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After spending about 30 years with a man who refused them having kids, Mrs. Joyce Smith (Acted by Lin Shaye) became somewhat mental. The death of her husband worsened matters as Mrs. Smith is not only bankrupt but also left with painful memories of how the late husband made her forcefully abort the one child they could have had together even in their old age.

In order to make ends meet, Mrs. Smith turns her house into a bed and breakfast inn. But things get awry when Mrs. Smith gets so obsessed with one of her male tenants- Bob (Acted by Oliver Rayon) and is all sweet sixteen again just to get his attention.  She would stop at nothing to woo him, even if it is ensuring that anyone that comes close to Bob or wants to come in-between them goes 6 feet even if it is Bob himself…

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Mrs. Joyce Smith is grieving as her husband- Fred just passed away. A police woman (Susan Obijiski) who is aware of her husband’s death asks her if she has any family around but she shuns her. Meanwhile few people show up at the funeral service of her late husband- Fred Smith.

Mrs. Smith goes to the bank to see the bank manager- Gregory (Acted by Justin Roberts). She wants to withdraw some cash but Gregory tells her that she has insufficient money in her account. Mrs. Smith returns home sad to feed herself and her cat- Boodie with the little food she has at home.

Mrs. Smith takes a stroll around the neighborhood. Her neighbor – Gladys (Acted by Linda Cushman) and nurse- Sheila (Acted by Tonya June Moore) wave at her but she shuns them.  While taking a stroll, she stops to watch some young boys skating but they make jest of her. This makes her angrily throw one of their skate boards in the bin. One of the young boys who owns the skate board retrieves it from the bin as well as insult her.

Mrs. Smith visits the Library to rent a novel titled Wild Rapture by Kay Momahon. But the librarian (Acted by Cathy Ransom) reminds her that she has collected the novel before. Mrs. Smith replies the Librarian that the novel is one of her favourites because it has a happy ending. On her way out of the library, she stumbles on a magazine with the caption “Make easy money with your bnb.” She picks it up and takes it home.

Mrs. Smith finds out more about the word “Bnb” on her computer and discovers that it means Bed and Breakfast. She instantly considers renting her home out and calling it “Joyce and Boodie’s bed and breakfast.” The thought of setting that up makes her happy.

Mrs. Smith gets her first tenant- Sarah (Acted by Valeska Miller) and her boyfriend- Edward (Acted by Casey Nicholas Price). She is over excited to have them.  But Edward doesn’t seem to  like the place because it is too small and Mrs. Smith seems like one who likes to meddle in matters that do not concern her and doesn’t respect people’s privacy.  Meanwhile, as both Sarah and Edward try to rest from their trip, Mrs. Smith walks into their room with cookies without knocking. This doesn’t go down well with Edward who reminds her that it is their room, but Mrs. Smith also lets him know that it is her house.

Edward did not eat the food prepared by Mrs. Smith before going into town. Sarah also doesn’t feel like eating, so Mrs. Smith had no choice than to pack the plates of food away. Both Sarah and Mrs. Smith have a chat where Sarah asks about her husband. Mrs. Smith tells Sarah that her husband is dead. She however seems reluctant and not interested in talking about the husband. Sarah persuades Mrs. Smith to go for a walk with her.

While both ladies take a walk, Mrs. Smith tells Sarah that she and her husband had no kids and that her husband died of heart attack. Sarah on her part tells Mrs. Smith that she is writing a book. She also tells her that Edward is strong willed but Mrs. Smith is blunt enough to register her dislike for Edward.  They both enter the house where Mrs. Smith reveals more about herself to Sarah.  She tells Sarah that she wanted kids and would have done anything for baby, but it just didn’t work out. Shortly after, Edward walks in and tells Sarah that he has found another place for them. Sarah who is already fond of Mrs. Smith doesn’t want to leave, but had no choice than to go with Edward.

Just after reading some pages from a certain novel, Mrs. Smith heads to the grocery. She is unable to use her credit card to pay for groceries because the money there is insufficient to pay for the items.  She however pays for the items with some coins. As Mrs. Smith heads home, the set of young boys who made jest of her some days back block her. One of them (Acted by Ryan Ochoa) harasses her while she kisses him in depression. This makes him assault her while Mrs. Smith tug his shirt tightly like one that had lost reasoning till a man shows up asking what the problem is. But she yells at him to stay away from her.

Mrs. Smith retrieves a letter from her mail box. It is from Sarah.  After reading Sara’hs letter, Mrs. Smith also writes back to her. In the letter, she tells Sarah of her decision to turn the house into an affordable hotel in order to have guests troop in.

Mrs. Smith is able to find a new tenant- Bob (Acted by Oliver Rayon) whom she seems to be attracted to. As she welcomes Bob to her place, she heads back to her room to repack her hair as well as apply some facial make up in order to get him to be attracted to her.

Mrs. Smith serves Bob his meal.  While making coffee for Bob, she erotically puts his spoon in her mouth to feel the connection. She does some laundry and then heads to Bob’s room where she ransacks his bag. She uses his personal items.  She used his roll on and perfume and then used his brush to brush her teeth. As soon as she hears Bob’s footsteps, she moves away from his personal items to the bed corner where she pretends to be laying the sheet. Bob however tells Mrs. Smith that she doesn’t have to make the bed for him always.

Mrs. Smith trying to fully satisfy Bob and get him to stay in the house often, gets someone to install a satellite that mostly shows football. With so much excitement, she tells Bob about it.  As Bob sits to watch a football match, Mrs. Smith joins him in watching. She pretends to be a football junkie too. Meanwhile, the young boys storm her house and throw eggs at her window. But Bob intervenes for Mrs. Smith. He confronts the guys and beats one of them up.

Mrs. Smith is awoken by a nightmare that leaves her startled. In the nightmare, she had picked up a clock and smashed it on the floor. She manages to get up on her feet and head to a room where she picks up an item in the drawer. She mutters “You are not going to ruin my life anymore” and then goes to thrash the item in the bin. When Mrs. Smith sights Bob in his motorbike, she quickly hides in a corner where Bob wouldn’t see her.  Bob after receiving a call thrashes a piece of paper inside the bin. As he enters the house, Mrs. Smith snoops on what he dropped in the bin and sees that it is a receipt from the bar he was coming from.

Mrs. Smith writes a letter to Sarah about her new guest – Bob and how helpful he is.  Sarah replies her letter telling her how much she is enjoying her single life after splitting from Edward. While Mrs. Smith also pens down another letter about how much time she and Bob have been spending together lately. In the letter she exaggerates her relationship with Bob and lies about driving around with Bob in his Motorcycle when he had actually turned her down because he had one helmet and didn’t want to damage her gorgeous head.

While serving Bob his meal, Mrs. Smith receives a call from Sarah who says she is on a road trip and would stop by at her place to spend some days.  Mrs. Smith welcomed the idea.

Sarah visits Mrs. Smith as promised. While both chat outdoor, Mrs. Smith tells Sarah a lot of good things about Bob and cooks up stories to make it look like they are so intimate. Mrs. Smith reveals to Sarah more things about her late husband. She says late Fred was demanding, abusive and difficult to live with.

Sarah introduces herself to Bob when she sees him watching football in the sitting room. Mrs. Smith soon walks in on them and is all so excited seeing Bob. She offers to prepare a meal for Sarah. But Sarah who is puzzled about Mrs. Smiths’s kind of excitement for Bob, opts for girls night out. Mrs. Smith takes Sarah to the bar that Bob usually visits. She lies to Sarah that both she and Bob always visit the place.  Mrs. Smith even goes as far as asking one of the ladies in the bar about Bob and the lady replies her that Bob is a ladies’ man.

As they return home, Mrs. Smith again shows so much excitement that Bob is still awake. This makes Sarah ask if she is okay but Mrs. Smith tells her to go to bed.

Mrs. Smith enters Sarah’s room with some new sheets and while trying to lay her bed, she snoops on her laptop. She quickly moves away from her laptop when she hears Sarah’s footsteps coming through the door. Sarah retrieves her laptop and steps out of the room for Mrs. Smith. While passing the walkway, Sarah hears Bob rake at someone over the phone. She stops by at his room to see if he is okay to which he replies yes.

Sarah is unable to sleep because of the noise made by Bob while trying to break the ice into smaller pieces to treat his head injury. Sarah heads to where the noise is coming from and sees Bob trying to break the ice in order to apply on the injury gotten from a fight. She helps him out and they soon become affectionate to each other. They end up having sex with each other. Meanwhile, Mrs. Smith was somewhere around their room snooping as usual and she is embittered that the one whom she is obsessed about has made love with Sarah.

Mrs. Smith is upset with both Bob and Sarah that when serving them breakfast she intentionally spills the drink on the table. When they both offer to clean the mess, she angrily walks out on them.

While Sarah tries to help Mrs. Smith, she shames Sarah for sleeping with Bob. Sarah says it happened because she was trying to know more of him for her sake. Mrs. Smith makes jest of Sarah, insults her and walks away from her saying that she has some disinfectant to do.

Sarah takes a stroll and stumbles on Glady’s- Mrs Smith’s neighbor. Glady’s tells Sarah about Mrs. Smith and her late husband. She tells Sarah that Mrs. Smith’s late husband- Fred never liked kids and when Mrs. Smith got pregnant, he asked her to abort it. Glady’s says Mrs. Smith was never the same after she lost the baby. When Mrs. Smith sights Sarah with Gladys, she immediately calls her to the house. Meanwhile, Gladys implores Sarah to always come and check on her once in a while as her nurse- Sheila (Acted by Tonya June Moore) comes in once or twice a week.

While indoor, Mrs. Smith queries Sarah for spending time with someone else while she handles the meal and laundry. She inquires from Sarah if Glady’s had told her about Fred and Sarah instead replies Mrs. Smith that Gladys’ said her husband loved her. But Mrs. Smith accused Gladys of trying to snatch Fred from him. Sarah seeing that she is becoming tensed around Mrs. Smith packs her things to leave her house while Mrs. Smith is happy about it.

Mrs. Smith visits Glady’s and pretends as if she wants to settle the long fight between them, but she ends up killing her.

Gladys body is taken away while Sheila and Mrs. Smith cry loudly about her death.

Meanwhile, Bob notices that Sarah already left the house, so he asks Mrs. Smith about her and whether she dropped any information for him, but she says no. Bob asks for her number but Mrs. Smith doesn’t give him. She even goes as far as lying about Sarah returning to her husband- Edward.

Mrs. Smith receives Bob’s package from the delivery man (Acted by Michael Lopez) and takes it to his room.  Bob walks in on her and catches her snooping around. He tells Mrs. Smith that Sarah might have left because of her habit of pock nosing but again she lied that Sarah left because she felt so cheap after he slept with her. Bob and Mrs. Smith argue, but Bob feels she needs help and then asks her never to do his sheet for him again that he would do it himself.

Mrs. Smith goes to the hospital to see her doctor- Dr Singh (Acted by Jose Rosete) where she complained about insomnia. The doctor gives her a medicine that would make her sleep for hours. She plans on drugging Bob’s drink.

The next day, Mrs. Smith apologizes to Bob for her misbehavior and lies that the reason is because her son- Tommy died of kidney failure when they couldn’t get a donor on time for a transplant.  She says Bob reminds her of Tommy. She persuades Bob to join him in dinner as a sign that he has forgiven her. While dining, Bob tells Mrs. Smith about his family. He says he has three brothers whom he is not close to and his parents are divorced.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Smith already drugged Bob’s drink and glass cup and in no time, he falls asleep. This gives Mrs. Smith the opportunity to snoop more on his property. She ransacks his box where she finds a nose candy. Oblivious that it is actually cannabis, she sniffs it.  She gets high and sleeps around Bob after kissing him deeply.

Bob awakens but doesn’t seem to remember what happened the previous night. He sees Mrs. Smith who lets him know how much drink he had consumed. She tells Bob that she is thinking about life and Bob wonders why she should be thinking of life at that time of the day.  Bob afterwards leaves to take his shower.

Bob receives a letter from Sarah where she tells him about her pregnancy for him.  Mrs. Smith is curious to know what is written in the letter. Bob tells Mrs. Smith that he is leaving and that the letter is from Sarah. Pained by Bob’s decision to leave her, she retrieves a frying pan and hits him hard on the head till he dies. After killing Bob, she reads the letter and is stunned that Sarah did not say anything mean about her aside her pregnancy. She ransacks Bob’s property and steals all his money.

Mrs. Smith sends a letter to Sarah asking her to come stay in the house with Bob while she travels for a while. Meanwhile, she buries all his things as well as Bob somewhere around her house and then packs for her trip.  When Sarah finally shows up at Mrs. Smith’s place, she asks about Bob and Mrs. Smith lies that Bob packed all his property as soon as he received her letter and that she has no idea of where he went to.

A vehicle comes to pick Mrs. Smith and she leaves the house for her trip, travelling with the money she had found in Bob’s luggage.

Sarah being alone in the house with the cat Boodie, she walks around the house and tries to check if everything is in order. She tries opening a door and sees that it is locked. It is a prepared room by a Grandma for a grandchild; perhaps, Mrs. Smith wants to take over the child after she returns from her trip.

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