For now, I can literally tell you that this “Issa goal” song has got the best tune for the Shaku Shaku moves, you doubt me, play the song again…; ah ah, are you not feeling it ni.

So, this is the remix and it featured Olamide, Lil Kesh, Falz, Simi, Slim Case, and Naira Marley whereas the original featured Naira Marley, Lil Kesh and Olamide. The difference between the original and the remix isn’t much except that there is an extension of verses, duration and artistes like “Slimcase, Falz and Simi” were included in the remix. Also, there was modification in the verses of the former artistes in the song as they had to compose lyrics that fit into the Russia 2018 tournament.

However, it has the same chorus and pre-chorus like the former.

“Oya bebesia issa goal, sangalow issa goal, shanowole issa goal, escoba issa goal, toros issa goal. Coca-Cola issa goal, Super eagles issa goal, Flying nodding issa goal

“Issa goal (Issa goal, goal); Issa goal 2x (Issa goal); Issa goal, goal ; Own goal issa goal, issa goal; Wo this issa goal; Issa goal issa goal, issa goal; Issa goal, Jerin wole issa goal, issa goal.”

To the real deal, I was actually torn between putting this video in the ‘Advert’ catalogue or the ‘Music’ catalogue for reviews, till I settled for the latter. I mean with the coca-cola logo all over the song, it was looking more like an advert; though it is more lengthy than an advert. Okay, yes I know that Coke garnered the artistes to remix the song thereby making the artistes compose lyrics that are in tune with the Russia 2018 tournament and that would cheer the Super Eagles of Nigeria as well. Though the country Nigeria is out of the tournament, our writing style may likely look like they are still in the tournament; kindly bear with us. Like you know, we always love it when you go over the lyrics before the main review…



What is this magic? I need that magic
Ruby Lehinsi (E wa mo)
Ah ah, taste the feeling, ko come online, on a, on a Coca-cola diet. Omo ase lo ma je igbati


Banger is a goal. Jersey ta wo, first issa goal
E ge ta ge wole gan issa goal. Super eagles wan tutu goal Mikel Obi, gbayi; John Ogu, gbayi; Leon Balogun, gbayi; Wilfred Ndidi, gbayi


Oya bebesia issa goal, sangalow issa goal, shanowole issa goal, escoba issa goal, toros issa goal. Coca-Cola issa goal, Super eagles issa goal, Flying nodding issa goal


Issa goal (Issa goal, goal). Issa goal 2x (Issa goal). Issa goal, goal Own goal issa goal, issa goal. Wo this issa goal
Issa goal issa goal, issa goal. Issa goal, Jerin wole issa goal, issa goal

VERSE 2 (NAIRA MARLEY) Counter attack issa goal. Kuro nbe, inside the net issa goal.
Russia ’18 issa goal. Gbera Shaku shaku issa goal.
NFF issa goal. Coca-Cola issa goal
Mikel pass the ball, this is a goal. Iwobi ge won shubu issa goal


Brother Moses issa goal. You know Iwobi no dey joke
Make we bet, tear your shirt. See Mr. referee say issa goal
Super Eagle is a winner. Coca-Cola issa goal
Omo Naija issa ginger. Jersey won o ma le to (Issa goal)


Ah! Super Eagles issa goal. Hat-trick issa goal
Shanowole issa goal. Inside the post issa goal
Fi eyin shi Coke issa goal jor. Sangalo issa goal jor
Gbe wan sere issa goal jor. Fo won lenu issa goal jor

VERSE 5 (FALZ) Ighalo shoot issa goal. Golden boot issa goal
Oya run to the post. Somersault and do backflip; issa goal
Naija Jersey issa goal. Taste the feeling issa goal. Touch the ceiling issa goal
Omo come and see legwork issa goal sha (issa goal)


Update, iyayin. AKA 1 issa goal. AKA 2 issa goal
OS issa goal. CMS issa goal. Gbagada issa goal
Angus issa goal. Igbobi issa goal. Awon Omo Kings college issa goal
Handkerchief issa goal. Ajayi Crowther issa goal. Gather your boy issa goal
Before before but now we don dey grow.
Naira da? Dollar da? Shout out si awon omo Evans Adelaja
Mu coca-cola ko se normal sha. Ki olorun ma se wa ni oponu aye rada
You can be anything that you want if you focus and hustle and face your front (Issa goal)
But, blood mi o fe gbo pe isho kan ti cut
Taste the feeling o Bros. O gbona, o otutu, o hot
O ji, o score. O fe ji champion. Oya fi were port


Oya bebesia issa goal, sangalow issa goal, shanowole issa goal Escoba issa goal, toros issa goal. Coca-Cola issa goal, Super eagles issa goal, Flying nodding issa goal


Issa goal (Issa goal, goal). Issa goal 2x (Issa goal). Issa goal, goal Own goal issa goal, issa goal. Wo this issa goal
Issa goal issa goal, issa goal. Issa goal, Jerin wole issa goal, issa goal


I actually thought the song “Issa goal (original) was banned by NBC because of the extreme Lewd lyrics, did they lift off the ban? Or was it just a rumour? Perhaps. Well, whatever the case may be, this is the remix of “Issa goal” in collaboration with cocacola company to cheer the super eagles up in the Russia 2018 tournament. For the purpose of this review and in the context of the song, “goal” here means success or victory


(In the verse 1, Slim case is pointing out the success in his song titled Banger featuring Dbanj “Banger issa goal”. Also, he says the Jersey the Super Eagles wear and their style of playing football is a sure success.)

(In this verse 2, Naira Marley says attacking someone who first attacked in order to score a goal,issa goal too, “counter attack issa goal”. He also mentions organizations/brands that are successful such as NFF, Cocacola. ‘Russia 2018 is a goal’ used by the artiste may mean “Nigeria would surely win in the 2018 competition”. He therefore calls on footballers like Mikel and Iwobi to do their usual thing on field certain that they would score a goal)

(In Verse 3, Simi is certain that with Alex Iwobi and Victor Moses in the team, they would score goals and make the team victorious. She is sure of the success of Super eagles in the Fifa 2018 world cup just like the makers of coca-cola are successful . She even goes as far as placing a bet “Make we bet, tear your shirt”. This line “Omo Naija issa ginger. Jersey won o ma le to” may mean that even if they have the most beautiful Jersey, it is not enough for other countries to win the competition.)

(In this Verse 4, Lil Kesh is, “hmm, it is hard to give meaning to his words sha, I doubt if he wrote this verse” Well, the only meaningful line is where he charges the super eagles to dribble them in order to score a goal “Gbe wan sere…” Also where he tells them to rejoice as their success is certain. The line where he said “Fo won lenu issa goal jor” may not mean the physical one, though his expression insunuates that, however, this may mean that the super eagles should defeat them

(In this Verse 5, Falz is certain that the super eagles will come out victorious. So he sings about the way people usually express themselves after footballers score a goal “Sommersault and Backflip” . He also goes on to say Coke, which is synonymous to “Taste the feeling” is a success or a sure drink. Touch the ceiling which the artiste sang, may not really mean that you should climb up to touch the ceiling, but it means jumping high in excitement)

(In the Verse 6, Olamide is not only certain of the success of the Super eagles and the Coke company, but that of schools like CMS, Gbagada, Angus, Igbobi, King’s College, Ajayi crowther and Evans Adelaja. He also talks about a country trying to be victorious over Nigeria in order to win the championship but he says when they try to score, they should go bizarre and move away from the goal net. This he said in this line “O ji, o score. O fe di champion. Oya fi were port) Lol though

Lyrically, the song comes in six verses mostly sang in Yoruba (80%), Pidgin (10%) and unknown language (10%). The first verse was taken by Slimcase, next to NairaMarley, Simi, Lilkesh, Falz, Olamide respectively. For the purpose of this review and in the context of this song, Issa goal will connote “success”, basically it is a word used when someone comes out successful or victorious or has achieved a feat.

You could achieve ur goal Luckily, that is what jerin wole issa goal means.

The song naturally should be meaningful because it is about the victory of the super eagles but their lyrics was just too weak and lack creativity. Ah ah, what is handkerchief is a goal, I mean a whole Olamide saying handkerchief is a goal. Please what has handkerchief got to do with Issa goal, biko or are my ears deceiving me?

Lilkesh on his own part also said “Fi eyi shi coke issa goal” What is “Fi eyi shi coke- issa goal?” Oma ga o

All this their shanowole, shanowota… whatever that means, any idea, kindly fill up in the comment box.

Also, the flow of words is zero except for Falz and Simi who partly did justice to their lines; every other artiste’s lyrics in the song don port.

Finally, their lyrics sounded unprofessional like some kind of picked up words while in the studio. It doesn’t show preparedness on the side of the artistes.

Definition of some words

Own goal is when a player representing a particular country kicks a ball into his or her team’s rectangular goal post with a horizontal crossbar, this automatically becomes a goal for the opposition and they would be given points.


In a bid to support the Super Eagles at the World Cup Tournament in Russia, Coke garnered these terrific artistes. It is a song cheering the Nigerian team to bring the Cup home. It is like a song showing the belief, certainty, assurance, sureness, in the victory of the super eagles of Nigeria in the Russia 2018 Fifa World Cup, though they did not make it sha.

Issa goal is used when a purpose is achieved, or something becomes successful or a goal is scored or when something positive that has been long expected finally happens; basically it shows/emphasizes victory over something or someone.

LOCATION: It was shot mostly indoor, a place looking like a Cocacola studio, the only outdoor scene recorded was Slim case’s scene

SOUND: Terrific! Very melodious! It seems like Shaku Shaku dance was specifically made for this song and vice versa. I loved Simi’s vocal especially when she changed pitch after the third line.


A touch of red and green. The cocacola brand is known with the red colour and Nigeria- green. I mean our flag has the green and white colour. The land is green…Our Jersey is green.

So it was a touch of either red (Cocacola) or Green (Nigeria). Hence, the reason the artistes were wearing green jerseys. Although the dancers wore a touch of red.

Also, in the second scene, on the vehicle, you would see where the artistes carried the Nigeria flag – which is green and white, and the Cocacola flag which is red in colour


The video doesn’t tell a story, just a group of young energetic youths dancing Shaku Shaku to the beat. Very poor lightning. I don’t know why Lil Kesh’s scenes were so dark and he now even wore glasses again. That kind of video would have been sweeter if it was shot outdoor and if they wanted to use indoor, they should have been creative about the set.

I like that Slim case eh, the way he expresses his lyrics in videos is incomparable with other artistes. Did you see his facial expression when he sang that Wilfred Ndidi and when he said omo ase l’oma je igbati; this guy must have been a very playful child when he was small


  • What exactly did slim case say at the intro (rubylehinsi), na chinese word or what?
  • Why was Naira Marley doing his face like someone that was high on a codine diet,meanwhile Olamide said, “mu cocacola ki o normal” Didn’t he take cocacola ni
  • This Slimcase’s facial expression sha is what you call “made for him only”
  • This is more like a “street” song. Simi’s expression did not fit the street life, it was more of “the butty and the girl is too good” expression.
  • Wondering why Lil kesh was hiding his face aside the fact that his scene was dark
  • Lil kesh “feyin si coke is a goal” really? Eyes rolling!
  • Olamide “Handkerchief is a goal” really Eyes over rolling! Ko ni meaning mhen!



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YEAR: 2018

REMARK: Even though the lyrics are weak, this is one song you would love to listen and dance to over and over again because it is melodious.

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