The movie ‘Kara’ just like the title is about a young lady Kara. Kara is beautiful, tall, rugged and a professional assassin. She doesn’t miss her hit. She is the most favorite of her boss. She sleeps and wakes up with her gun. Like the saying goes, the downfall of a man is usually a woman, so what would be the downfall of Kara? Find out in the plot
Kara (BUKOLA ADEEYO) is in the sitting room with another of her gang member- Tom (BELLO IBRAHIM) when two guys enter with a gun. Tom disappears while Kara is taken away. They tie Kara to the tree and she threatens to deal with them when she is off the rope. In her brag, she sees Engr. Thomas coming towards her. He tells her that since her boss did not kill her, he will. He fires the gun at her and she dies. Kara immediately wakes up from the terrifying dream pointing her gun to no one in particular. She picks up her phone and sends a message.
Kara is in the sitting room with Don (ODUNLADE ADEKOLA); she narrates her dream to him. Don realizes that Engr. Thomas is serious about killing Kara. He tells Kara his last discussion with Engr. Thomas and that he wants her dead. Kara is infuriated and tells her boss that she wants to be the one to kill him, but Don tells her to exercise patience.

Engr. Thomas (YOMI FASH LANSO) is in the sitting room when the vendor delivers a paper to him. The vendor leaves and his phone beeps; the caller is Don. Don tells Thomas that he knows his plans and it will boomerang back on him. He threatens to kill every member of his family on earth. Thomas hearing the words of Don quickly calls the people he has given the task to kill Kara to put a pause on it. Meanwhile, after Don drops the call, he tells one of Mojisola that he needs two ladies.

One of the Muslim contractors- Muyideen decides to visit PTAB COMPANY- the company where late Bamitale is usually awarded contracts. He pleads with them to give him the next job that he is going to bribe them. The manager of the company is infuriated as he hears bribe, he tells the staff to walk him out of the office that the contract has been awarded to Engr. Thomas. The Muslim contractor- Muyideen decides to visit Thomas. He pleads with him to give his company the newly awarded contract given to him by PTAB company since he still has one project that he is still handling. This infuriates Thomas as he tells his friend- Muyideen that he is sick for suggesting that. Muyideen threatens Thomas and tells him to either hand over the new PTAB company contract job to him or risk his secrets being exposed by him. This worries Engr. Thomas as he feels that Muyideen apparently knows that he is behind late chief Bamitale’s death. Engr. Thomas and Muyideen exchange insults till Thomas’s wife walks in on them and Muyideen leaves. Thomas’s wife pleads with him to tell him the issue between the two of them and he replies her nothing.

Engr. Thomas in anger goes to the location where Don and his gang members are staying. He accuses them of exposing his secret especially Kara. He threatens to deal with them and get them involved in the police as well if his secret is exposed. He then walks away. Kara is upset. She tells her boss that they should kill Engr. Thomas immediately but Don tells her to be patient that his death time is close.

Engr. Thomas is in the sitting room and he is trying to call his wife’s phone but it is unreachable. He looks terrified. He senses that there is danger around and that death is near. His wife walks in on him and he tells her that he has been trying to reach her line. He tries to explain the reason behind the argument with his friend- Muyideen to his wife, but Kara walks in on them and shoots him. She joins Don in the car and they drive off.

The police invade Muyideen’s house and arrest him for the murder of Engr. Thomas. In the police station Muyideen sees late Thomas’s wife crying in front of a police officer as well as accusing him of killing her husband. The police try to calm her but she is not calmed. Muyideen maintains that he is not responsible for her husband’s death. He tells the police man that all the words he said to the deceased about exposing his secrets are just empty threats. The police man in charge tells his subordinate to refer the case to court.

The hotel manager of the hotel where chief Bamitale got shot is at a building site. He is angry with one of the builders as he and his men are yet to complete the building. He suddenly sights Kara and recognizes her immediately as the lady behind late Bamitale’s death. He screams and runs away. Kara is pissed that she is unable to see his face, so she and her female counterpart- Mojisola stop their mission.

Late Engr. Thomas’s maid is in the police station. She initially tells the police that she knows and can identify the face of the killer of her boss, but again changes words that she can’t recognize the person’s face. The police officer in charge tells his subordinate to take her away.

Fred (YOOMI GOLD ALORE), the young guy admiring Kara the other day in the club finally locates Kara’s house and pays her a visit. Kara reluctantly opens the door for him. She asks who he is and who he is looking for. Fred tells Kara that he met her at the club and since that day, he has been in love with her. He tries to sit on Kara’s couch and something strange happens to him, he pleads with Kara to allow him sit down but Kara shuns him. She tells him to either sit on the floor or remain standing. He opts for the former. Fred continues telling Kara how in love he is with her, while Kara sends a message to her gang members to come deal with him. Her gang members- Tom and Mojisola drive in and take Fred along with them. They put him in a booth and take him to an unknown destination. They strip Fred and torture him to confess about his real identity and why he is after Kara. Fred replies that he is in love with Kara. Not satisfied with his answer, the female in the gang pours urine on him. Kara’s female counter part- Mojisola goes back to tell Kara that Fred means no harm that he truly loves her. Kara is short of words.

An herbalist’s son suddenly gives up the ghost and the man tries resuscitating him. Some people help him out with concoctions; they chant some incantations till he wakes up. Meanwhile, the elder brother of late Bamitale- Olori Ebi (BOLAJI AMUSAN) who wants the herbalist to help make late Bamitale’s spirit chase after his killers and kill them all comes looking for the herbalist with Bamitale’s picture. The herbalist avoids him and tells Olori Ebi that the case he brought to him is the reason his son almost died. He tells Olori Ebi that he is no longer interested in the case. The herbalist advices him to put his hands off the case as well else he will face a bigger problem but late Bamitale’s senior brother instead accuses the herbalist of collecting bribe. The herbalist shuns him and enters inside his house with his family. Late Bamitale’s senior brother knocks at his door but he gets no reply from the herbalist.

Tom and Mojisola finally release Fred. Fred expresses his anger to Kara on the way his people torture him and Kara apologizes to him. Kara asks Fred what he does for a living and he tells her that he is the son of a wealthy. Fred also asks Kara what she does for a living and Kara says she is a hustler. Fred tells Kara that he loves her and would love to marry her. Kara tells him to kill his mother first. Fred is taken aback at her words and tells her he can’t do that. Kara in return tells him she is joking.

Don’s herbalist visits Don and tells him there is danger ahead but he is yet to see who is behind or where it is coming from. He therefore tells Don that he and his gang members should be extremely watchful and careful.

Don is in the sitting room with Kara; he eulogizes her first and then asks her plans for the day. Kara replies that she wants to stop by at her grandma’s place. Don tells Kara to be careful wherever she goes to. He then asks Kara about the young guy- Fred that is always around her of recent, she replies Don that he is just a friend. Don tells her that the boy is a form of distraction and that she is still young, she will later find a man later in life. He tells her that he loves her and that no one can love her the way he does, that she should not let any man spoil her career or make her lose focus. She nods her head to all he says and then leaves afterwards.

Fred visits Kara’s house minutes earlier before the agreed time. Kara is surprised but welcomes him. Fred tells her he is hungry but Kara replies that he can only find drinks in her house and not food. Kara offers him a drugged drink. He sleeps off and Kara searches him till she gets information on him. She discovers that Fred is a police officer. Kara taps Fred pointing a gun at him. Realizing that his secret has been exposed, he tells her that the reason he is into her is because he and his team have been trying to capture her boss- Don but they feel the best way to do that is through her. Kara calls his real name- Olabamiji Olaoshebikan and damns him for pretending to be Fred. She gives him one minute to talk after which she shoots her.

In the police station, the rest of the crew are worried that Fred’s number is not reachable since he is on a mission to get Kara, her boss and the other gang members. His co-colleagues say Fred is always careless at times but the DPO disagrees with them and says he will find a solution to the matter on ground.

Mojisola and Tom are together. She expresses her frustration on Kara being the only one placed on top of every execution. Tom tells her to accept it like that and not be jealous of Kara that it may be her turn tomorrow. She ignores his words and continues to show her anger on Kara being the favourite. This infuriates Tom and he walks out.

Mojisola asks Kara their future in the evil job they are doing. Kara replies that there is no future in it. She tells Kara that she is tired of a job that comes with no future that she wants to marry and so she needs to quit. Kara laughs it off.

Don and Kara fortify Mojisola Komolafe also. She picks up a kolanut and swears that anytime she acts against the group, she should die- which Kara and Don both chorused amen.

Kara is now at her grandma’s house. She pays a certain young guy to repair and fix all the leaking and burst pipes in the house. Her grandma prays for her. Meanwhile, Don’s herbalist visits him and tells him that one of his gang members may kill him. Don asks who the person is and he replies Kara. Don is confused as to why Kara will want to kill him since she is his favourite. Don asks the herbalist what he should do and he replies that he should act first before Kara acts. Don calls Kara and orders her to return as soon as possible that he needs her to carry out a particular job. Kara reduces the days she ought to spend with her grandma and promises Don to return soon. Kara goes to greet other people in the neighbourhood. In her absence, Kara’s younger sister returns upset that her grandma let Kara go, but she tells her that Kara is still around and that her bag is inside. She searches her bag in a bid to take anything valuable from it. In the bag she sees a picture of her sister with an elderly man which is Don. She tells their grandma that her sister is dating someone older than her. The grandma stretches forth her hand to collect the picture and immediately recognizes Don as the person responsible for their mother’s death. She screams and tells her grandchildren the story. Kara is pained and screams as well. Kara in anger returns to go and kill Don to avenge her mother’s death. She points a gun at Don and tells him that he is the one behind her mum’s death. Don calls her mother’s name and without remorse apologizes for it. Irritated now, Don tells Kara that the life of her mummy was paid for so he had to kill her. He reminds Kara of the rule of the game, which is when money has been collected for a mission it should be carried out. Kara gets more infuriated and Dan reminds her also that she has also been killing someone’s parents. He tells her that he is responsible for the great person she is and that he picked her up and made her useful. Kara is infuriated at those words. She asks Don who she is useful to, just then, Moji and Tom walk in, but Kara kills them immediately. Don is aghast, he stares at Kara and calls her name, but Kara still in an angry mood, shoots him afterwards. On her way out of the house, Don takes the gun under the couch and shoots her as well.

Bukola Adeeyo is a beautiful actress with no flaws in her acting. She acted as Kara in this movie.

Odunlade Adekola is a seasoned actor known for his exceptional dexterity. He is an actor, writer, musician, director amongst other things. He is a complete package of an entertainer. He is one person the audience really looks out for before opting for any movie to watch.

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