So, a wealthy business mogul- William Peytons (Michael Kopsa) is perturbed that his only son and the apparent heir to Peytons’ enterprises Sean (Steve Lund)

has refused to work in his company and opted for a job in an unpopular food trunk after he gave him an ultimatum; which was, he either worked with Peyton Enterprises, get a job or be cut off (Perhaps from his regular stipends or his inheritance.).

Mr Williams was into real estate development. He planned to level the The Fountain Green Park and build on it, oblivious that his father was one of the benefactors.

Meanwhile, beautiful Allison (Siobhan Williams), a law student formed a group with her friends to kick against Mr. William’s new development plan to level and build on the coveted Fountain Green Park. Allison with her friends moved round distributing fliers to get people to stop Mr. Williams from bulldozing the Park. They went as far as looking for people to sign the petition that they would present at the Town Council meeting in order to save the park.

During one of Allison’s campaign for people to save the park, she met Sean. Sean noticed how furious she was with his father’s plan to bulldoze the park, so he decided to hide his identity. Allison thinking Sean had no means of getting a job, offered him a job in the food truck where she worked. Sean was eventually able to put his culinary skill into use. Along the line, Sean fell in love with Allison and he was confused on how to tell the real truth about himself.

I totally love this movie “Secret Millionaire” even though I couldn’t just feel that chemistry between Sean and Allison. I still preferred Caden and Beth’s first kiss to that of Allison and Sean. View their kiss here…


Perhaps, that is how the roles of Allison and Sean should be played out since Allison has been hurt before and did not want to give another relationship a try. So, if that be the case, what about the last scene where they shared their first kiss? Really, there was nothing passionate about the kiss and it was too quick. The movie should not have ended like that, when it is not a soap opera where we expect a continuity of scene in the next episode.

To be honest, I expected more romantic scenes ; this could have been another nice romantic movie like “Everything Everything.” They were also young too, but the duo really explored their new found love. Or should we now say, the movie “Secret Millionaire is basically about a girl that was heart-broken and didn’t want to give another guy a chance? No, the movie was basically about the wealthy Sean who hid his identity. Allison ended up giving another guy a chance, and when she did, she couldn’t express herself well. Sean on his part tried, perhaps, Allison was bringing down his flow.

There were some scenes that ought to have been romantic but the major casts didn’t exploit. Perhaps if they had played some nice slow tunes, it would have overshadowed the actors inability to express how they really feel about each other. So that brings me to the question, how come songs were not played in this movie except instrumentals? I don’t think there was any (If there was, kindly comment about it) , except the scene where both Sean and Allison were and still they did not kiss. I am not talking about the music Sean played when he was on the food truck with Allison.

Then I totally love the last part of the movie, the father and son conversation, where Mr. Williams actually revealed to his son that the reason he wanted him in the company was because he wanted to get the chance to be close to him, an opportunity he never had with his own father before he died. After I watched that scene, I was like “Awwww!”



Steve Lund really made the film interesting to watch with his funny gestures- lol. I could not help but laugh here

When Sean’s dad told him that “You look like you work here” at the 4 minutes 40 seconds of the movie.

Also where Sean’s father came to check him at the Food truck @ 40 minutes- 3 seconds of the movie and he pretended not to know him

Meanwhile, that Pascal guy (Ben Sullivan) just helped uniting Caden (Adam Dimarco ) and Beth (Allie Bertram ) together with his lies. Imagine, he wanted to date a girl and he could not help her get people to sign the petition.


Costume wise

  • Just costume

Sound wise

  • Still thinking


  • If Alisson (Siobhan Williams) did not allow the chemistry between her and Sean to show because she was still brooding over past relationship
  • So what happened to Beth and Caden’s next outing?
  • This Sean is really tall or Allison is really short- why didn’t she wear heels now, because some scenes where I felt they could have shared just a simple kiss and nothing eventually happened. Was it because of his/her height
  • Candice (Elise Gatien) has all the gestures that made it look like she was really interested in Sean, but she surprised me in the last scene when she said to Sean that she was not interested in him, that neither of them wanted a relationship, but business.
  • At the 46 minutes of the movie, why did Sean do his face like that and what was he looking at
  • Who else observed, this Jared can eat ehn, there was practically no scene Jared did not eat. Lol when his friend Sean asked, “Do you not have food in your house?”
  • There could have been a flashback after Sean revealed his true identity to Allison, probably where Sean asked his dad to leave the food truck if he was not going to order anything.
  • Really, for a first kiss, I expected more. See the distance between when they were kissing
  • Why the movie ended in such a way that the major characters- Allison and Sean did not have enough time to spend with each other.

Confusing scene(s): Nil

Overall rating for Secret Millionaire

  • STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, Fair Ending
  • SOUND: Instrumentals basically
  • DIALOGUE: Good
  • CHARACTERS: Familiar faces and new faces
  • SHOTS: Bright shots
  • REMARK: Lovely movie and interesting to watch. There could have been more romantic scenes between Allison and Sean, why the rush?

RATE: 6/10



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