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Both Gil (Daniel k Daniel) and Christabel (Matilda Lambert) found love in each other and decided to take it to the next level even though Gil’s father (Obi Okoli) who is an atheist is against their union. Few days after their wedding, and while still enjoying their honey honeymoon, the couple is hit with a big dilemma that threatens to tear the one heart they share as well as scatter their home. You want to know what the dilemma is and who/what is behind their dilemma? Find out here


Gil (Daniel K Daniel) while driving is also listening to a radio program on #Wazobia Abuja- #99.5 fm, Abuja, as his wife to be- Christabel (Matilda Lambert) is being interviewed about her ongoing movie project. With love, Gil turns up the volume of the stereo.

Gil goes to remind his atheist father (Obi Okoli) about his wedding. His father shuns him as he is not a church person and doesn’t support his son’s choice of fiancé- Christabel. He wants him to go back to his former lover- Patra (Uju Okozi) but Gil tells his father that his choice is Christabel and that he is so much in love with her.

The bride to be-Christabel is with her friends in the room and they are all preparing for her wedding which is just the next day. Her phone rings, it is her mummy, Mama Christabel (Anyaegbunam Esther). Mama Christabel tells her daughter that she and her family are on their way and would soon be with her. Christabel is excited about her forthcoming wedding

The groom to be-Gil on the other hand is also preparing for his wedding and he is all excited. He is with his best man-Chuky (Martin Noble) who is also happy for him.

Gil and Christabel finally tie the knot with friends and families around to felicitate with them. However, Gil’sfather doesn’t make appearance. Their pastor (James Aseigbu) after joining the couple rejoices with them.

Both Gil and Christabel enjoy their first night together as couple; it is a wild romantic night.

Gil is the first to wake up so he does some home chores, prepares breakfast and serves his wife breakfast on bed. Meanwhile, Christabel is touched by his husband’s romantic moves and hearty words he put on their door “I am happy you are my wife” which makes her blush on and on. Gil reads a poem to his wife. While reading the poem, Christabel gets a call from her friend asking her to come meet some people who are interested in sponsoring her ongoing movie project titled “Drop”. She is unable to eat the breakfast at that moment. She vows to Gil to return soon. On her way out, she feels a sharp pain in her tummy which scares Gil, however, the pain stops almost immediately.

A company decides to support Christabel’s initiatives after her awesome presentation in a meeting. One of the company’s staff speaks to her about the paper work from her lawyer in order to seal the deal. Moments later Christabel and her friend- Jane bade the company staff goodbye. As Christabel and her friend are about to leave the vicinity, Christabel feels another sharp pain in her tummy. Jane advices her to go see a doctor. Christabel goes to see her female doctor (Tina Mbah) who she is upset with for not making an appearance at her wedding. The doctor apologizes to her for not making it to her wedding and she accepts her apologies. Moments later, the doctor runs a scan on Christabel.

Gil’s father is with his son’s former girlfriend Patra (Uju Okozi). Patra tells him that she is still love with his son- Giil.

The couple- Christabel and Gil are having terrific fun. While playing chess, they get sexual.

Christabel’s scan result shows that she has cancer and would die in few months’ time. This saddens her as she becomes moody all day.

Gil returns home and finds his wife moody, she tells him about her health predicament.

Gil goes to visit the doctor to ask for a solution to her cancer, but the doctor tells him that it is too late as the disease is in the chronic stage and has eaten deep into her body. This saddens Gil who suggests that his wife be saved through surgery. The doctor however tells him that Christabel’s case is way beyond surgery but that of a miracle. Gil further asks if there were no signs but doctor replies him that there were signs but his wife probably did not take them serious. Doctor advices Gil to stay with the wife though she is dying.

Gil is sad about the news on his wife’s health predicament. To suppress his pains, he takes a walk into the woods alone. Christabel calls him up to let him know how much she is missing him. Christabel tells Gil that she has set the table for lunch and she is waiting for him to return but he gives her no reply. Gil is speechless as he is still in shock and pains about the news of his wife’s disease and the short period she has to live.

Gil is still moody about his wife’s health predicament while the wife tries to make light the situation at hand. She tries to seduce him into making love with her but Gil shuns her unable to stand the fact that he is about to lose her. Gil soon walks away from her touches.

Both Gil and Christabel are not on the talking side even as they lie on the bed. Gil keeps avoiding her. Christabel tries to get Gil’s attention but he is filled with tears as he backs her.

Christabel is unhappy about the way Gil has been treating her since the news on her cancer broke out. On his way to work, she blocks Gil and lets him know that it is not her fault that she has cancer. She lets him know that she is not happy with the way he has suddenly grown cold to her. In anger, Christabel tells Gil that she is the one in the middle of the storm and the one death is hanging around her neck. With tears, she pleads with him not to torment her remaining days on earth as she wants to spend it being happy. She walks away afterwards.

Christabel is all alone and in tears. She looks into the mirror and she cries more. Unable to bear the pain she is going through, she sits on the floor.

Gil goes over to his father’s place where he tells him that the wife has cancer. As he burst into tears, the father consoles him.

Christabel’s mum comes over to the house after hearing the news on her cancer. They are both in tears and they console each other, but Christabel needs more consoling.

Still refusing to come to terms that his wife has cancer, Gil stays back in the club. In his deep thought, Patra his former girlfriend sights him and moves to where he is sitting but he shuns her. Patra tells him to join her on the dance floor, he turns her down initially but joins her later. Meanwhile, Christabel is in pains. She tries to call Gil but the pain increases and this makes her push a vase down. Her mum hearing the sound quickly dashes to her room to help her out.

The doctor comes to check on Christabel after experiencing another sharp pain. Gil wants her to be in the hospital so that the doctor can easily monitor her but the doctor replies him that it is better she stays around her loved ones. The doctor advices Gil to be there for his wife that she needs him more now. Gil feeling sad that their young marriage is already having problems breaks down in tears, but the doctor consoles him.

Gil peeps through his wife’s room and he is again torn by her critical condition. He remembers their good times together and he is still yet to come to terms that his wife would die soon so he walks away.

While at the gym with his friend Chuky (Martin Noble), Gil vents all his frustration. His friend sees how much he has pent up so much emotion and advices him to control his emotion. On Gil’s way out of the gym, he stumbles on Patra, he shuns her but Patra follows him in his car.

Gil while at Patra’s house, tells her that his wife has cancer. She consoles him and tells him not to be afraid.

Christabel is still receiving treatment. The doctor sensing how depressed Christabel may be about her health condition, advices her not to let it overwhelm her. She advices her to make the best out of the days she has to live.

Both Christabel and the doctor go on an outing and have fun together. First, they visit ‘Mama Cass’ eatery next a supermarket.

Doctor is in the church crying profusely unto God, apparently she also has cancer but has decided to spend the remaining days of her life happy. The pastor comes out and consoles her.

Gil’s phone rings beside Christabel. Gil comes out of the bathroom to answer the call but not in his wife’s presence but in the bathroom. This doesn’t go down well with his wife.

Christabel is suddenly moody and transfers aggression on her mummy who is taking care of her. Her mum tells her to take her tea, but she shuns her mum. Instead, she breaks the glass cup, making its content to spill on the floor.

Christabel is all alone at the balcony and she is moody. Meanwhile, Gil goes over to Patra’s and tells her not to break his home. He warns Patra to stay away from him.

Doctor is upset with Christabel for transferring aggression on her mother who is doing all her possible best to take care of her. They both get into argument where the doctor reveals to her that she is not alone in it but Christabel doesn’t really understand her.

Gil’s friend- Chuky advices him to go back to loving the wife like he used to despite her health challenges.

Gil yields to his friend’s advice; he returns home to the wife and shows her love like their first night together as a couple. After nights of terrific love making, Christabel gets a call from Jane that doctor is down in the hospital. Both Gil and Christabel rush to the hospital where she reveals to them that she has been suffering from cancer as well. Christabel is in tears

Patra and Gil’s father while alone get a little bit intimate.

Christabel apologizes to her mum for her unruly behaviour and gives her gifts as well.

Both Gil and Christabel decide to live happily for the number of days Christabel may have and not let her cancer hinder their happiness. While having fun, Christabel has the sharp pain again but it stops moments later.



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