The movie ‘Kara’ just like the title is about a young lady Kara. Kara is beautiful, tall, rugged and a professional assassin. She doesn’t miss her hit. She is the most favorite of her boss. She sleeps and wakes up with her gun. Like the saying goes, the downfall of a man is usually a woman, so what would be the downfall of Kara? Find out in the plot

A very pretty young lady- Kara (BUKOLA ADEEYO) is going on a mission to exterminate a wealthy business man chief Bamitale (Muyiwa Ademola). She enters her sitting room, shuts down her laptop and packs it into her back bag after which she leaves for the mission. Her female counterpart- Mojisola (ENIOLA AJAO) drives off to the venue of their mission

A rich business man- Chief Bamitale (MUYIWA ADEMOLA) is on phone, he ends the call in a happy tone after winning a contract. His female secretary walks in with a file and after he drops the call, he lifts her up to show his excitement about the contract. She shows her displeasure on the way he handled her but chief Bamitale gets infuriated and tries to turn the table on her. The lady apologizes to her boss. After some minutes of ranting, her boss finally collects the file from her and she steps out. In her absence, he eulogizes how endowed she is.

A female receptionist of a hotel receives a phone call from chief Bamitale (MUYIWA ADEMOLA) who tells her to tell the hotel manager (TUNDE OWOKONIRAN) that he would be expecting a female visitor; chief Bamitale tells the secretary that they should prepare his usual room. Kara (BUKOLA ADEEYO) walks into the hotel and asks if chief Bamitale is upstairs, the receptionist assuming she is the lady chief Bamitale is expecting answers her. Kara requests for the room key and she hands it over to her. Kara locates the room and looks around. Moments later, her female counter part- Mojisola calls to check on her. She tells Kara to call her once she is done with her mission.

The right lady on appointment with chief Bamitale walks into the hotel and tells the receptionist that she has an appointment with chief Bamitale. The receptionist is confused as there is already a lady upstairs. She hints the hotel manager on what’s happening and he steps out to call chief Bamitale who tells him to handle the situation

One of chief Bamitale’s female staff enters his office to take permission to be absent from work for two days. Chief Bamitale shuns her telling her that there are lots of works to be done in the office. He then starts making a pass at her and gives her a slap on her bums. His driver walks in and chief Bamitale pretends to be scolding the female staff, he sends her out rudely afterwards and then attends to the driver, as soon as the driver steps out of his office, chief Bamitale insults him for walking in on him at the moment he is having fun.
Chief Bamitale’s wife is in the city room when their daughter walks in upset that her mother didn’t pick her up from school, her mum apologizes. Her son walks in afterwards and she tells her daughter to excuse them that she wants to talk with her brother, reluctantly; she leaves the sitting room for them. Mrs. Bamitale tells her son that his daddy’s numbers are unreachable. Their housemaid- Rebecca enters the sitting room to drop Mrs. Bamitale’s bag. Mrs. Bamitale’s son tries another of his dad’s no and Mrs. Bamitale speaks to her husband through his phone. She gets angry with her husband for not giving her his new line, chief Bamitale reluctantly apologizes to her and tells her about the new contract. Mrs. Bamitale tells her husband that she needs to see him urgently, but chief Bamitale lies that he has a urgent business meeting which would last till the next day, meanwhile he is heading to a hotel to stay overnight with a girl. His wife- Mrs. Bamitale tries to persuade him to come to the house but he gets upset and cuts the phone on her. Mrs. Bamitale asks her son what ends their daddy’s new number in order to redial it from her phone, but she gets the shock of her life when the house maid- Rebecca tells her. This infuriates Mrs. Bamitale and she beats her but her son stops her.

Bamitale is now in the hotel and is well greeted by the hotel manager and the receptionist. The hotel manager tells him that he was able to retain one lady and send the other away. Bamitale thanks the manager and heads to his room. Meanwhile, Kara is still in the hotel room, she hears a knock on the door and goes to get it. She stays behind the door to open it. Bamitale enters the room and sees that she is not the lady he is expecting, he therefore assumes that he is in a wrong room. In his confusion, the girl calls him by his full name with no title. Bamitale gets upset that a little girl like Kara has got the guts to call him by name. He scolds her and blabs on and on. Kara quiets him and points a gun at him and he immediately stops talking. Kara introduces herself to him and tells him that she is a hired assassin and his life has been paid for by one of his business colleagues who do not want him alive. Bamitale quickly remembers his argument about money with two ladies in his office. He thinks the two ladies are the ones after his life so he promises Kara to pay what he owes them once she frees him. Kara tells him that the person that wants him dead is a man and not a woman and chief Bamitale is speechless as he explains to Kara that he only sleeps with ladies and not men. Kara calls him an adulterer and again shuts him up. A call comes in through Kara’s phone; it is her boss the Don (ODUNLADE ADEKOLA). Don tells her that she has just two minutes to complete her mission. Kara tells Bamitale that he has one minute to say whatever he wants to say, but Bamitale instead tells her that he would give her money; she pulls the trigger and kills Bamitale. Meanwhile one of the hotel staff hears the sound of a gunshot and trembles. He sees the manager and the receptionist and tells them that he heard a gunshot. The receptionist trembles immediately while the manager tries to pacify them. The hotel manager tries to go up to find out what is happening when he stumbles on Kara with a gun; he quickly falls flat on the floor while the other two staff do the same.

The police officers and the journalists are in the hotel premises where they question the hotel manager about chief Bamitale’s death. The police search the room and examine Bamitale’s body while the journalists keep snapping. Meanwhile, there is a news broadcast on the television and Mrs. Bamitale walks in the tine they are talking about the death of her husband. She screams and her children as well as the maid rush out to check what’s happening. They see their dad’s corpse lying on the floor.

Kara’s boss- Don (ODUNLADE ADEKOLA) commends all the efforts of his team members- Kara, Mojisola and Tom, especially Kara (BUKOLA ADEEYO) for their good jobs. He encourages Kara and tells her that he will always appreciate her satisfactory jobs. Kara receives money alert on her phone for her last execution and she thanks her boss. Don gives his team two weeks leave after which he tells them to resume back. They celebrate their victory.

Three contractors are seated in a restaurant frustrated that chief Bamitale is the only fortunate one that gets contracts. Meanwhile they are unaware that he is dead. Two of the contractors are Muslims and they accuse Bamitale of witchcraft. The only Christian contractor- Engr. Thomas (YOMI FASH LANSO) in their midst defends Bamitale saying that he is just blessed. The Muslim contractors tell the Christian contractor- Engr. Bamitale that he is the one going to church but as for them, they will find a way around it like doing some voodoo. Engr. Thomas’s phone suddenly rings and he steps aside to receive it. The caller is Kara’s boss- the Don (ODUNLADE ADEKOLA) who tells Engr. Thomas that they have executed his work; that chief Bamitale is dead. Engr. Thomas rejoices and thanks Don for the good work. He returns to his co-contractors and pretends to be righteous again with them and advices them to be prayerful.
Kara’s boss- the Don tells Kara that his herbalist is having a celebration and he wants her to come along with him so that the herbalist can know and put some charms on her. So he tells Kara to stay back for a while before going on leave.
Late chief Bamitale’s family members are still mourning over his death. The pastor is with them and he is consoling them. The elder brother of late chief Bamitale- Olori Ebi (BOLAJI AMUSAN) walks in and pours aggression on the pastor because he says God is the one that gives relief. He replies him that many human beings also give relief and there are many people that can destroy lives. He insults the pastor and the pastor asks God to forgive him. He faces late chief Bamitale’s son and tells him to go and bring his daddy’s 5 by 7 picture that he will go and meet an herbalist to invoke his spirit. He goes to get it while he consoles his late brother’s widow.

Engr. Thomas is in a particular company where they award his company a contract worth huge amount of money. He is happy and over talks, when he sees that his words are not soothing to the manager, he retracts his words and apologizes. They sign the contract deal and he leaves happily.

Kara is in a club and she is dancing alone and sipping a strong drink as well. A young man- Fred (YOMI GOLD ALORE) that is with his friend in the club spots her and falls for her dance steps. Fred ignores his friend’s conversation and focuses on Kara’s moves. The bar man brings more drinks for Fred and he asks him information about Kara. He tells Fred that Kara just loves to have fun and that she buys a drink of 4000 naira for 40000 naira. That she likes to do her clubbing on a separate day from the usual Friday club day. Fred keeps staring at Kara and tells his friend that Kara is not a prostitute like he thinks but someone that loves to have fun at her convenient time. Fred stands up and splashes money on Kara and then returns to sit beside his friend. Kara packs his money from the floor and goes to pour it on him and then leaves the club afterwards. Fred immediately follows Kara. The police stop Kara for checks, but soon release her without checking her. They stop Fred also and question him. Fred tells the police to release him because it is important that he follows Kara but the police tell him to show his identity which angers him. Kara drives down to her house and is puzzled to see her boss in her house when he doesn’t have the key to her house. Don scolds Kara for going to club and returning at that hour of the night, not minding the kind of people she may come across on the road. Don tells Kara how important she is to him and the need for her to be careful. He tells Kara that there is danger ahead that she should be watchful of her movements even though he has given them some days off. Kara’s boss tells her to unwrap what he placed on the table. Kara does that and sees a pot of concoction; she eats it as her boss orders her. Don tells Kara that she should break the pot at a junction before the next 30 minutes after eating it. As she is eating it, her boss chants some words for her safety and victory in all operations.

Engr. Thomas calls Kara’s boss- Don for an important discussion and Don goes with Kara. Kara’s presence makes him unable to freely open up to Don the reason for the meeting. Kara senses Engr. Thomas’s withdrawal and notices his stare, so she leaves their midst. Kara’s boss asks Engr. Thomas to tell him the reason for the meeting. He tells Kara’s boss that he wants to know the person who executed the last job on chief Bamitale, reluctantly Kara’s boss tells him. Engr. Thomas is speechless because he feels Kara is too tiny to achieve such mission. Kara’s boss tells him how great Kara is. Engr. Thomas tells Don that he doesn’t trust Kara as she may in the future blackmail them. He therefore suggests that they kill Kara. This doesn’t go well with Don as Kara is his favourites. In anger, Don tells Engr. that he would kill him instead. He walks away leaving Engr. Thomas dumbfounded.

Kara is in the sitting room with another of her gang member- Tom when two guys with a gun walk in on them. Tom disappears while Kara is taken away. They tie Kara to the tree and she threatens to deal with them when she is off the rope. In her brag, she sees Engr. Thomas coming towards her. He tells her that since her boss did not kill her, he will. He fires the gun at her and she dies.

Bukola Adeeyo is a beautiful actress with no flaws in her acting. She acted as Kara in this movie.

Odunlade Adekola is a seasoned actor known for his exceptional dexterity. He is an actor, writer, musician, director among other things. He is a complete package of an entertainer. He is one person the audience really looks out for before opting for any movie to watch.

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