Yinka’s (FRANKINCENSE ECHEBEN)is an handsome Yoruba guy but he is a flirt as well. He is married to an Igbo lady Adaora (MOYO LAWAL) and his mum (RACHEAL ONIGA) hates her so much as she believes people of her tribe are money conscious and can do anything for money even though Adaora is independent of her son’s money.

After catching her husband countless times flirting with other women in their home,Adaora decides to move on with her life without Yinka in the picture and this makes her mother in law who has been trying all ways to drive her out of her son’s house happy. Adaora in her search for love that is peaceful and not hurting again falls into another wrong hands. Find out what the new man did to her here and how Adaora’s love life ended in the plot

While Yinka’s wife Adaora (MOYO LAWAL)is away taking care of Yinka’s(FRANKINCENSE ECHE BEN) sick mother in Abuja, he brings home his mistress-Theodora. However, Adaora catches them red handed. She finds a bottle in the room and almost stabs both of them with it but controls her anger.

Adaora is alone with Yinka in the room. She tells him that barely a month to their wedding, she has caught him with four ladies- Patricia, Tonia, Uwandi and now the fourth Theodora. She removes her wedding ring and tells him that since he needs freedom, she is giving him one so he can frolick with a lot of ladies. Yinka as usual asks Adaora to forgive him but she doesn’t.

Yinka and Adaora Brown both go and see their marriage counsellor- Lila. But their marital issue still doesn’t get resolved. YInka doesn’t help matters as he reminds Adaora that she knew him as womanizer before marrying him. He grants Adaora her divorce wish but Lila tells them that it can only be granted two years after their marriage. Irritated by Yinka’s utternances, Adaora walks out of Lila’s office in tears but Yinka goes after her. He finds her along the road exposing her body and trying to get men’s attention but Yinka is not happy about this He pleads with her that they should go home and settle their differences. He promises never to cheat on her again as well as work on himself, but she ignores him.

Adaora has refused to talk to Yinka after his infidelity act for the past one week and Yinka is unhappy about this. He pleads with her for forgiveness but Adaora refuses as she lets him know that he is always taking her forgiveness for granted.

Adaora goes to Lila’s office to sign the contract of separation between her and Yinka. She is able to get Yinka to sign it as well.

Adaora is packing out of their house. Yinka pleads with Adaora to tell her where she would be staying but she shuns him. Moments later, Yinka’s mother (RACHAEL ONIGA) walks in matters worse. She rejoices that Adaora is finally leaving her son. She accuses Adaora of being after her son’s money and further shows her hatred for Adaora’s tribe. She also calls Adaora a bad cook and lets her know that they would collect all the money spent on her. Adaora unable to stand her mother in law’s hatred and insults, leaves the building.

Yinka’s mum again tells Yinka to go and collect all the millions of naira paid on Adaora’s bride price including the 20 tubers of Abuja yams, 20 bags of rice and beans, 20 gallons of palm wine, 20 big cows and he-goats he presented to Adaora’s family on their wedding. However, Yinka is not interested in the discussion as he is still moody that his wife left, so he just leaves he sitting room for his mum.

Yinka is lonely so he calls his girlfriend Theodora to come over. They both hang out and return to Yinka’s house. YInka’s mum walks in on them froliking. Since Theodara is an Igbo lady and she doesn’t like the tribe, she insults her and tells her to leave her son. This makes Theodora walkout in anger but Yinka goes after her and pleads with her. Theodora is unhappy with Yinka because of his inability to defend her in the presence of his mum. Yinka again pleads with her and promises to talk to his mum.

Yinka’s sister- Ronke is around, so she shows Yinka pictures of several ladies and tells him to pick his choice but Yinka is not interested in picking her choice or his mumm’s.

A certain old man- Ambrose keeps disturbing Adaora for a relationship. Ambrose goes to where Adaora is living to express how he feels for her. Adaora’s friend (CONSTANCE OWOYEMI) tells Adaora about her visitor but she replies that she is not interested in seeing him. So they both leave Ambrose outside who falls asleep in his vehicle after hours of waiting to see Adaora. When Adaora and her friend finally step out, they find Ambrose fast asleep. As both of them talk about men, her friend is of the opinion that all men cheat on their women but Adaora disagrees with her.Adaora’s friend brings Yinka into the discussion and this upsets Adaora. She tells her friend that Yinka is not part of her future. Her friend however hypes her former husband. Adaora knowing that her friend has always wanted to have her husband- Yinka, gives her the freedom to have him.

Adaora goes to see her marriage counsellor and friend- Lila and they chat about Adaora’s life after the break up. Adaora tells her tha he absence of Yinka in her life means less worries about his activities. As they both chat, Ambrose walks into Lila’s office to see Lila, but his presence infuriates her. She walks out of Lila’s office in anger. Ambrose goes after her to express his feelings for her but Adaora insults him and threatens to arrest him with the police if he comes near her again. Ambrose returns to Lila’s office pleading with her to convince Adaora to date him but Lila tells him to do that himself. However when he tells Lila that he has never fallen in love before, she suddenly goes emotional. Ambrose promises to do anything for Lila if she is able to convince

Adaora o date him.

Yinka finds a way to send his mum back to Abuja by booking a flight for her without telling her. His mum leaves reluctantly. However, she reminds Yinka about her monthly stipends and also about collecting Adaora’s bride price back. His mum keeps on talking while he hurries her out so she doesn’t miss her flight.

Adaora is in Lila’s office who is trying so hard to convince her to date Ambrose because of the story he had told her the other day of never being in love before and the promises to made to her.

Yinka while frolicking with Theodora gets upset with her when she tells him that she has been to several places just to make sure that he is hers. These words make Yinka drive her away from his house, automatically ending their relationship. She pleads with him but he turns down her plea and throws her out of his house. Just then, his sister Ronke walks in scolding him for all manners of girls he brings to the house which has gotten tongues wagging. But Yinka shuns her. She tries to enter the house but Yinka in a cruel way chases her out too. Ronke would still not leave as she sticks around waiting for him to be less temperamental.

Ronke tells Yinka how she had seen his wife- Adaora with an old man and how both displayed so much affection. She shows Yinka their picture but he refuses to believe her. When Yinka finally believes his sister he is filled with anger and wonders if his wife kissed the man.

Yinka badges into Lila’s office demanding the whereabouts of his wife, reluctantly she tells him that she is sting with her close friend. Meanwhile, Adaora already left her friend’s place after confronting her about her feelings for her husband. When Yinka gets to Adaora’s friends house he meets her absence. Meanwhile Adaora’s friend tries to seduce him into sleeping with her but he doesn’ t fall for her. He lives her place and again returns to Lila’s office forcefully demanding about Adaora’s whereabouts again. Lila advices Yinka o move on that Adaora is happy with Ambrose.

Yinka returns home sad and blames his mum for losing his wife- Adaora but his mum pushes it back on him telling him that she only acted on the information he gave her about his wife. This makes yinka’s mum quickly wash her hands off his marital issue. She tells him to do whatever he likes and marry whoever he wishes that it is no longer her concern.

Yinka again goes to see Lila and pleads with her to talk to her friend but Lila tells him that it is too late as their wedding is in a week time. She hands Yinka a cheque of 5million naira from Ambrose to him as a pay back for all his expenses on Adaora but Yinka rejects the cheque. He asks Lila what Ambrose does for a living but Lila says it is confidential. As soon as Yinka steps out of her office, she calls Adaora informing her of ex-husbands appearance again in her office.

Yinka narrates his experience with Lila to his mum and tells her about the new man in Adaora’s life. Ambrose’s name rings a bell to Yinka’s mum as someone that does illegal deals and this makes them suspicious.
Ambrose while on a phone call with Lila, cajoles her to join him in swindling both Yinka and Adaora promising to reward her handsomely. Lila is sceptical about his offer

Lila goes to Yinka’s house to tell him that Ambrose has agreed to let go of Adaora only if he is willing to pay 30 million naira. Yinka reluctantly accepts to do so. Meanwhile, Ambrose holds Adaora down waiting to know Lila’s conclusion with Yinka. However, Adaora is uncomfortable with Ambrose’s strange behaviour so she finds a way to run away from him. Ambrose goes after and they both end up in Adaora’s friend’s compound. Not certain that Ambrose is up to something good, she hits him hard with a stick and this makes him faint. Adaora’s friend comes out and sees that her friend is in a big mess.

Yinka’s mum after hearing how far her son has gone in developing the company, she tells him that she is proud of him. Yinka tells his mum the company’s ne worth and assures her that paying 30 million to get back his wife is not a big deal. He returns outside to continue his dialogue with Lila. Meanwhile Lila also wants to swindle Ambrose so she tries calling him in order to know Adaora’s wheerabouts and then tell Yinka so she can run off with the money, but he is not reachable. Yinka notices how tensed Lila is which makes him suspicious of her moves. He holds her down and forcefully demands the whereabouts of his wife
Adaora and her friend are together when her friend asks her for her forgiveness which she does. They both tie Ambrose and search him. They both go to Lila’s office but meet her absence. However, they find a form on her table which is a proof that Ambrose has the intention of swindling Yinka’s company.

Adaora rushes back to Yinka’s house to tell him about her findings. At the house, they both resolve their differences.


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