A guy- Koya (Jokotade Bigval) having so much love for his girlfriend- Mope (Bukky Adekogbe) and not wanting to lose her, goes behind her back to do a charm that would harm and eventually kill any man that touches her. Koya died and this charm is still on Mope who is unaware of what her late boyfriend had done till her new boyfriend Omo Oba (Murphy Afolabi) who is the son of a wealthy king forcefully has sex with her.

This leads to the sickness of Omo Oba. In a bid to save his life, some brave men go into the forest to search for the almost impossible, which is the palm kernel with 6 faces, do you think they will find it?Will they be able to save Omo Oba? Find out in the review


The movie plot is not totally a new concept. In the 90’s we had a movie like Igando where some brave men where sent to the evil forest to get something and only one person survived. Well the stories are similar but there is a twist in which you have to watch to know the twist.

I don’t totally agree with the screenplay and I am wondering what the writers were thinking when they grabbed their pen to pen down some scenes.  First of all, it is very unrealistic for a king who has two sons and one of them is at the point of death to let the other son go into the evil forest ( where their survival chance is slim, less than 1 percent) to join others to search for healing for the brother, now where in the world does that happen?

The person that wrote this script is confused or whether the casts are, at times , you would hear in their dialogue where they said six men went into the forest, at some point, it became seven again.

The ending of the movie

So, later an old woman who didn’t even go into the forest with them had the pal kernel with 6 eyes, so my question is, where did she get it from and where was the old woman when they passed the news all over the village that they were looking for palm kernel with 6 eyes?

The ending was just a lazy man’s ending- they were already stuck and dis not have an idea of how to end the movie, so they gave it a terrible ending.

Then the film was shot using the olden days style, even their dressing and cars tell itall, but they have forgotten that when shooting film that is not in the contemporary setting, you have to be careful; I mean I saw vehicles made in the 2000’s on the road

Lastly, they tried to use the title of the movie to buy crowd, but the truth is there is nothing in the movie that has anything to do with Oja Awon Oku (Market of the dead people) – rubblish! From the title, I expected more from the 2hours 27 minutes film








Thumbs up: Great visual effects!

Costume wise

  • Just costume- they tried to make use of olden days costume but not all of them had that costume.

Sound wise

  • Good

Just thinking

  • Koya did rituals and the man told him to heed warnings, but at the end of the movie, we do not know what exactly they warned him about.
  • Nawa oo, this Mope’s friend was even smiling more than Mope wey the boyfriend get the motorcycle.
  • The king raped that Mope- and there was no continuity for that scene- the writers made it look like it is normal for a boyfriend to rape a girlfriend which is not normal.
  • I don’t even know who the Olori Agba and kekere is, they were just interchanging their characters
  • I am wondering why they made that girl’s face blurry.
  • I thought Badejo truly loved Mope why then did he rape her
  • Where did that old woman get the 6-faced kernel’s face from?
  • I saw six candle lights, but it seemed they were more than 6 that went into the forest.
  • Was this no-bra scene necessary
  • The team are not coordinated- they don not care about one another- they did not even know when this guy stopped to take water.
  • Did I just see this guy blink after he was confirmed dead? Chai, 1 hour 43 minutes
  • Who exactly is this guy in the 1 hour 43minutes 52 seconds of the movie, because he was not among the chosen 6 and how come that witch did not sense an intruder around. That his footwear is too horrible.
  • I am wondering why Disu told Dieko (Ibrahim Chatta) to be going home @ 1 hour 52 minutes 23 seconds
  • So how did Dieko die?We saw how others died….
  • The girl was made to carry the sacrifice for the prince despite being raped by the king


Overall rating for Oja Awon Oku

  • STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Somewhat Middle, somewhat Ending
  • SOUND: Good
  • DIALOGUE: Good
  • CHARACTERS: Familiar faces
  • SCREEN PLAY: appalling
  • SHOTS: fair
  • LOCATION: Ibadan
  • REMARK: The director was able to assemble A- list actors but then the screen play is watery. The writers have an idea, but it was not properly executed.
  • RATE: 4/10



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