LOL, I was about to title this music review “This is America” by Falz, then it occurred to me that it was basically because I was singing “This is America” by Childish Gambino in my mind, hence the reason the for the mix-up I was about to do. So, did I hear you ask the question “Did Falz copy his concept?” Well, your guess is as good as mine…

If you ask me, he was certainly inspired to do this song through Childish Gambino’s song “This is America”. But I think it is cool though, all countries should sing about their country using “Childish Gambino’s tune or any ‘easy on the ear’ tune abeg, not ndi mkpotu, ariwo, amo, ‘noisy’ beat I mean. With that, we can truly have an idea of what each country is experiencing. At least, from #Falz the bad guyz music “This is Nigeria”, Nigerians and non Nigerians would be able to know the situation of the country. Likewise “This is America” by #Childish Gambino.

Hmmm, so this video concept employed by Falz is generating a lot of controversies, like you know, Ogefash blog music Wednesday is all about dissecting a music video starting from the lyrics, to the sound, location, video/storyline, costume and more. But before our review, here is the lyrics to the song that has about 5million views on Youtube in just one week….


They are extremely poor and the medical facilities are poor
We operate a predictory neo-colonial capitalist system
Which is founded on fraud and exploitation and therefore, you are bound to have corrupt institutionalists
Many criminal cases are settled in police stations, albeit illegal


Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh ewo oh (3x)


This is Nigeria, look how I am living now, look how am living now.
Everybody be criminal.
This is Nigeria, look how we’ living now, look what we’ eating now.
Everybody be criminal


This is Nigeria, just because am on TV now, person wey no get work is checking my watch to see if it is original.
This is Nigeria, where that madam Philomena?
Money vanish for your office, 36 million, you talk say na animal.                                             This is Nigeria, never ending recession oh, where looters and killers and stealers are still contesting election oh
Politicians wey thief some billion and billion, he no dey go prison oh.
Police station dey close by 6- security reason oh


(Baba, ese oh baba, ese oh baba, awa dupe baba) My brothers and sisters, I want you to put
your hands up right now because your miracle is coming this week. If you believe me, let me hear you say amen

Ah, this is Nigeria, praise and worship, we’ singing out
Pastor put his hand on the breast of his member, he’s pulling the demon out
This is Nigeria [yea], no electricity daily oh [eh]
Young people are still working multiple jobs and they talk say we lazy oh
This is Nigeria [eh eh], there’s plenty wahala sha, Fulani herdsmen still dey slaughter, carry people dey massacre.

This is Nigeria, bombs in my area, this is democracy, political hysteria
Yahoo yahoo don tear everywhere now and we act like it’s so cool
Casting the p and being castigated just for trying to be noble
This is Nigeria, look at my nation oh
SARS stop me for road, any explanation, you go talk am for station oh

(Sir, look sir, am sorry, am just a student, am a student of the University of Lagos. So, we’re just coming from the club, okay. So, my friend and I….No, Sir, I have my ID to prove.)


Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh ewo oh (2x)


This is Nigeria, look how am living now, look how am living now.
Everybody be criminal
This is Nigeria, look how we living now, look how we eating now.
Everybody be criminal

“This is break in transmission of ehm, transmission in, transmission”

What happens every day is that, the system has allowed it
For instance, there’s no rule that allows you to take money from the church, invest in business
and privatize it- No.
It is only in Nigeria that you can take money from the church, money contributed by poor congregation member [public fund]. You go and setup a university that the members cannot attend, cannot send their children to. It’s against the rule and in  the law of God. It’s against our constitution.


The intro of this song comes in form of spoken words rather than a song

“They are extremely poor and the medical facilities are poor” before the main song was introduced.
Lyrically, the song comes in two long verses. I even thought I was listening to “Tales by moonlight”, like seriously- Oga Falz, story ye ti fe ma poju, well who can blame him, it seems like nsogbu, isoro, matsala; I mean problem of Nigeria plenty pass all the words in oxford dictionary. (But these problems are over now in Jesus name, somebody say amen…)

Well that was just a display of “all work no play, makes jack a dull boy”

So, moving on,  the song was sang in English and he was quite expressive as he sang the lyrics

Just like the title of the song,  he introduced each line in the verses with “This is Nigeria” before going on to mention the problem the country is facing…

“This is Nigeria, where that madam Philomena? Money vanish for your office, 36 million, you talk say na animal. ”                                                                                                              “This is Nigeria, never ending recession oh, where looters and killers and stealers are still contesting election oh”

Interesting lines you should know the meaning

“Police station dey close by 6- security reason oh”- This line basically means that even the police who are supposed to be protecting citizens are scared, they can’t protect themselves not to talk of protect citizens. They are even running away from robbers and other criminals.

“This is Nigeria, just because am on TV now, person wey no get work is checking my watch to see if it is original.” This line basically means that fans or people generally always expect perfection from musicians, they feel they shouldn’t be found with mistakes or wearing things that are cheap again, they feel they should live an expensive life, forgetting that they are only humans like them.

“SARS stop me for road, any explanation, you go talk am for station oh” This line means that the police do not usually give citizens especially male citizens the chance to talk when they see them in the night, they just assume they are criminals and pack them to the police station.


Finally, the lyrics to the song “This is Nigeria” are profound and meaningful as they basically pointed out the problems in the country Nigeria. They are hard-hitting lyrics.


The song “This is Nigeria” by Falz basically talks about the myriads of problems the country Nigeria is going ranging from kidnapping, mass killing of citizens by the Fulani herdsmen, robbery, yahoo yahoo, bad leadership, corruption, fraud, exploitation, looting,  self centered spirit, politicians going scot-free after committing crime, recession, incapability of the police and so on.

In terms of self-centered spirit, this was shown in the video when a guy was killed and everybody moved on with their lives not caring about the dead person.


He talks about abnormality becoming normalized in Nigeria, evil acts- yahoo yahoo and others are becoming the order of the day.

He also talks about how people who steal money or do wrongs  are now praised for such act or respected. He also talks about politicians who always go scot free after committing crime.

The artiste is bitter about the current state of the nation as all the above mentioned points have affected the way people feed and live including him. This he sang in the chorus “ This is Nigeria, look how I am living now, look how am living now; everybody be criminal…..This is Nigeria, look how we’ living now, look what we’ eating now; everybody be criminal.


Just like childish appeared topless in “This is America” video, so also was Falz. While his dancers were all uniformed. They wore an hi-jab which served as a head cover as well as a blouse.  They matched this with black jeans and tennis shoes (there was no uniformity in their foot wear). Other costumes were the police uniform, the herdsmen kind of dressing and so on.


The general beat to this song  is “plain”, not catchy, though they lyrics are. It is not one song you would naturally click to play. It is not a club banger, it is more of a song to make reference to. It is like a summarized history note on the problems of Nigeria

But I love the fact that when he said massacre in verse 2 “This is Nigeria [eh eh], there’s plenty wahala sha, Fulani herdsmen still dey slaughter, carry people dey massacre” I could hear the sound of a gun in the background.

The vocal was basically Falz style.  His vocal was expressive and he was confident. He was also fearless.


It was shot indoor, a place looking like a garage, hence the reason the vehicles that were seen in the visuals. He made use of a Bus, Tricycle and Motorcycle


It started with Falz carrying a radio and paying attention to the broadcast on the situation of the country “…They are extremely poor and the medical facilities are poor. We operate a predictory neo-colonial capitalist system…”

The visuals displayed on the scenes basically represent the lines he sang. They were dramatized by different individuals. It looks like tales by moonlight but this “tales by moonlight” surely looks juice-less or may be all the casts are.

There were scenes on the Fulani herdsmen killing, two people fighting each other, vandalism, kidnapping, robbery, police harassment, The rich, yahoo yahoo boys,  fake pastors, no electricity (this was done using the gernerator),  journalists all out to get stories,  Madam Philomena’s tale on the animal swallowing money and IGP Idris speech on transmission.

There was just nothing interesting about the video, it wasn’t lively enough. He has a nice concept but it was just not properly utilized.


There is an ongoing controversy that he didn’t represent the muslims well with the hijab, but Falz has explained that he used hijab to bring back to memory the the Chibok girls and the Dapchi girls that were kidnapped.


The transmission scene- Remember IGP Idris who couldn’t read his speech but kept on saying transmission repeatedly”

The woman packing money scene with snake around her- Remember Madam Philomina who came out to say that there an animal swallowing money in the office after stealing million Naira from Nigeria purse


What was that Big Sister naija all about

Great song, but the video could have been better.

SONG DURATION- 3 minutes 42 seconds













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