The movie ‘American Assassin’ is an action packed movie based on a Novel by Vince Flynn. The movie is about Mitch Rapp (DYLAN O’ BRIEN) who at the age of 14 lost his parents in a car accident and also his fiance- Katrina Harper(CHARLOTTE VEGA)on the day he proposed to her. On the said day, some terrorists attacked the beach at Ibiza, Spain, where Dylan was having fun with Katrina. They shot all living souls at the location, but Dylan narrowly escaped death.

Dylan couldn’t save his fiance; they already shot her before he could get to her. This event saddened him for months. 18 months down the line, Dylan was still traumatized about the incident and he was bent on filling his hands with the blood of the terrorists that killed his fiance. Dylan would stop at nothing till they are all dead even if it means joining the CIA to hunt down the terrorists. But will Dylan be able to find those terrorists that killed his fiance? Find out in the plot…


Mitch Rapp ( DYLAN O’BRIEN) and his fiancé Katrina Harper (CHARLOTTE VEGA) are at the beach in Spain and are having a nice time. Mitch proposes to Katrina and with joy she accepts to marry him. Moments later, some terrorists attack the beach and kill all the people on the beach with their sophisticated weapons. Amidst the killings, both Mitch and his fiance Katrina try to find each other. When they finally find each other, the terrorists shoot at them leaving Katrina dead. The only survival of the day is Mitch Rapp.

18 months after the incident, Mitch is still burning with much fury and he will stop at nothing till he takes the perpetrators down one by one or at a time. Mitch wakes up in his room looking unshaved; apparently, he is still saddened by Katrina’s death and has not created time to look after himself. Mitch with the use of his laptop finds a way to get in contact with the perpetrators. He finally gets across to them and pretends to want to join the group. To confirm Mitch’s devotion to the group, they question him on Islam and Jihad to which he answers.

Mitch goes for training on Martial skills. While training with a certain trainee, the guy mistakenly hits his mouth and Mitch allows his emotions cloud his reasoning, he fights the guy vigorously, almost injuring him. The coach realizes that Mitch constantly does that during training, and then sends him out of the training room.

Mitch goes for training; he crosses the line where all trainees stay thereby endangering his life, this makes him also get thrown out from the training room. Mitch returns home and continues training with so much noise coming from his end. One of his neighbours- Mr Nazir knocks on the door reminding him that it is already late in the evening and he is disturbing. Mitch apologises to the man and locks his door. Mitch picks up a knife and throws it on the head of the terrorist- Mansur responsible for Katrina’s death.

Mitch finally gets an invite to meet face to face with the terrorists headed by Mansur, which gives him an opportunity to kill all of them. Mitch finally locates their place of hiding. They tie him up and cover his face. Moments later, they uncover his face and ask him series of questions. While answering their questions, Mitch tries to untie himself in order to attack them all, but he is unable to do that as the U.S Special Forces bombard the place killing all the terrorists. This really infuriates him as he squeals and then uses a knife to stab his fiance’s killer- Mansur repeatedly; even though he is already dead. The U.S forces drag Mitch out telling him that it is all over.

For about 30 days, Mitch has been in the CIA house where Dr. Frain quizzes him about his personal life. Mitch tells him that he lost his parents in a car accident at the age of 14 and also stopped his studies because of disinterest. But obviously the disinterest is because of the death of his fiance. Moments later, Irene kennedy (SANAA LATHAN ), the CIA Deputy Director in charge of counter terrorism offers him a chance to join black operation unit named “Orion”.

Irene lets in that Mitch has been under surveillance for six months. Speaking with the Director Thomas Stansfield (DAVID SUCHET), Irene vouches for Mitch telling Tom that he has gun skills, martial arts skills and so on. But Tom is sceptical about the recruiting Mitch because he feels he is non-compliant, but Irene lets him know that the incident on the beach changed him. Irene reminds Tom that Mitch is the reason they are able to get into Mansur’s cell. Tom reluctantly accepts and tells Irene that Mitch must report to her as well as him.

Mitch is to undergo training under Stan Hurley (MICHAEL KEATON) who also trains other prospective recruits. Irene takes Mitch to Hurley. Hurley quizzes Mitch and is skeptical about him at first sight. Hurley is not certain Mitch will make it through his selection process.

On the training ground, Hurley teaches Mitch and other recruits how to use the knife to slice someone’s throat among others, again Mitch lets emotions cloud his judgment.

Irene and Stansfield are with the ‘Iraninan Chief of General Staff’ and other generals at the embassy of Iran, London. Director Stansfield lets them know that 15 kilos of plutonium went missing during the Russian breach which is enough to build a full scale nuclear weapon.

Mitch, Victor and other recruits are awoken with gun shots in their room. They embark on training; they are to identify and shoot their targets. If they shoot a combatant, they get a point and if they miss, they get a shock and if they shoot a non-combatant, they get a bigger shock. Hurley teases Mitch during training. Mitch sees the face of Mansur and loses focus on his main targets, which makes him get a bigger shock.

Ghost/ Ronnie (TAYLOR KITSCH) is in a vehicle with some men and he eliminates them all and then disappears after intercepting the sale of the nuclear material.

Hurley sees the broadcast on the attack in Poland and immediately identifies the perpetrator as Ghost- a former Navy SEAL and Orion operative believed to have been killed in action

While on another training, Mitch again loses control and this infuriates others. Hurley tells him to learn how to stay in control and advices him and the other recruits never to assume that their target is the only target.

Irene tells Hurley about the breach at the decommissioned Russian Plutonium facility and the 15 kilos that are missing. Meanwhile, Hurley stretches out his hand, showing Irene the picture of Ghost on his phone. Irene is shocked since they all think he is dead. Irene tells Hurley about an arms dealer working out of Turkey – Hamdi Sharrif (KHALID LAITH) and says they should strategize ways to get both of them at the same time. Irene tells Hurley that he will be going to Instabul with Mitch, where they will join Annika Ogden (SHIVA NEGAR ) who is also working for them. Hurley initially is sceptical about taking Mitch along because of his inability to control emotions, but then seeing how much Irene wants him on the team, vows to make him ready for the trip.

Mitch goes to see Hurley in his office and he tells him they are shipping out. Hurley also plays a video on the terrorists attack on the beach the day Mitch and Katrina were attacked; this doesn’t go down well with Mitch. This brings back sad memories for him. Mitch is infuriated and attacks Hurley, but of course Hurley overpowers him. He scolds him for always letting his emotions cloud his judgment and advices him never to take things personal when on a mission.

In Instabul, Hurley, Mitch and Victor (SCOTT ADKINS), meet Annika. While on the move, Hurley tells them about Hamdi Sharif the arms dealer. Both Mitch and Annika are backups while Victor is the one leading. Sharif meets with Ghost. Ghost sights Victor and recognises him as one of Hurley’s men, so he immediately stabs him and he dies. Their initial attempt to knock him down fails. But Mitch goes after him and kills him in his apartment; he then carts away his laptop.

Hurley queries Mitch for disobeying his orders but Mitch explains to him that he only pursued the target and completed his mission. Irene enters and Hurley complains to her about Mitch. But Irene isn’t about to let Mitch go because she sees him as someone that is capable. They both discuss Ghost and how he has all that is needed to build a nuclear weapon. They use the laptop Mitch retrieved from Sharif’s place to get information. The information leads them to Rome.
In Rome, Ghost meets with the generals he is working together with and they talk about the weapon. Ghost tells them that he wants to configure it; he needs a nuclear physicist to craft the nuclear material into a functional nuclear weapon.

Both Mitch and Hurley are together when Mitch asks him about Ghost but Hurley shuns the question and tells him that he doesn’t listen to instructions. Moments later, Irene joins them, giving them information about dead Sharif. Mitch and Annika trail the physicist to his hotel. They get a room next to his. Annika sensing the reason for Mitch’s mood consoles him. Moments later, Ghost and his men attack their room and capture both of them. Ghost while torturing them ask about the whereabout of Hurley, but they ignore him. Hurley enters the room to save both Mitch and Annika, room but ghost jumps out of the window.

Hurley captures the physicist and asks him where they are building the bomb, but he says he has no idea that it is the money he collected. Mitch again faces Hurley demanding to know why Ghost is after him, but he shuns him.
While Mitch is cleaning himself up, Annika offers to help. While helping, she says they will search for ghost, this makes Mitch conclude that she is working with the Iranian intelligence. He almost kills her.

Hurley leaves the location they are in with the intention to locate an Iranian contact- Annika’s handler- Azad Ashani. (MOHAMMAD BAKRI). Azad tells Hurley that the men that hired the mercenary Ghost are Genral Rostami, the military chief of staff, the defence minister- Behruz (NAVID NEGAHBAN). He tells Hurley that they are angry about the nuclear treaty they made with them. Azad tells Hurley that they have been trying to acquire nuclear material for the past two years. He reveals to him that Ghost and his team are building the weapon in Rome. Moments later, Ghost kills Azad from a distance and then shoots Hurley after which he captures him

Irene enters the room asking Mitch about Hurley’s whereabouts, but Mitch instead asks her about Ghost, but she shuns him. Meanwhile, Irene gives her men order to decrypt and scan Annika’s phone. Ben gives Irene the information that the local PD pulled Azad’s body from the harbour.

Some agents are taking Annika away. Mitch goes after the men and intercepts the car. He saves her and tells her that her handler is dead and that he needs her help to find Hurley. She tells him that she works for the mainstream Iranian group who want to stop the tyrants from acquiring nuclear material.

Finally, Mitch and Annika both locate the place Ghost is using to build the nuclear device. Ghost keeps torturing Hurley, demanding to know the whereabouts of the rest of his team, but he shuns him. Ghost removes his nails. Finally, Mitch sees Hurley and frees him. Ghost kills the generals and captures Annika, but she kills herself with “Ghost’s” gun, Ghost then runs with the bomb

Both Mitch and ghost engage in a fight in a boat and he taunts Mitch about the death of his fiance. Mitch kills ghost later and Hurley tells him to throw the bomb over board afterwhich Mitch joins Hurley in the helicopter, moments later the bomb explodes. Irene thanks Mitch for saving their lives.

While on the beach, Mitch remembers his dead fiance – Katrina and brings out her picture. While Irene meets with the recovering Hurley to check up on him.

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