Singer, Atiuaje Ebelechukwu Aina Vivian Iruobe, or just call her Waje, recently slammed her

pastor and church for ostracizing her from church activities for getting pregnant at the age of 15.

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According to the musician, her pastor found out she was pregnant in the 5th month of the pregnancy. Her pastor, however, called her to confirm if it was true or not with a death threat from God if she dared to lie.

Waje told her pastor the truth that day. As punishment, she was asked to stay away from the microphone (As in, she was asked not to sing for that period), and be in church on Wednesday and Sunday.

The musician also revealed that her mummy did not know about her pregnancy until the 5th month.

Waje should know that getting pregnant in secondary school is not a new thing, and it is not synonymous to only her. She is not the first to carry bele and she wont be the last. Girls at that age are very wild, wayward, adventurous and vulnerable. So, she should stop the cock and bull story “We were in love, and proved our love through sex.”

Okay, where is the guy that got her pregnant? They are not together again, becuase what she taught was love wasn’t love. Please, stop that talk. You are just one of the victims of pregnant teens due to reckless adventurous life. Please, accept that!

Moving on, did she try to make the pastor and her chucrch look bad for ostracizing her? If she did, then there may be a problem with the musician…

What exactly was she expecting? To be hugged? Oh! She felt the pastor should have left her to continue ministering to people? Mtchew!

This her story is very annoying. For the fact that she knew she was already pregnant but did not step down, till the pastor discovered her, and asked to do so.

It is appalling the way people lack the fear of God. No remorse. Someone that fears God, and has conscience would have stepped down after the pregnancy. But she did not do that. She was singing, and still sleeping around at a young age, despite the fact that pastors never fail to preach about fornication and adultery, even if they are no saints themselves…

The love of God has really waxed cold in many, especially those who like to tarnish the image of clerics as well bring down religious houses! May God save them from destruction, amen!

Anyway read her exact words below…

“I got into a relationship in SS3 and the relationship went from ‘puppy love’ to sexual. At that time, I felt I loved him and that (sex) was the only way I could express my love. At that time, I saw a fine boy who liked me, though we quarreled on several occasions. I didn’t understand the responsibility that came with making decisions like that.

“I got pregnant and I remembered one afternoon, I was in the bathroom when someone came to my house and told me my pastor wanted to see me. I knew that day, there were two things that would happen ― either I died or I died. Everything in me got drained.

“Anyway, I went to see the pastor. He was in a conference room with other pastors and he said to me, ‘If you lie, you will die, because you are standing in front of God, Holy Spirit and me.’

“He asked me, ‘Are you pregnant?’ and I said, ‘Yes’. He was so disappointed. He told me he wanted to see me in church every Wednesday and Sunday but I would no longer sing in the choir.”

Reference: Punch

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