Nowadays, I am always so scared to tune to different radio stations or watch TV stations or most especially read news on blogs because most of the stories that are dished out are terrifying stories especially on women. And don’t doubt me when I tell you that most of these stories are now on rituals. Who are the victims? The women of course, the babies, and teenagers; young and old ones are not spared in this inhumanity towards women.

Yesterday I was so scared to go to bed; all that was in my head were these evil stories; three days in a row are stories on ladies that were killed by ritualists and I have not heard authorities speak anything on this.

Using women for rituals has overtime become the order of the day by their fathers, fiancé, boyfriend, husband, son, uncles, or any man in their lives. If their tongues are not cut out, then it is the head or breasts. This is the same breasts that these men suck from childhood to adulthood and depend on it like it is their life.

Please Native doctors or whoever is in charge, stop using our girls for rituals, use those men that want to do money rituals instead mbok and let them know that the money that their life is worth would be sent to their families to feed on and enjoy.

To be honest, I really wish these women killed unjustly wouldn’t sleep in their graves but haunt those  ritualists who have deprived them the joy of getting old or living life to the fullest. Ahah! Kilode

Come to think of it, what makes a woman good for rituals and not these men? Is it the breast or vagina, men also have Tarse. These herbalists must truly be wicked if they are the ones asking the guys to bring women. They only wise person among them is the one that tells the person that wants to do money rituals to sacrifice himself so that others can enjoy the money that comes out from him…

Imagine o, later, these men would be complaining that it is difficult to approach or woo a lady, and that they are fronting. Why won’t it be difficult ehn? This is not fronting, you men are becoming so over desperate day in day out and showing how much heartlessness that is in you.

Nowadays to stop and have a conversation with some men is scary. Why? These men have different demonic methods to get their prey. You don’t have to go to them, they will come to you like some nice men but are just serpents with occult intentions.  Some men would shake hands with the ladies and in that handshake is ritualism, meanwhile,  they have taken her soul; some men would hug these unsuspecting women, and in that hug is ritualism and the girl’s gradual death;  some men would stop to ask some women questions and in the reply of the lady is ritualism, a lost of her sanity which would eventually lead to her death; some men would take these woman to an eatery and then offer to carry the food or snacks for them, in carrying these stuffs are ritualism, the unsuspecting women eat and die later when the two are apart. Imagine, some people would now think the restaurants poisoned such women not knowing that their dates have used voodoos.

So I heard some people say, “It is because women love money” that is why they are used. Rada rada, Bullshit!  Loving money is not a woman thing, everybody loves money. Tell me someone that doesn’t love money on this earth. Is it the Men? Really, they don’t love money and they constantly do rituals? They are the head in kidnapping, robbing, yahoo yahoo, yahoo + raping, anything evil to get money; they are the mastermind behind it. What about politicians looting of billions of dollars? You see that even men love money more than the ladies. They go about having this money at all cost in an evil way, why ladies try all their best not to do evil. Women have conscience while most men don’t


According to Vanguard in February 2018- A Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro female student known as happiness, was found dead with some body parts (private part, breast etc) missing two weeks after she was declared missing. Prior to her death, she and her male friends went to celebrate her birthday


According to Vanguard in July 2018- The decomposing corpse of Ondo ex Deputy governor’s daughter- Khadijat Adenike Oluboyo- a final year student of Computer Science AAUA (Adekunle Adejasin University, Akungba) was found under her fiance- Adeyemi Alao’s bed. Her head was chopped off while the body parts dismembered and buried under his bed. Meanwhile, when she was declared missing and they were searching for her, the fiance also helped in the search. If not that Khadijat’s ghost appeared to Adeyemi’s brother and directed him to where Adeyemi hid her corpse, they would never have discovered her fiancé killed her.



According to Vanguard in November 2018, Olozino Ogege, a year three Mass Communication student of the Delta State University, DELSU, Abraka was declared missing last week, but was later found dead with her tongue and breast severed from her body. It was gathered that she went out to meet an agent who was assisting her to secure an apartment


According to NairaLand AND – 23 years old Ifeanyi Chukwu Maxwell Dike of Messiah Street Eliozu Port Harcourt, kidnapped an 8-year-old Chikamso Victory, who lived in the same address with him. He raped the 8-Years Old Girl, Cut Off Her Vagina, Eyes, Tongue and Breast. He Then Put The Body Parts In A Polythene Bag.


According to Daily times Nigeria in November 2018, Nigerian Soldiers frog marched a 15-Year-Old- Queendaline Ekezie  to Death. She was a student of Army Day Secondary School, Obinze, Owerri, Imo State. Her offence was that she came late, so they gave her a rigorous punishment and she died after countless frog jumps.

First of all I must say some of these soldiers feel it is mandatory for them to be annoyingly wicked. The other day, a lady met one of them and the way he silenced the lady, she just felt exchanging words with him may only lead to the death of either of them because she says she is also stubborn too.


According to Daily Advent in 2018……13 years old Elizabeth Ochanya died of complications arising from the rape allegedly carried out by her uncle and his son.



According to Daily Advent in November 2018, Seiyefa Fred, a 100 level student of Niger Delta University in Amassoma (NDU), was attacked by suspected cultists in the evening in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state capital. They took her new iPhone and shot her dead, very close to her compound. The names of the suspects are: Junior Danumunabo 20 years old from Nembe Ogbolomabiri,  and  Ezeagi who is allegedly the boss and gave them guns, though they have been arrested


According to The Eagle online in 2018, An 18 years old girl- Julian Eke Imaga and her 22 years old boyfriend-Oriade Adebisi, students of Olabisi Onobanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, were both killed and dumped in the bush. Their decomposing bodies were later discovered. Their killers are cultists, they are Muritala Babatunde and Taiwo Rasak, and they have been arrested


According to News Advent in November 2018 and Nairaland, Lagos hotelier Ehi Ogbebor accused his Warri Billionaire estranged husband Ken Bramor of Killing his mother For Money Ritual and also tried killing her female child for the same purpose as well.



According to Daily advent in November 2018, Imole who wanted to become world’s best scientist was killed inside the palace of the Ataoja of osogbo by  the Chief Security Officer to Ataoja of Osogbo- Abubakar Sulaiman. Abubakar asked Imole if he had bulletproof charm, to confirm it, he shot him twice on the chest.


IMG_20181120_095936 (2)

From these stories, you would ask yourself, is it a crime to love? Is it a curse to have…

I think it is a curse to have men in the world or is it now a sin to be a female in this world; whereas, no women, no world. We give birth to these men and they pay us back in this manner. Extreme brutality!

These stories are becoming rampant and I have never heard any leader say something about therse killings especially rituals…

#Womenpleasebecareful #The female specie is now in danger

#No women, #No procreation, #No world

#Save the women, #Save the world

This is not a general article, to those few men that have not soiled their hands keep standing out and keep having sense!



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