Wowoh! I thought I was actually watching a music video by a new artiste called ‘Inspiration’, but at the end of the advert, the United Bank For Africa’s (#UBA) logo made me realize that it is an advert shot in form of a music video, automatically exceeding the standard time for jingles; ‘nna mhen the advert di long’

So, who is still doing the “919” dance? Keep doing it, as long as you don’t miss out the real message in the advert. So what is the message in the advert? We would let you know right after you have finished singing your own “919”song, don’t worry about the lyrics, we have got you covered.



Oh I am tired, of the stress and hustle every single day (oh oh oh oh)

All because say I want to transfer money (oh oh oh oh)

Dey say time is money, so I no wan waste am, what is the way o? (the gbedu don start now)

Oya 919 came to the rescue (Gee), it is easy, qick, safe and secure (919) Eyiye eeh (919)

And if you know get cashless flow wahala (919), all you have to do is just dial


As you know, this is what you can rely on, come rain come sun, (oh 919)

When the world is on the line, when you need a helping hand

It is easy as 1-2 step (2x)


When the money don come o, oya do the 919 dance (Do the 919 dance)

When you see the alert o, oya do the 919 dance (Do the 919 dance)

Experience in life o, oya do the 919 dance (Do the 919 dance)

Make your life easy, it is easy as 1-2 step, It is easy as 1-2 step, it is easy as 919


Whether you dey buy, you dey sell goods (e fast, e quick o)

No need to long thing, no need to waste time o (yeh yeh).Take control of your life now now (now now)

You can open an acoount now now (now now). All you have to do is just dial 919


Because the money don come o, oya do the 919 dance, (do the 919 dance)

When you see the alert o, oya do the 919 dance (do the 919 dance)

Experience in life o, oya do the 919 dance (do the 919 dance)

Make your life easy, it is easy as 1-2 step, It is easy as…


Charlie, I know say you no dey get time, you no dey carry cash as a sharp guy

All you need do is to dial the code o, you can do your transaction for your phone o

You don’t need no data, no internet, pay your bills you can do that faster

It is easy as 1-2 atep,if I be you, I go dial am sharp sharp, ehn


Do the 919dance (Do the 919 dance). When you see the alerto, oya do the 919 dance (do the 919 dance)

Eeeh, experience in life o, oya do the 919 dance (do the 919 dance), eh eh

Make your life easy, it is easy as 1-2 step, It is easy as 919


So, this UBA advert is titled “The 919 dance”@UBAbankng. It is a two minute plus advert shot in the form of a music video with one lead male vocalist; hence, the bank used music to pass its message across to its customers and impending customers.


The first and second scenes, a guy is tired of having to go to the bank just to transfer money or do any other transaction as it is stressful and exhausting. He later finds out that he can transfer money without moviing an inch from where he is. All he needs to achieve this is a working phone where he can dial *901# and a list of options (transfer, bill payment, open account e.t.c) will pop out for him to make a choice. For him, it is an easy way of transferring money to people as he doesn’t need to go to the bank to do that. It is less stressful and quick for him. He is excited about this.

The next scene, more people comprising the, farmers, engineers, tailors, other self employed people, employers, employers, are now aware of the UBA*919# code and are using it. They are excited about this too.


Wow! I love this tune, so tuneful. As in I kept on singing it even after completing the whole review. Also, all the people that featured in the advert, or should I say music video? Well all the people that featured in the UBA 919 dance were all very energetic and their performance was electrifying. I love their vocals; though some of their lines were not clear enough. Three people- two males and female led the song.

The first two lines of the chorus may simply mean“Because the money don come o, oya do the 919 dance, (do the 919 dance). When you see the alert o, oya do the 919 dance (do the 919 dance)” “When money has been sent to your UBA account, remember to dial *919# to run the errands for you.

The last two lines of the chorus “Experience in life o, oya do the 919 dance (do the 919 dance). Make your life easy, it is easy as 1-2 step (2x) may simply mean banking is more convenient when you dial the *919# code.

But then an advert done using music to pass the message across should have listed on the screen all the features of the *919#, because the truth is people are likely to have been carried away with the tune and focussing more on the images rather listening to the lyrics of those that sang. Hence as they are viewing images, they are also seeing the features the code offers.

To be honest, at some point, I concnetrated more on the images and the tune, I had to watch severally in order to get the real message. Initially, I thought the code was just for transferring money, but I later figured out that there were a lot more services other than “transfer”

Again, when the lead vocalist-male got to the part where he said, all because I want to transfer money (13-15 seconds), he shouldn’t have held on to the phone or looked at his phone; it made it look like it is stressful even when trying to use the *919# code on his phone


You don’t need to stress yourself by jumping from one bus to another or be held up in traffic just to get to the bank, as there is UBA *919# code, where you can bank with ease. You can transfer money to others, pay bills, open account etc. without even moving an inch. Whatever transaction, business you want to do, just dial dial 919.

You don’t have to be scared as it is easy, quick, safe and secure just like they sang in the chorus. You need no internet or data or transport fare (but I am sure you would surely need some nairas on your phone)

SOUND: Very tuneful. However, the tune is familiar. It is similar to that of GTB *737# song, especially the chorus, so I am wondering if the same person composed the songs for the banks.

Costume: Full red attire or a touch of red by all. You may wonder why they have a touch of red, well that is the bank’s colour.


Red fire extinguisher, lights, hair, lips, shirts, t-shirt, blouses, pants, ribbons, earrings, shoes, bag, cap, head tie, scarf, code, gloves, writings on the wall, tie, umbrellas, book, phone; red UBA.


  • The message should have been clesrly writtten out on screen. When an advert is done in form of a song, the tatget audience may miss out the real messange because they tend to focus more on the images thereby missing out the message.
  • I thought it had a similar tune with GTB’s 737 advert which would be reviewed next on our blog.
  • The lead vocalist for male- In his first scene, his body gesture makes it look like when he wants to transfer money from his phone, it is stressful also.I know they wanted to shoot the video indoor, but his starting line should have been shot outdoor.
  • I understand the red colour which is associated with Bank, hence everything in the video has a touch of red, but which one com be the umbrella dem pack put inside the place. Was there really a need for the umbrella, have they become PDP, well except it means “UBA has got people covered” But if that is the case, then, that scene should have been shot with those lines around the umbrella
  • Hello, that is six, not nine, yeah the other one is nine
  • Is this guy a clown, anyway the dance is funny and nice as well
  • You need no internet or data, but you need airtime on your phone just to dial the code “*919#” when you are yet to pick options.
  • Really, it is safe and secure- so what is the difference between those two words? They have the same meaning actually.
  • Hmm! A touch of red-How come the couch and the paintings didn’t come in red colours as well? Just kidding. Well, I think this red lips has settled it.



I love this advert, they were all looking colourful and energetic.



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