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YEAR: 2018

Hot tempered Melinda {TARAJI P. HENSON (OLD) ; AJIONA ALEXUS (YOUNG)} is the last child of her family and she is in love with an aspiring inventor Robert Gayle { LYRIQ BENT (OLD); ANTONIO MADISON (YOUNG)} .

Melinda so much loves and trusts Robert that she allows him to be the first man to sleep with her. Even though Robert has nothing to offer Melinda financially at the moment, he however promises her that when his ship comes in, they would enjoy a lot of things together; go to big places, live in the biggest place and he would buy and name a Yacht after her since she would be his wife. Melinda believes so much in Robert’s dream. She sticks with Robert and spends every money she gets to take care of him; she even goes as far as buying him a car.

One day, she catches Robert with another woman- Diana {CRYSTLE STEWART (OLD); SHAVON KIRKSEY (YOUNG )}. This upsets Melinda and she rams into Robert’s RJ which makes her lose her womb. But Robert is not letting that separate him from Melinda as he claims to love her not Diana. Melinda decides to still date Robert against her sisters’ Brenda {PTOSHA STORY (OLD); BRESHA WEBB (YOUNG) and June’s {JAZMYN SIMON (OLD); RACQUEL BIANCA JOHN (YOUNG)} wishes.

Both Robert and Melinda marry but have no kids close to two decades of their union which sees Robert do no substantial job but spend time and Melinda’s money (money bequeathed to her by her mum plus the one she earns in the two time job she does. She even mortgages the house for his sake and losses it later) working on his invention and also sending letters to Prescott company to license his battery.

Melinda believes so much in Robert’s “Self-powering battery invention” and continues spending all her money to make sure it hits even though it is taking a toll on her.

Robert’s dream comes through because Diana, the lady he once cheated on Melinda with while they were dating in the school ,  finds all ways to push Robert’s battery till they accept it in Howard and Prescott Industries.

Melinda can stand all things but not when Robert cheats on her. One day she suspects Robert is cheating on her with the same Diana and in anger quits the marriage of close to two decades just almost the same time Prescott licensed his battery.  When Melinda hears that Robert’s battery finally hit, she tries to have him back into her life but finds out that he is already have an affair with Diana, this makes her acrimonious. Robert buys back Melinda’s house for her and settles her financially and plans to start a new life with Diana. But Melinda will not allow that happen….
See how the story unfolds in the plot…

Melinda (TARAJI P. HENSON), the ex-wife of Robert Gayle (LYRIQ BENT) appears in court where the judge orders her to stay away from the future Mr. and Mrs. Gayle (LYRIQ BENT AND CRYSTLE STEWART) or be ready to spend 40 days in prison if she violates the order. Melinda is also compelled to go for anger management counseling.
Melinda while undergoing anger management counseling narrates her ordeal in the hands of Robert Gayle (LYRIQ BENT) to the therapist (DENNIS WOODS) as she feels her former husband-Gayle owes her every breath in his body. She feels the court freed Robert Gayle despite his injustice to her.

Young Melinda (AJIONA ALEXUS) and young Gayle (ANTONIO MADISON) while running from the rain bump into each other and this makes Melinda’s papers drop on the floor. Melinda is so mad at Gayle that she hits him so hard. Gayle apologizes to her and tries to pick her papers for her, but Melinda hits him more and walks away from him.
While Melinda and her friend- Young Sarah (ANGELIQUE VALENTINE) are in the dormitory, Gayle is able to locate Melinda in order to apologize and return her remaining papers to her as well as collect his. He apologizes again to Melinda for bumping into her. He offers to help her get a distinction in one of her courses by Professor Huff which automatically kicks off their friendship

Gayle is studying with Melinda in the library when she decides to take five in order to avoid brain overload. During the break, Melinda asks Gayle about the paper he needs badly and Gayle tells her that he is creating a battery that can recharge itself. Melinda is excited about his idea.
Melinda’s result is out and she scores “F” in Professor Huff’s course. Gayle pacifies her and promises to see the lecturer on her behalf for a possible make-up, but Melinda isn’t interested as she says she isn’t as smart as her sisters,Young Brenda (BRESHA WEBB) and Young June (RACQUEL BIANCA JOHN), just then, her sisters show up and tell her that their mum is dead.

At Melinda’s mum’s funeral, Gayle also makes an appearance to console Melinda and her family. Brenda doesn’t like Gayle; she feels he is not the best guy for her kid sister. She interrogates Gayle on how he pays his school feels, where he lives and so on, which makes him uncomfortable. Meanwhile, June introduces Gayle to her fiancé and Brenda’s as well. Brenda again tries to put Gayle off by introducing Melinda’s ex-boyfriend Devon (TERAYLE HILL) as his present boyfriend but Devon says he is now an ex. Gayle feeling uncomfortable leaves the gathering, but Melinda catches up with him and then drives him home. At his place, Gayle tells Melinda a little about his family background but doesn’t tell  her he is a felon. He slots in one of his favourite songs by Nina Simone. Gayle consoles Melinda again on her mother’s death and this softens every part of her body till she surrenders to him; Gayle disvirgins Melinda.

While preparing to go on a date with Gayle, Melinda’s sisters walk into her. Brenda again shows her disapproval in their relationship and tells her not to tell Gayle that she inherited the family house and a cash of 350,000 dollars from their late mum.
On their date, Robert goes on and on about his battery idea to Melinda, including his intention to reach David Prescott the owner of Prescott and Howard industry, a company that financially supports people with ideas. Melinda out of love tells Robert what her late mum bequeathed to her. Melinda suggests “Gayle Force Wind” for his battery name as against Gayle’s “Gayle wind” and vows to stay with him forever to remind him. She further promises never to disappoint him. Gayle is happy to hear that. He shows her the building where they would be living when they eventually become rich and a yacht. He says he would engrave the yacht with her name.

While at Gayle’s house, Melinda talks about their future children but he says they would have all the children when they have lots of money. He then deviates to his battery works and says he may be stuck in a bus if Prescott suddenly calls him for an appointment. This makes Belinda buy Gayle a 24,739 dollars car from the 350,000 dollars her mum had given her leaving her with the total of 325, 261 dollars. For two days, Gayle doesn’t call Melinda and this worries her.
Melinda while having dinner with her two sisters and their husbands- Young Kalvin (MOSES JONES) and Young Casey (JARVIS SHAFFER) is absent minded. Brenda tells her they would be moving out of their mother’s house since she and June are married. Brenda advises her kid sister to look for a job so she can keep up the place. Meanwhile, Melinda is still not happy that she is yet to hear from Gayle so she goes over to her room to call him. While on the phone with Gayle, Melinda feels that Gayle is talking to her like she is just a friend and nothing more, this makes Melinda suspect him and head to his house afterwards. Melinda catches Gale with another lady- Young Diana (SHAVON KIRKSEY) and in anger, she rams Gayle’s RJ down with her jeep, this makes her suffer internal bleeding; it cost her womb. When Gayle visits the hospital Melinda is in, Brenda shouts at him to leave and never come back.

Melinda’s sisters while in the room with her advice her to always control her temper which she promises to do. Shortly after Robert shows up at her place, Melinda pleads with her sisters to allow him in, reluctantly they agree. Robert asks for Melinda’s forgiveness and somehow finds a way to sweet talk her back into his life.
Gayle loses his scholarship and Melinda opts to pay for his two final semesters. After paying the fees of 73,467.11 dollars she is left with 251,793.89.

Gayle proposes to Melinda but without a real ring and she accepts to marry him. Meanwhile, June and Brenda are unhappy about Melinda’s decision to settle down with Gayle despite the obvious red flags, so they tell her that they won’t be at her wedding. True to their words, they do not show up on her wedding day. She walks down the aisle with Gayle, the only familiar face at the church is her maid of honor- Sarah.
Years after their union, Melinda is the one paying bills and taking care his needs, supplies for his battery, books for research, metals, plastics till her money reduces to 36, 447. 70.  Melinda shows Gayle the status of her account and he promises to look for a job to help out in the home.

Gayle again goes to Prescott and Howard company to try his fate but Mrs. Hilderbran (KAREN BAYER) turns him down and instantly warns him to desist from calling or writing letters to the company.
Sarah helps Melinda secure a job as an office assistant in her office. In other to make ends meet and not to beg her sisters for money, Melinda does two jobs; an office assistant and cleaning various offices.
Melinda gets home and finds out that the whole light in the house is on; this worries her because the last electricity bill accumulates to 300 dollars. However, Gale pacifies her telling her it is his battery that is working and running the whole house; this almost burns down her mother’s house as well as the whole wiring of the house. The cost of repair is about 37,000 dollars- 37, 988.89 dollars, meanwhile Melinda has less than that in her account; only 24, 768 dollars remains from the 350,000 dollars given to her by her mum. In essence, they are 13, 220.81 dollars short of cash for the repair.

Two semesters are finally over and Robert Gayle finally graduates from school. Melinda is so joyful and rejoices with her husband. However, her joy evaporates when no company wants to employ Gayle. Gayle finally reveals to Melinda that he and his friends robbed a grocery store at the age of 15, bringing to her realization for the first time in their marriage that he has a criminal record which has not been expunged. Since they have no huge money again, Gayle persuades Melinda into mortgaging her mother’s house to pay for the rest of his research. He pleads with her not to stop believing in him. She mortgages it not letting her sisters know about it.
Years after, Gayle’s (LYRIQ BENT) dreams are yet to be actualized. He and Melinda (TARAJI PHENSON) are living in misery. They do not even have kids. Robert is still looking for ways to make his invention to be seen and licensed by Mr. Prescott.
Mrs. Hilderbran no longer works with Prescott and Howard Industry but Diana (CRYSTLE STEWART), whom Gayle once cheated on Melinda with in their school days now occupies Mrs. Hilderbran’s place. Gayle is happy that someone familiar now occupies the place, so he goes to see Diana. He apologizes to her for lying about his relationship status back then and asks for her help. Diana however says she can’t help him because of the new policies about receiving information in the company. She reluctantly accepts his invite for a coffee. However, as she steps into her office, she asks for Gayle’s file.

Robert receives a call from Melvin White- the head of security for Prescott and Howard industries. Melvin tells Robert that the company has put his name into the file of those that are likely threats to the company. He warns Gayle not to get close to 300 yards of the campus, send letters again or contact or visit any of the employees of the company, else he will be arrested. After the call, Gayle fumes and scatters all around him. Melinda notices his frustration and asks what the problem is, Gayle tells her and Melinda again pleads with him to get a job to support the home. Meanwhile, Gayle is still angry that Prescott company is making it hard for him to fulfill the promises of better life he made to Melinda; the diamond ring, private jet, yacht, the big apartment and so on. But Melinda again pleads with him to get a job so he can be of help in the house and they can move on with their lives. Melinda promises never to leave him. She assures him that she still loves him.
Diana blushes while going through Gayle’s record; he and his wife- Melinda had made a video talking about the Gayle Force Wind.

Melinda’s sisters through their cousin that works in the bank- Audra (SHAMEA MORTON) finally find out that Melinda mortgaged the house for Gayle. In anger, the sisters and their husbands- Kalvin and Casey (KENDRICK CROSS AND NELSON ESTEVEZ) storm her house. They let her know that the house is about to be foreclosed. Melinda is upset with Audra for disclosing this to her sisters but her sisters remind her that Audra is their cousin. To save the house, they ask Gayle to make some deliveries for a period of time. They enjoin him not to miss a delivery or pick up, so that they do not lose everything.
Gayle starts distancing himself from Melinda, no kiss, no hug, no return of greetings, then to top it all, he now sleeps downstairs. He is probably upset that she did not defend him in front of her family.

Melinda tells her friend Sarah (BRESHA DANIELLE NICOLET) at work how she and Gayle have been living for months. She says they are living like roommates. Melinda tells Sarah that she suspects that Gayle is cheating on him. Meanwhile, Diana goes over Gayle’s records again.


Gayle has some deliveries to make meanwhile Brenda finds Diana’s wallet in his truck. Diana while going through Gayle’s file hopes that Prescott will review his materials. She forwards Gayle’s materials to Mr. Prescott who wants to meet him the same day and almost the same time he has delivery to make. Diana calls Gayle to fix an impromptu appointment. Gayle shuns the delivery for the appointment with Prescott. He returns back to the house just in time to retrieve his battery from the bin men. Meanwhile Melinda’s sisters tell Melinda that Gayle is cheating on her after finding Diane’s wallet in the truck. Both Kalvin and Casey are mad at Gayle for not going to make deliveries as planned; they go over to the house to collect the key to the truck from him. Gayle tries to rush to Prescott company for his appointment but Melinda wouldn’t let him go. She accuses Robert of cheating on her with Diana and fights him over it. Melinda’s sisters pull her away from Gayle finally enabling Gayle leave for his appointment with Mr. Prescott. Gayle returns Diana’s wallet to her and explains what transpired between him and his wife. Meanwhile, Gayle seems to be losing his confidence after what just transpired between him and with his wife, but Diana is able to put him back in order and spur him into action. Gayle finally meets with Mr. Prescott, and he delivers his pitch. Mr. Prescott is impressed with Gayle’s work and offers him 800 thousand dollars to buy his works, but he turns it down saying he wants to own the copyright. Gayle leaves the gathering while Diana goes after him trying to convince him to take Prescott’s offer as well as apologizing for causing friction in his home. Brenda and June’s husbands- Kalvin and Casey are at Melinda’s place to console her even though they already lost the client and are unable to get the money to save Melinda’s house. Gayle returns home to see Melinda’s family. He explains his encounter with Prescott to them, Brenda thinks he is lying while Kalvin says he should have collected the money likewise Melinda. Melinda sends him away and tells him that she wants a divorce.

Three months after, Melinda is unable to save her mother’s house because she is short of cash. She now leaves with one of her sisters. She doesn’t even get a call from Gayle. Meanwhile, Gayle is staying in the shelter place where someone steals his phone, making him unreachable. Brenda and June find a way to connect Melinda to her ex- Devon (JAY HUNTER) who is now divorced. While having dinner with Devon, she sees Gayle who now works in the restaurant as a dish washer.
Melinda wants Gayle to sign the divorce papers, but Gayle pleads with Melinda not to divorce him but she keeps mum to his pleas till he reluctantly signs the divorce paper which leaves Melinda in tears.

Gayle calls Diana, while Diana tells him to keep his fingers crossed that Mr. Prescott will surely call him. In their chat, she finds out that he is no longer with his wife, that he has been living in the shelter place. Meanwhile, Melinda’s family celebrates her divorce while she reluctantly moves on with Devon.
Diana brings Gayle over to her place and cheers him up while Melinda and Devon have sex, but it is still nothing compared to how Gayle gives it to her.

Gayle’s dream finally comes true as Prescott buys into his battery ideas; they license his work. Gayle goes over to Melinda’s place of work with a bouquet of flowers and tells her about the success of his battery. He hands her a cheque of Ten million dollars and the key to her mother’s house after buying it back for her. Melinda returns home to break the news to her family but Brenda thinks Gayle is lying about the money, but Melinda tells her that it is the truth. She blames her sisters for pushing her so hard into divorcing her husband. She insults Kalvin, Casey and Devon and then walks out.
Gayle and Diana are now dating. He is now living with Diana in the big building he once envisaged living with his former wife Melinda. Melinda locates the building from the cheque Robert had issued to her and goes over to the place with the intention of seducing him back into her life, but Diana shows up and introduces herself as Robert’s fiancé, in anger Melinda leaves the place. While driving, Melinda is filled with anger as she keeps visualizing Gayle in the hands of Diana instead of her.

Melinda is going bizarre just thinking about Gayle and Diana together; she is unable to sleep or eat. She constantly snoops on them on the internet which makes her go more bizarre and filled with anger. Melinda feels Diana is enjoying the things Gayle had promised her; Paris, private jet trip, then to top it, the yacht, which now belongs to the new bearer of Mrs. Gayle. Melinda also finds out that it is the same boutique and designer she always wanted that Diana also goes to order her wedding gown.
Melinda soon sues both Gayle and Diana saying that the deal for Gayle Force Battery happened before the divorce, but the judge dismisses the case as untrue. The judge tells her to stay away from the future couple or risk facing 40 days in jail. Meanwhile, Brenda, June and Sarah go and check her up at the house to see if she is okay. They find series of weird things at her place; shredded photos of Gayle and Diana

As soon as they exit the court, Melinda makes a live video to disparage Robert and Diana and posts it online. Meanwhile Sarah tries to calm her down and also warn her about how she is going about things, but she shuns her.
Melinda’s family tries to caution Gayle and Diana on how to go about their forthcoming wedding at Melinda’s house. They advice them to get enough security during their wedding in case Melinda tries to create a scene. Melinda returns home and finds Diana and Gayle at her place and this makes her go bizarre again.
Melinda goes to the boutique to ruin Diana’s wedding dress by pouring acid in it. The judge again warns her to stay away from Gayle and Diana or risk spending 40 days in jail.
Melinda finishes recounting her story to the therapist and then walks out.

Robert and Diana finally marry, while Melinda still stalks them. Meanwhile, her family still tries to show her love and cheer her up.
Melinda shows up at the yacht where Gayle and Diana are. She tells Gayle to ask Diana to jump off the boat, if he truly loves her but when he wont yield to her request, she shoots him and then goes after Diana. Melinda sees Diana and compels her to hand her ring to her but Gayle manages to push her off the yacht but Melinda manages to get back on the Yacht. She gets an axe and tries to hurt him, but Gayle’s leg accidentally hits a button which drops the anchor, pulls Melinda into the water leading to her death. Diana and the crew gather round Gayle to save him.





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