I just had to clear all schedules and make myself available to review this song even though I am off this week.

The song “Talk” by Falz along with “Ogefash” Blog movie and advert contents are slated for publication next week, after general election in Nigeria which would hold on Saturday, 16th February, 2019.

Well, I just had to yank the song off from the catalog for review before the country’s election because of the message in the song. The message in the song revolves around politics in Nigeria, the politicians, the suffering of the Nigerian masses, religious houses, those doing illegal deals, those prostituting and so on.

So like seriously, (In the voice of Victor AD in the song “Wetin I gain”) if I no review this song before election, wetin I gain na?

Enough of the long-winded intro; kindly take a gander at the lyrics to the song “Talk” by Falz the bhad guy below



Willis give them


Anything I talk make you talk am again; ehh ehh talk am again

Anything I talk make you talk am again; ehh ehh talk am again


Brother Muri shout finish we no see am for court
Eh eh we no see am for court
Election don dey come dem go need your support
Eh eh dem go need your support
Since EFCC burst in, we no see you for club
Eh eh we no see you for club
And you get legit work o na wetin you talk
Eh eh na wetin you talk


Na you talk am o, talk am. No be me talk am o, talk am

Na you talk am o, talk am. No be me talk am o, talk am

Na you talk am o, talk am. No be me talk am o, talk am

Na you talk am o, talk am. No be me talk am o, talk am

Four year tenure, three year holiday
Eh eh, three year holiday
Our senators don dey fight Kung-fu again
Eh eh fight Kung-fu again
Shey dem never tire? dem wan continue the race?
Eh eh dem wan continue the race
We buy your story but you no give us change
Eh eh you no give us change


Na you talk am o, talk am. No be me talk am o, talk am

Na you talk am o, talk am. No be me talk am o, talk am

Na you talk am o, talk am No be me talk am o, talk am

Na you talk am o, talk am. No be me talk am o, talk am.


Anything I talk make you talk am again
Eh eh talk am again
Anything I talk make you talk am again
Eh eh talk am again

Month don end, Oga pay salary
Eh eh Oga pay salary
In 2019, 19,800 allawee
Eh eh 19,800 allawee
Instead make you work, you dey find Alhaji
Eh eh, you dey find Alhaji
You come turn your body to cash and carry
Eh eh cash and carry


Na you talk am o, talk am. No be me talk am o, talk am

Na you talk am o, talk am. No be me talk am o, talk am

Na you talk am o, talk am. No be me talk am o, talk am

Na you talk am o, talk am. No be me talk am o, talk am

Three private jets
You say you buy am for church
Eh eh, You say you buy am for church
But your congregation no dey follow fly am of course
Eh eh, dem no dey follow fly am of course
Why your people still dey carry carry eye for someone
Eh eh carry carry eye for someone
Shey I no be person
Cause no be your tribe I come from?
Eh eh Cause no be your tribe I come from

Small man thief for market
You set fire for em body
Big man thief money we dey hail am like dummy
We dey suffer, we dey smile
We dey fear to talk
My people no get chop, my people no get work
These days we no know if authority dey for office
Cause the yawa wey we see, no be security we you promise
And the cup don full, we don tire for all the rubbish
All the punishment
Na me talk am o!


I just love the timing of this song. It came out at the right time. And some people after listening to this song countless times, will still not vote right, na- wa- o; odi somehow!

Lyrically, the song is meaningful. It talks about myriads of problems being faced in Nigeria mostly caused by politicians incompetence and greed to still stay in power even though they are not leading well.

This is a dope song, so truth revealing. I repeat, andnd some people after hearing the truth for free will still vote people wey no dey do anything to help the situation of the country.

Na una know o! Anyway, that is by the way.

The artiste sang in pidgin. The song comes in four verses; confident and punchy.

I love the fact that he owned up to his words at the end of the song “Na who talk am, na me talk am.”


In the pre chorus, “Anything wey I talk” Falz beckons on people to reiterate his sayings

In the verse 1, the artiste talks about a lot of things. He first of all takes a swipe at MURIC (Muslim rights concern group) who after suing him for using Hijab in the video “This Nigeria” ended up not showing up in court. Instead, they went behind his back and pleaded with NBC to ban the video because of the fear of losing to Falz who is a lawyer and also comes from a family of lawyers.

He also talks about election period in the country where politicians rally for citizens supports even though they are not fulfilling their promises.

He also talks about those wealthy guys with shady means of wealth who don’t turn up at the club again like before for the fear of being caught.

In the verse 2, the artiste first takes a swipe at the incumbent president of Nigeria who is under the ruling party APC- Mohammed Buhari. The artiste may be referring to the numerous times he travelled to London on health basis as well as on other basis despite the tons of problems facing Nigeria that needed the president to intervene, but he was never around to do sodue to his countless trips.

He also talks about the senators and their shamelessness; fighting and disgracing themselves in front of the camera and still wanting to hold on to their positions forever.

The last line of the verse 2 no doubt is referring to the president of Nigeria. The artiste says he and many other Nigerian citizens like him believed in all his promises before he got elected, but he ended up not fulfilling his numerous promises.

In the verse 3, the artiste calls out employers of labour who love to owe their employees money despite the fact that they are due for payment.

He also talks about meagre salary corpers and low income earners are earning despite the high standard of living. Lastly, he talks about ladies who have resolved not to work but to service the beds of different men; prostitution.

In the verse 4, “Three private jets” the artiste talks about religious houses and their luxurious acquisition which their congregation are not benefiting from.

He also talks about nepotism where people had rather prefer to employ people based on the fact that they are related and not on their capability.

In the bridge, he talks about the inhumane treatment meted out to the poor when they commit the same crime with the rich, the latter are rather spared.

He also talks about the immense suffering in the country in terms of hunger, insecurity and poverty.


Like the title of the song, the artiste talks about the myriads of problem facing Nigeria comprising the politicians and their unfulfilled promises, the constant conflict among senators, politicians and parties in the country, low wages, delayed salaries, illegal businesses and so on.


Anytime I listen to this song, it reminds of the rhyme- old roger, especially this line “hmmm ah, gone to his grave.

The song also sounds like one of 2shotz songs in the past, cant remember the title now, but when I do, I will let ya all know.

But in all, the song is melodious. It has its own kind of tempo, it is neither slow nor fast. May be mid-tempo is the word.

The instrumentals used were not varied.


It was shot mostly outdoor, the only indoor scene was the part the little boy was playing the game. The video was shot in Nigeria


Simple; they were all casually dressed


One thing I know about Falz is that his videos are always simple, not really extraordinary. This video is as simple as the video for “This is Nigeria” by the same artiste which generated a lot of controversies as some people were defending the truth.

What makes this video interesting to watch is the concept behind the video; so creative.

In fact, a big thumbs up for the person behind the video. The video lightning is fair. Great animation also.


A young chap is playing a computer game.However, the content in the computer game is not the usual. The content is different. Typical of video games to select from options , he does that, but the options in his game include- go overseas, save Nigeria to which he opts for “Save Nigeria” The game finally starts basically depicting all that is happening in Nigeria, basically, all that Falz sang about, from MURIC, EFCC, the president of Nigeria, Nigerian politicians and senators, the religious houses, minimum wage, prostitution, guyz into illegal deeds and famous political parties in Nigeria.

For every line, there is an animation for it.



So who else noticed that in his chorus, he took a swipe at the Major political parties in Nigeria purposely using the objects of identification for the parties. For instance, in the first chorus, the use of broom can be linked to the All Progressive Congress Party “APC” while in the second chorus, the use of an umbrella can be linked to the Peoples Democratic Party “PDP”

Another fearless musician like Fela, where he reused the hijab, but this time, they were not dancing shaku shaku

So sorry, all our contents are stuck in the computer, and the computer is faulty. I just had to find all means of reviewing this song afresh without pictures. Would update with pictures as soon as the computer is fixed.





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