be using on the lake. He tells her he wants her to get familiar with them so she doesn’t injure like she did when she was playing the ball. He gives her a book containing poems and short stories and promises to get more signatures for her

Sean sets some meal aside for the food bank donations but Antonia tells him it is a business not a charity organization. Sean tells her to deduct the money from his paycheck and she says she would do just that. Feeling so sorry for Sean, Allison decides to sacrifice her paycheck for him as well but he objects to it. She asks him out to dinner and he joyfully accepts.

Jared gets a low class car for Sean for his date with Allison. His father shows up moments after teasing him about his food truck job. Williams tells Sean to opt for the role of a junior executive at his company instead.

Beth wishes Allison a nice time with her date-Sean. Sean picks Allison up at her place and they commend each other’s outfit. Allison reveals to Sean that she has been heartbroken and doesn’t want that to happen again to her. Allison tells Sean that he likes the way he is real and genuine unlike the previous guy she dated who hurt her feelings. This stops Sean from revealing the truth about his identity to her. They both go and play the mini-golf.

Pascal and Beth take a walk around the Gazebo where he reveals to her that he is not really into the “save the park” thing and did not get people to sign the petition. He lets her know that he only joined the group to meet people. She is upset that he lied to her, so she walks out on him.

Both Allison and Sean’s date end abruptly after Beth sends her a message that Pascal lied to her about the 500 signatures. This freaks Allison out. She returns home to Beth and they both agree to find ways to quickly get more signatures in order to present at the town council meeting. Beth chats Allison up about how her date went and Allison tells her that she intends to give relationship another try.

Caden is able to get 700 signatures just in time before the town council meeting. Beth is excited about this.
Allison shares with Sean that they already have enough signatures.Beth tells Caden that she is interested in learning all things relating to sport that he is into since he makes it look fun. Caden is excited about this.
Allison has an examination and she is finding it difficult to study properly since she has been so preoccupied with the park stuff. Sean revises with her. He tries to tell Allison his real identity but a call interrupts his confession.

Candice and Mr williams are dining, Sean joins them. He intends to shut down Allison’s petition Mr. Williams makes a mockery of Sean for opting to work in a food truck rather than work in his company. Unable to take more of his father’s sarcasm, he leaves the dining table. Candice goes after him. She tells him that she has a business deal in mind that will leave everyone happy but Sean says they should discuss it over lunch at the country club the next day.
The next day, Sean doesn’t report to his work station. He tells Antonio that he is sick. Allison asks for his home address but the only thing they find about him is his PO box. Meanwhile, Sean and Candice are at the country club discussing business. Candice offers Peytons Enterprises’ their land to use for the next project instead of the park. Whereas, Beth goes over to the food truck to inform Allison that William Peyton had the petition to save the park pulled from the town councils’ plan.

At the country club, While Candice and Sean are discussing how to save the park, Allison walks in on them. Sean reveals his identity to her. She is infuriated with Sean for lying to her, so she walks out of the place in anger. Sean tries to reach her, but he is unable. Allison returns home sad.
Sean is downcast as to how Allison had discovered the truth about him. Jared tries to encourage his friend. Jared tells him not to give up but they should find a way to save the park as well get his girl back. Sean calls Allison ceaselessly but she doesn’t pick up.
Beth and Caden kiss for the first time after which Caden asks her to be his girlfriend and she accepts without hesitating.

Sean manages to get his daddy to the park where he eventually shows him the plaque dedicated to his father.
Allison thrashes all flowers sent in by Sean. Beth suggests that they go see a movie but she says she is going to work. Beth advises Allison to give Sean a chance to explain things but she refuses.
William Peyton is surprised to see that his father is one of the benefactors of the park. Both William and Sean have a father to son conversation which is not common between the duo except during dinner which only occurs once a week. William tells his son about his childhood and how he hardly got to see his father which was the tradition he carried on. He tells his son that he wants him at the company because he wants to spend more time with him as a son. Sean tells his father that he is ready to work with him in order to save the park. Meanwhile Mr. Williams tells Sean that he knows he is in love with Allison.

Allison at the food truck tells Antonio that Sean was using her to help his father. She tells her that the Peyton won and there will be no more Park. Jared locates Allison to beg for his friend. He lets her know how much Sean truly loves her and that he agreed to work with his father against his wish in order to save the park. Allison runs to the park to stop him from doing that. On getting to the park, she sees Sean, Candice and Mr. Williams. Sean introduces her to them afterwhich he tells her that Candice has offered to give her land which is big enough like the park and would be useful for his dad’s development plan
Candice and Mr. Williams walk away while Allison and Sean finally share their first kiss.



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