DMW- Davido Music Worldwide brought together four big artistes- Davido, Mayorkun, Dremo, Perezzu and they came out with this massive hit- ‘Mind’

The truth is, I don’t really know if the “eeh’ they said throughout the song made it more interesting or not, perhaps, it was just to fill in the gap for lack of words. I can practically tell you that they said “eeh” in each line of their verses. Do you doubt me? Then check out the lyrics here first before the main review…



Yeeh, fine fine girls wan come my way, but you are still the one I want ooo, ehh
So many kele wan block my way, yeeh, but you are still the one I need oh o

And I’m sooo caught up, got me feeling eeh (caught up)
I don’t know what to do, got me losing my cool (caught up)
Got me feeling eh (caught up). I don’t know what to do…eeehh

I don’t even, I don’t even mind (mind mind oh mama), loving you
Girl I don’t even mind, I don’t even mind (Shaku Shaku my baby) loving you


Dem get big baka and big low-waist (bigger waist). Dey make me trace you to your base oh
Dem be feeling fly I fumigate oh (fumigate). I never wana go my place oh

I’m sooo caught up, got me feeling yeahh (caught up)
And I don’t know what to do, got me losing all my goons eeeh(caught up)
Got me feeling eh (caught up). And I don’t know what to do…

But I don’t even, I don’t even mind (Yeah I yeaeh), loving you
But I don’t even mind, I dont even mind (miiiiind, yeahh) loving you


One of my slay queens is a call away (a call away)
I drove a thousand miles to find you. I’m getting paper bi’pe moka iwe eh
And I’m ready to spend my paper (a ya ya)

Girl am so caught up. Got me feeling eh (caught up) Losing control, got me twisted
I’m so (caught up). Got me feeling eh (caught up) Losing control


Will you behave? When other girls misbehave
Will you love or hate? When other girls wanna hate (She say I love you)

I’m so (caught up).You got me feeling eh (caught up)
Losing control, I don’t know what to do now (caught up)
You got me feeling (caught up). I am losing control

I don’t even mind, I dont even mind. Loving, loving (loving you)
And I don’t even mind, I don’t even mind, Loving, loving (loving you)
Ty Mix

Fresh don’t even miiind, loving you
And, we don’t even mind collecting your boo


Lyrically, the song “ Mind” is quite on point but could have been better. The song has just four short verses delivered by Davido, Mayorkun, Dremo and Perezzu.

Davido’s verse talked about his resolve to stick to only one girl even though there are other girls trying to get his attention.

Mayorkun’s verse talked about his love for a lady’s shape (particularly her heavy front and big buttocks) which drew him closer to the lady. Her body is capable of making him stay with her forever and forget home.
This he said in “Dem get big baka and big low waist..”
I am still trying to figure out what he meant by “Dem be feeling fly I fumigate oh (fumigate)”

Dremo’s verse is self explanatory as Dremo drove a thousand miles just to find his soul mate and he eventually got as caught up… He has a lot of money and he is ready to spend on her

While Perezzu just wants a girl that is not nasty.
Though I didn’t quite understand why the answer to this question “Will you love or hate? When other girls wanna hate” was “I love you”; that is really off for me.

Lyrically, Davido’s lyrics synced well more than others, his was off the hook, next to Perezzu; though the answer the lady to the question he asked was off.

That name “Perezzu”- please what kind of name is that, can someone help me pronounce this name. After Perezzu, Dremo then Mayorkun.


It is no doubt a love song. The quadruple sang about the ladies they are head over heels in love with. Because of these ladies, they can’t hold their cool any longer and they are losing control. This they all sang in the Pre Chorus “I’m so (caught up).You got me feeling eh (caught up). Losing control, I don’t know what to do now (caught up). You got me feeling (caught up). I am losing control”

Also, from the pre-chorus, one can tell that they are helplessly attached to the ladies and can’t pull out from the relationship they have with them even if they want to, because they are “caught up”, the word “caught up” explains it all. Like being helplessly hooked to someone

They are so in love with the ladies that they are willing to accept them the way they are. This they sang in the chorus ” I don’t even mind loving you…”


The video was shot indoor, a place looking like a bar. This video could have been shot anywhere aside the bar. I mean, must all music videos be shot in a bar. There was really nothing creative or spectacular about the video. Don’t get me wrong, it is a clean video, good shots, quality production and so on. But is shooting in a bar all musicianS got to offer? Dremo sang “I travelled a thousand mIles to find you…” he could have hit the highway, not just sit down in a relaxed way in a bar- really how does that show that he travelled a thousand miles. He wasn’t even expressive though I loved his shaku shaku dance moves compared to Mayorkun’s. Infact, the way mayorkun danced that shaku shaku, I almost hated the dance itself…


BEAT: Great beat, though I could hear a particular foreign song in this track (can’t remember the song though). Also, Mayorkun raised the pitch when it was his turn to sing; I think it would have been better for the last verse; the pitch Davido used was different from that of Mayorkun, then Dremo and Perezzu went back to the initial pitch USED BY Davido which was not as high as Mayorkun’s.

Just wondering
• I think Mayorkun’s verse should have come last, because his pitch was different from others
• Like seriously “we don’t even mind’ collecting your boo
• This Mayorkun’s shaku shaku dance is really funny

• Why is that girl exposing her falling whether na fallen breast na, even the person wey get correct boobs no expose am…hia

Duration: 3:54

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