Teniola (MERCY AIGBE) is with her boyfriend Yomi (IBRAHIM YEKINI). Yomi is unhappy because he is short of cash. His girlfriend- Teniola soothes him with inspirational words and prays for him as well. Teniola promises to still stick by Yomi in all situations. As they are both chatting, Teniola’s younger sister- Bunmi (TOPE SOLAJO) calls Yomi on his phone and asks him to connect her to her sister. Teniola gets mad at her younger sister for daring to call her
boyfriend’s phone. In anger she leaves Yomi’s house in order to go beat her up at home. She gets home and accuses Bunmi of attempting to snatch her boyfriend, beats her up and warns her never to call her boyfriend again

Teniola’s mum returns and scolds Teniola for beating her younger sister up. She warns Teniola not to ever touch her younger sister again. Teniola is not happy about the way her mum scolded her in her younger sister’s presence.
Teniola is with her friend Bimpe when a young guy Tunji (KEHINDE ADAMS) approaches her. Tunji tells her that he wants to be her friend, but Teniola insults him when he tells her that he is a carpenter.

After searching countlessly for a genuine girlfriend, Tunji finally sees Bunmi and they start dating oblivious that Bunmi and Teniola are sisters. Tunji tries to hide his shabby house from Bunmi, but Bunmi tells him that he loves him for who he is and not what he is and she promises to stick with him forever
Bunmi takes Tunji to their house for introduction. He is aghast when he sights Teniola. Teniola sees him and hurls insult on him, telling the sister to make proper investigations on him that he may be a criminal. Teniola’s mum pacifies Tunji and tells him not to be sad about Teniola’s comments that she is just pulling his leg. Bunmi also apologises to him.

Tunji invites Bunmi over to another house that is different from the one she knows; a very big house. Bunmi is given a special treatment. Meanwhile, Tunji is a wealthy guy but has been pretending to be poor in order to find the right girl that would truly love him. Tunji reveals his true identity to Bunmi believing that she is not the type of lady that is after just wealth. Bunmi tells Tunji that she genuinely loves him.

Bunmi tells her mum (JUMOKE GEORGE) and sister that Tunji is a wealthy person but has only being pretending in order to find true love. Bunmi shows her family the money Tunji gave her for wardrobe. Teniola is sad when she hears this.
Tunji and Bunmi have an outing. Meanwhile, Teniola stays in a hidden corner to peep.
Teniola calls Bunmi to her room in the night and tells her that she wants her boyfriend- Tunji and that Bunmi should leave him for her. She warns Bunmi not to tell anybody and threatens to harm her if she does otherwise.
Teniola’s gateman- Okele (TUNDE USMAN) wants to play jackpot worth 30 thousand naira so he gives his male friend N5000 first and promises to pay the money in bit till he is able to pay all

Bunmi after returning from an outing with Tunji meets only Teniola at home who again warns her to leave Tunji. Bunmi tells Teniola that she would get her mummy’s consent on the matter first, but her reply doesn’t go well with Teniola.
Bunmi tries telling her mum about Teniola’s ridiculous demand, but she is unable to voice out as Teniola kills her with some voodoos.

The family of Bunmi is mourning her death. Tunji rushes in after hearing about the death of Bunmi and also mourns with them. Okele- the gateman is at aghast as to what caused her death. He worries that the family may not remember to pay him his salary which is already due. Meanwhile, Okele’s friend comes around to demand for the balance of the jackpot money, but Okele is unable to pay. He tells Okele that he will lose his initial deposit

Tunji is still sad about Bunmi’s death. Teniola goes to visit him in his house to comfort him. She makes a pass at him, but he immediately sends her out.
Teniola is complaining to one of her friends that Tunji is difficult to get; her friend advices her to use voodoo on him.

Teniola’s boyfriend- Yomi tells his friends that Teniola is avoiding him. His friends advise him to call her again which he does. Teniola picks his call but speaks to him rudely after which she hangs up on him.

Teniola again goes to visit Tunji and this time uses voodoos on him with a handkerchief which works. She tries to force him to bed with him, but Bunmi’s spirit appears and Tunji falls asleep.

Bunmi appears to her mum in her sleep and tells her of her sister’s next evil plan to hurt Tunji. She pleads with her to safe Tunji. In her cries, Teniola walks in. Bunmi pleads with Teniola not to harm Tunji but she shuns him. Bunmi disappears and her mum wakes up. Teniola’s mum tells Teniola that she heard her Bunmi’s voice but she replies her that it is not real.

Teniola again uses a statue to invoke the spirit of Bunmi and repel it from appearing to her again

With the help of voodoos, Teniola finally is able to sleep with Tunji and get his sperm. She takes it to the herbalist (OLASUKANMI AKANNI ) for rituals, so that he can transfer Tunji’s wealth to Yomi.

Teniola burns the handkerchief she used in casting a spell on Tunji to quench the love charm he used on her. So that he can immediately hate her. She calls Tunji to confirm and his response shows that there is no love spell on him again
Teniola goes to see her boyfriend Yomi and pleads with him. Teniola explains to Yomi that she wants things to be better for him. Yomi is not fully convinced and likewise his friend. He believes Teniola is looking for a way to break his heart.

The herbalist hands over a necklace with Tunji’s transferred wealth to Teniola. He tells her no other eye must see it aside she and Yomi. She agrees to adhere to it
Teniola goes to visit Yomi and discovers he is already in a relationship with another lady who is pregnant also for him. She is aghast and tries to make trouble but Yomi drives her out.

Heartbroken Teniola goes to meet the herbalist in tears and tells him to deal with Yomi and his new girlfriend, but the herbalist tells her to go get the necklace first before night fall, if not, something drastic will happen to her. She immediately rushes home to get it. Meanwhile, Okeke the gateman is broke and he is looking for money to balance his friend. He goes into their room but doesn’t find money. He instead picks Teniola’s spiritual necklace and gives it to his friend- Wale to sell and use the money for the jackpot. Teniola gets home and discovers that the necklace is missing. She asks Okele about the whereabouts of the necklace not taking cognisance of her mum’s presence. Teniola runs out of time as Bunmi appears to her. She starts confessing and then goes bizarre.

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