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Samri as she is fondly called is one beauty queen that you just have to give a lingering stare when you come across. She is pretty and has got brains accompanied with it; she is indeed beautifully and fearfully made.

The “Aries” model was born 13th of April, she is daring just like the traits associated with people with the zodiac sign- Aries. The damsel loves anything that has to do with gymnastics. She also loves painting, writing poetry, reading and Vloging.

Samrawit is an easy going person who is hungry for knowledge and eager to understand the world  we live in today. She is passionate about unifying the youth because she believes they have lost their sense of ‘fighting for their roots’.

 “I am deeply saddened that we are brainwashed by the media in so many ways. Also, we seem to be obsessed over social media networks that take out the most important things we possess; our soul, our mind, our intellect, our progress and our vision of the future,” Samrawit says.


FULL NAME: Samrawit Tesema


STATE OF ORIGIN: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


I am currently undergoing a project management course. I got interested in project management because I would one day love to build schools and shelters for the poor in Ethiopia. I have been on it for four years now and will be chartered next year.


I am a Trainee project manager

What is that one thing about you that people do not know

People do not know that my first Language is French

Turnoffs: Ungratefulness

Likes: knowledge, art and family


MOVIE: Law abiding citizen

MUSIC: The zone,  The weekend

ACTOR: Audrey Tautou

MUSICIAN: Tracy Chapman

Wishes for Ethiopia

I wish that Ethiopia reaches her full potential and projects a nation of richness, strong faith and a multi-cultural nation. We are rich in so many ways and I believe that one day, the world will get to see this and not just the “poor side” of the country. Kindly view this on my YouTube page titled “Facts about Ethiopia” by Samrawit Tesema. There are intriguing facts you would discover. I wish that we can walk past our differences and unite as a nation of pride and hold hands for a better future. I want girls and boys to grow up knowing that they fulfilled everything they have ever dreamed of and that no one was there to tell them ‘no’.

If you were the president of Ethiopia for one day, what would you do?

If I were the president of Ethiopia for one day, I would do the following

  • I would have all Ethiopians have a free healthcare and free tuition at colleges and Universities without encountering debts and loans.
  • I would insist on freedom of speech and the right to speak one’s mind without fear of prosecution or imprisonment.
  • I would cancel all tribal wars and focus on one people, one mind; one Ethiopia.
  • I would focus on giving equal opportunities and pay irrespective of the gender.
  • I would make sure that Ethiopia, which comprises 86 different tribes, delivers 100% clean water and heavy fines will be implemented for non-compliance.
  • I will put away dictatorship form of government as well as criminals in the government house. I would make sure they explain on Television why they killed our country, our people and our hope for so many years.
  • I would give children the opportunity to learn; I would have charities give free art clubs so that people can put their creative art into use. I believe that we grow as a person when we let our creativeness out.


Samrawit Tesema says “I will be representing London for the Miss Continental beauty pageant in July 2019 which is an opportunity for me to represent my country as well as London. I was the second runner up for the Miss Black Africa  in 2014 and could not fulfill my wish of going further with my Non-Governmental Organisation which focuses on helping Ethiopian kids  get an education. Therefore, this contest would enable me to do so. It all starts with building schools in villages, getting teachers to volunteer and giving children what should come naturally: knowledge and self-development.

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Ogefash's Styl

Born in the 80’s, Ogefash picked up writing early in her secondary school days at International School, University of Lagos (Unilag). She took it professionally after her university days at the University of Lagos where she graduated from the Department of Mass Communication. She is a writer of several short stories some of which have been published in the magazines. Some of her popular stories are: A Night to Remember, The Special Gift, Haunted, Preparing Ahead of Time amongst others. Her novel "Looming Danger" published in December 2015, was highly recommended by people. She has worked with several media outlets some of which are Spur Magazine and Upcoming Magazine. She is an educationist. With her love for children, she took up the task of supervising and taking care of children at the After School Department of Heritage School before her resignation. Her unique strory telling and song teaching skills endeared her more to the kids she worked with. Ogefash is a goal getter, a pace setter and always strives for excellence. She likes to impact and solve problems in a creative way regardless how challenging they may be. She has in-depth knowledge in reporting, editing, social media and other media related works. She is a seasoned writer and very passionate about her work. Interestingly, her blog is the first in Nigeria to start reviewing Nigerian and foreign movies and also write the movies' plots scene by scene. Ogefash blog is also the first to translate songs, interprete and give a full detailed analysis about music and artistes in Nigeria, Africa and America before other blogs started emulating her style. While other blogs provided just music lyrics alone, we took it higher by not only providing lyrics, but translating, interpreting and analyzing as well. It is also the first blog to give detailed analysis of adverts. Interestingly, Ogefash blog also known as Ogefash Photo Blog is the first blog all over the world to blog with lots of interesting pictures to support all articles. Ogefash says "I don't keep male friends because they always say "sex" is part of friendship. I don't keep female friends because they are always bitchy. I only keep people I can call more than a friend!" Ogefash has an affinity for TV reality shows. In 2018, she represented Nigeria in the PanAfrican TV reality game show "The Maltavator Challenge" powered by Nigeria's number one malt drink packed full of energy giving vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6;Malta Guinness. The show brought together four African countries Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Coted'ivoire who competed for the grand prize of 20,000 dollars. Undaunted by any task in her field, Ogefash is highly energetic and creative. She is a rare gem and a gift to this generation.