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“When the gbedu enter my body ‘gegege-gegege’, na so I just dey dance instead of to dey write “gegege-gegege”’. Lol

Nna mhen, I love this gbedu! But biko (Please), if I may ask “is Burna boy in this song?” Of course he is in the song, he did not only feature in the song, he owns the song as well. Sorry I really had to ask the obvious. So why did I ask? When I first watched the video of the song, the “Bura boy” I saw in the video was not looking like the Burna boy I used to know in terms of “Physique.” So as I watched the music video from the beginning to the end, I was hoping to see the real Burna boy with some real “flesh” in the video.

So, I looked and looked well as in “looku looku dada” for Burna boy in the video , just like I was looking for Wizkid in the song Bad Energy which he sang with Skepta (By the way, the song ‘Bad Energy’ as well as ‘Wokie Wokie’ by Mr.P, would be reviewed on Ogefash Blog next Music Wednesday), but I didn’t see any other better visual representation of him. Kilode? Did he jeun soke or jeun sile? He was looking so skinny in the video. Is this some form of camera effect or tricks or it is what is trending now by all these young Nigerian artistes? Hmmm, okay o, ngwanu continue, ba komai.

 Well that’s by the way, I am sure you would love to enjoy the lyrics before the main review.



Kilo killo?                                                                                                                                     Beatzzzz
It’s Kel P vibes
Jeun soke o, them go dey jeun soke o. All my people dem go jeun soke o
Boss man, e go jeun soke o

When the gbedu dey enter body, enter body
All the girl, dem go shake their body; dem go shake their body

Oluwa Burna mo Gbona feli, say mo Gbona feli
You no get money, you dey call police. Me I dey laugh you gan ni

Hmmmm, gidigidi gidigidi gidigidi gidigidi gidigidi gidigidi gidigidi
O ti woronpoto, ah, yeh yeh yehhh


Dem say I dey craze, I no normal. But I go spray you the money- onyeoma
You suppose to know say me no be new-comer
So, my baby, make you no go dull am (no go dull am)

When the gbedu dey enter body, enter body
All the girl, dem go shake their body; dem go shake their body

Oluwa Burna mo Gbona feli, say mo Gbona feli
You no get money, you dey call police. Me I dey laugh you gan ni


As I dey sing, dem feel the pulse. Make all the people jump around
Make you dey listen well because I no fit shout (I no fit shout)
No joking around (ezioku), listen make I tell you, What it’s all about (gbekelebe)
I no fit tell you as water enter coconut. You sit down inside bus, you say you be boss
Eh eh ehh, oya looku looku dadada. Looku, looku dadada
See small pikin wey dey para, wey dey gagaga
Ki lo sele papapa? Oh looku looku looku dadada. Looku looku dadada
See small pikin wey dey para, wey dey gagaga. Ki lo sele papapa oh?

When the gbedu dey enter body, enter body (ge,ge,ge,ge,ge,ge)
All the girl, dem go shake their body (ge,ge,ge,ge,ge); dem go shake their body

Oluwa Burna mo Gbona feli (Gbona oh, Mo Gbona oh, Gbona oh Gbona oh, gbona, gbona)
You no get money, you dey call police (eheheh). Me I dey laugh you gan ni

Hmmnm, gidigidi gidigidi gidigidi gidigidi, gidigidi, gidigidi (Mo Gbona feli)
O ti woronpoto, ah, yehh yehh yehhh
Gbona feli


I love this “Gbona” music video sha; it was not unnecessarily prolonged. Some music videos nowadays are annoyingly becoming too lengthy. Ahah! Kilode! Even if you want to act “Jetli” movie inside your music video, it should be succinct else fans would somewhat avoid playing the song when they just remember how long-winded the video is or they may end up resenting the whole song.

Moving on, did you watch the “1 minute 43-53 seconds of this video; I totally loved it.

However, I couldn’t feel Burna boy’s vitality throughout the video. He was just singing like one without muscle.  I love the 1 minute 20 seconds of the video where he reiterated “No go dull am,” I also love the way they danced in the “1 minute 24 seconds of the video”


Lyrically– The lyrics are punchy but the lines in the verses are not interrelated; though most of the lyrics in entirety complement the title of the song “Gbona”. For instance the lines in the Verse 1 do not quite connect well especially the last two lines. The first two lines seem different from the last two lines. The song comes in two short verses and three choruses. He sang mostly in pidgin but fused it with Yoruba and Igbo.

Hence, I would say punchy lyrics, but it could have been written better.


In the chorus, “When the gbedu dey enter body, enter body” the artiste says when a song is out of the ordinary (as in ‘odi’ very interesting) and the girls are feeling it, they are left with no option that to dance to the song.

In the verse 1, “Dem say I dey craze, I no normal” the artiste says he is still a nice person “Onyeoma” even though people think he is berserk. He also says he has been in the music industry for long.

In the verse 2 “As I dey sing, dem feel the pulse”, the artiste says people are enjoying and dancing to his music. He says he is very hot “Gbona” and it is really not explainable. Hence the reason for the proverb “I no fit tell you as water enter coconut.”


“GBONA” is a Yoruba word that means hot. The artiste basically says he is very hot in the music industry because people are enjoying his good songs and dancing to them as well. He also says he and the people around him are in money and they are enjoying life “Jeun soke.” They have the money to do what they want to do, even call the police or better still, silence the police on a robbery case; if you know what I mean.


Jeun soke- chop up, to be in money, to live better;    Ezioku– The truth

Looku looku dada– (Look well);          Pulse– Beat

Onyeoma– Good person                        Gbona– Hot;    Gbona Feli– Very hot

Pikin– Child


A melodious song I must say. The afro-beat style of rhythm is certainly interesting to the ears. The lyrics flowed well with the beat and the instrumentals were well arranged. I could hear the intense beating of the drums which played its part to enhance the beauty of the song. Even though he was not expressive enough while singing the lyrics, I can categorically tell you that his vocals were rich enough.


It was shot outdoor- on top of a building. It was also shot indoor- inside an empty building. However, we are yet to confirm the country it was shot, though it looks like Nigeria.


Burna boy wore a shirt and a trouser; sincerely, I did not like Burna boy’s choice of costume at all. I don’t know what to make out of the costume of those masked guys with helmets. Well I certainly noticed that they wore lots of jackets in the song.helmets. The ladies’ costumes were okay; mostly pant and bra with a net covering from waist downwards, multi coloured pants with a top and jacket,a beret, atleast, no sensitive part was exposed. At some point, they wore the same type of heels. I also love their head-ties. The only dominant colour in the outfit of those that featured in the video was black.



Visuals were quite pleasing to the eyes. Quite artistic I must say!. However, the artiste did not put energy into the song. Even late Fela, the king of afrobeat sang with much energy. Burna boy’s expression of his lyrics was zero. Every of his move was not just energetic.

I love where they held the Nigerian flag in the video- At least one artiste out of hundreds of them is still proud to be a Nigerian. It makes me remember the day I went for a certain competition. All the Nigerian contestants had refused to carry the Nigerian flag. So, I took it upon myself to carry it. When they now decided to pick a leader that would carry the flag, they all now ganged up against me to collect the flag that they had rejected. Phew! I hated that day sha; but I was happy that one thing eventually compelled them to carry the country’s flag.








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    I could see the stadium behind the dancers….looks more like Liberty Stadium in Ibadan, Oyo State.

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