YEAR: 2018

Funmi (Aishat Lawal) is a beautiful young lady who just finished serving. She is in a real dilemma as two very important men who helped her when she needed help want to marry her.

The first is Dammy (TEMIDAYO ENITAN) who did dirty deals while in America in order to be able to send millions of Naira to Funmi to save her mum who had a hole in the heart. Dammy went to prison afterwards and was unable to communicate with Funmi who was unaware of his predicament . Funmi after waiting for four years for Dammy without hearing a word from him, moved on with her life. She met Femi (Niyi Johnson),the son of a senator and they started their love affair. Femi while dating Funmi saves her father with millions of naira when he had kidney problem. Now, both men want to marry her.

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Funmi’s mum (LOLA IDIJE) wants her to marry Dammy because he saved her life. Funmi’s daddy (WALE KOREDE) wants her to marry Femi because he saved his life while Funmi’s brother- Tolu ( TOYOSI FASAE) has an idea that may help his elder sister. Will his idea help his sister out? Find out in the plot

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Funmi’s father (Wale Korede) is down with serious illness when his wife known as Funmi’s mother (Lola Idije) and daughter- Funmi (Aishat Lawal) go visit him at the hospital. Funmi’s mother without letting the doctor say what her husband is suffering from starts blabbing that he is either suffering from typhoid or shortage of blood, but the doctor tells her it is none of them. The doctor tells them that they should come see her in the office which terrifies Funmi’s mum as she feels that whatever bill they will be required to pay will be too much for the family who do not have any money to pay.

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Meanwhile Funmi’s father’s younger brother known as Uncle (Adekola Tijani) hears about his brother’s sickness and stops by at his house to get update on his sickness. He sees his elder brother’s son-Tolu (Toyosi Fasae) and asks if his brother is dead or receiving drip but Tolu tells him that they should go to the hospital to know his current health condition.

Funmi, Tolu and Uncle are deliberating on how to get money to fly Funmi’s daddy to India for kidney transplant. Funmi says she can’t get loan from bank because she has no means of paying back the money. Uncle advices that they should sell his brother’s property and use it to prepare for his funeral so they can buy coffin, cow and cloth rather than spend the money in curing him when his survival is not certain. Both Tolu and Funmi are so disappointed at his suggestion.

Funmi and her rich boyfriend- Femi (Niyi Johnson) go and see the doctor. The doctor tells them that they need a kidney donor as well as 50 million naira for the operation. Femi promises to pay half of the money immediately and then look for the remaining half to balance the bill.

Funmi, Tolu and Uncle thank Femi for paying all their father’s hospital bill, though Uncle fears that the kidney donor may come back to request for his kidney back. They all ignore his jabberings as they are used to his manner of talking.

Femi wants to organise a welcome back party for his father in law to be. He meets with one of his friends to link him up with an event planner who happens to be Funmi’s former boyfriend Dammy ( Temitayo Enitan) whom she lost contact with after he travelled to America. Femi invites Dammy over to his father in law’s home so he can get some information on how he would want his welcome party to be like.

Funmi’s father is now back hale and hearty. He is with his brother, children- Tolu and Funmi as well as Femi. They thank Femi for paying the hospital bills. Moments later, Femi asks for Funmi’s hand in marriage, but before she is able to respond , the event planner he had invited the other day- Dammy walks in.

Dammy goes back and tells his friend the outcome of his outing. He tells him that he has seenFunmi~the girlfriend he has been looking for.

Funmi and Dammy are together when he tells her about the woman assisting him to get visa to America. Funmi is jealous as he thinks Dammy is dating the woman but he tells her he is not.

Dammy has gotten the Visa so he celebrates with Funmi.

Funmi and Dammy are together and he vows never to leave her for another lady when he gets to America, to assure her of his love for her, he promises to be even calling her every night before going to bed. He promises to send for her when he fully settles in America and he is able to get his papers. He also tells Funmi not to leave him even if she finds a rich man that entices her with his wealth.

Funmi’s mum and dad are discussing about pension and how corrupt officials are not making them see their pension when Funmi’s mum suddenly feels a sharp pain in her tummy and collapses. Funmi’s dad calls his children’s names but he gets no reply. Funmi’s mum is rushed to the hospital and the doctor tells the husband that a surgery needs to be carried out on her as her blood vessel is blocked and there is a hole in her heart.

Funmi and her brother Tolu are discussing how to get money for their mum’s surgery. Tolu suggests to Funmi to call her boyfriend- Dammy who is in America for help since he has been there for six months. He believes he should be in money now, but Funmi insults him for thinking of such. As Funmi hurls insult on Tolu, their father returns telling them of his inability to get money for their mum’s treatment. This saddens the children.

Funmi calls Dammy in America to tell him about her mum’s critical health condition. He promises to help Funmi get the money.


Funmi and Dammy are together. Dammy tells her the truth about how he got the money for her mum’s treatment. He tells her that he and his friends did some dirty deals and they were arrested and sent to prison for five years for such act which made them go out of communication. He further explains to her that after spending five years, he was deported. He pleads with her not to marry Femi that he still loves her, but Funmi unable to think properly tells him to go.

Funmi’s parents are quarrelling over who Funmi should and shouldn’t marry. Funmi’s mum wants her to marry Dammy because he saved her life while Funmi’s daddy wants her to marry Femi because he saved his life. Both are at loggerheads and battle each other with words.

Funmi’s mum goes over to Femi’s place to warn him to stay away from her daughter- Funmi, she even goes as far as threatening to deal with him if he doesn’t stay away from her. Femi tries to avoid her trouble and when he sees she is difficult to handle, he tells her to leave his compound.

Dammy again visits Funmi reaffirming his love for her but Funmi is in between the deep blue sea as to who to settle for. She tells him to give her some time to think about it.
Femi again proposes to Funmi but Funmi tells him to give her some time to think about it.

Femi calls Funmi’s brother- Tolu to discuss his feelings for his sister with him. Femi pleads with him to talk to his mum so she can let him marry Funmi. He promises to send money into his account and Funmi’s brother in return promises to get his mum to accept him.

Funmi’s dad while at the dining table tries to convince Funmi to marry Femi, he tries handling the phone to her for her to speak with Femi but she shuns him.

Funmi’s brother suggests to her that they should test both Femi and Dammy and whoever is able to pass the test, she should marry. He tells her to pretend to swallow poison after which they would be rushed to the hospital and the doctor will lie to both Femi and Dammy that the poison damaged her womb.

While walking with her son, Funmi’s mum accuses him of collecting bribe from Femi in order for the sister to marry him but she tells him it wont work. She even goes as far as telling her son- Tolu that if she doesn’t approve of his wife, he wont marry her.

Both Femi and Dammy go over to visit Funmi. Funmi’s mum and Dammy battle Funmi’s daddy and his choice of suitor for Funmi- Femi.

Funmi has swallowed some poisonous drugs. She has been rushed to the hospital and the doctor says it has damaged her womb.

Femi after hearing what had happened to Funmi’s womb tells her that he has decided to let go of her for Dammy so she can be happy. Funmi asks him if he is abandoning her because of what happened to her womb, but he denies it saying he wants her to be happy with Dammy.

Dammy while with Funmi also tells her that he has decided to let go of her, that she can go and marry Femi.
Funmi’s parents deliberate on who would be the last man standing, both of them still maintain that it is their individual choice of suitor for Funmi that it would be.

Both Tolu and Funmi return to the house to tell their parents the experience with both Femi and Dammy and how both of them said they are no longer interested and they are disappointed about this. Both children let the cat out of the bag telling their parents that they actually made up the story so they can see who would still stay back with her.

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