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“JESU (JESUS!)!” in the voice of “Burna boy” in the song “Angelina” was my exclamation after viewing this song’ likewise the exclamation of a friend of mine @Eunice Osunde; and I am sure for many reading this review also. I was like, was it that bad that they couldn’t even wait to be out of the public before they started romancing each other.
Infact, #Eunice had to ask me “Does this video vixen- @Beverly Osu have a boyfriend? My reply was “Really, I don’t know”
But then I felt if Eunice was appalled by the manner in which the video vixen interpreted the song, then she had be over appalled after watching the video #Fake love by #Wizkid and Duncan Mighty”
Anyway, that’s by the way. Like you know, we like to take a gander at the lyrics before the main review. Enjoy the lyrics to the song below

INTRO Flyboy, d-o-g, Aii, yeahhhh, yeah
Look at me baby (Yeah), call me Zaddy (Yeah yeahh)
Are you okay (Okay)? Are you okay (Okay, Okay)
Come to my bedroom (eh eh), cassava dey for you (oh oh) Are you okay (Okay)? Are you okay (Okay)
I want to use my money to scatter your brain for you, permit me (Yeah) I love you, na you be my bae
I want to use my *** to shift your womb Oh permit me (O na lolololololo) Girl make you keep my money o She say “Aye o” (Aye, mo pe)
No lele (mo ma kowale) Aye o, Ah, madu madu madu Aye o, aye mi o No lele, Aye o, madu madu madu Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh Bad, charley you be bad You like a sugar mummy Charley you be bad Charley you be bad

E be you witchi witchi, wi-tchi wi-tchi, wi-gucci Honey honey, honey honey, baby Lucy You carry load o, you carry, like a motor Baby, nobody know oh, nobody no go know
I want to use my money to scatter your brain for you, permit me (Yeah) I love you, na you be my bae I want to use my *** to shift your womb Oh permit me (O na lolololololo) Girl make you keep my money o She say “Aye o” (Aye, mo pe)
No lele (mo ma kowale) Aye o, Ah, madu madu madu Aye o, aye mi o No lele, Aye o, madu madu madu Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh Bad, charley you be bad You like a sugar mummy Charley you be bad Charley you be bad

Sufferi batter, like a serious matter But are you okay (Uuh Yeah) She gat

Like you know, “MADU” is a track off his “No bad Songz “ album and it is his second studio album’
It is hard to pick out a particular theme for the song. At some point, he was saying “Madu”and“Aye” after which he moved to sexual talks about the lady- what exactly is the correlation.
I don’t really know what “Madu” has to do with this song. Madu is an Igbo word in Nigeria and when translated to English means someone. Also, “Aye” is a Yoruba word in Nigeria which means “World/life.”So, again I ask, what is the correlation of those two words with the entire song? Well, except the artiste already formed up another meaning for Madu and Aye.
To be honest, my view would be that the title of the track “Madu” doesn’t correlate with the entire song.

Lyrically, the song comes in two verses that have short four lines. He sang mostly in pidgin and fused it with some Yoruba words. He only used one Igbo word “Madu”. I just can’t decipher some words.
For instance, Kizz Daniel says the girl is like a sugar mummy. The last time I checked, a sugar mummy is an older woman who spends money on a younger person in exchange for sex- so how exactly does it apply to the song and the lady in question. O-kay, she is older than him or what? Is she the one spending on him? No, it can’t be, because in the verse 1, he sang “I want to use my money scatter your brain…”
The lyrics are so weak. In verse 2, Kizz sang “You carry load o, you carry, like a motor. Baby, nobody know oh, nobody no go know.” Excuse me, if a lady is endowed at the front and back, as per a girl that has big breasts and bumbum, even a blind man that moves close would be able to tell, not to talk of someone that has sight.
Then this line “E be you witchi witchi, wi-tchi wi-tchi, wi-gucci”was just so empty
Conclusively, the lyrics are so feeble.
The song- arrangement- Intro-Verse 1-Chorus-Verse2-Chorus-Outro

In verse 1, “ Look at me baby” Kizz Daniel prides about his personality, wealth and sexuality to a lady (Acted by Beverly Osu) he is sexually attracted to. He tells the lady to look into his eyes to see how much he longs for her. He says he is a guy with so much sex appeal and swag. He says he will spend money on her in such a way that she won’t be able to think twice when it comes to matters about him. He invites her over to his sleeping quarters where he brags about his male organ and sexual prowess.
In the chorus, “I want to use my money to scatter your brain for you” the artiste intends to lavish money on her. He intends to use his money to confuse her thinking and leave her with on option. He wants only her badly that he seeks her permission to reallocate her move, so that there no child is formed during their sexual escapade. She is enticed by his offers and says she would pack her stuffs to his place “Mo ma ko wale”
In the verse 2, “E be you witchi witchi, wi-tchi wi-tchi, wi-gucci” he says the strong hold the lady has got on him is like when one uses voodoos on someone. He says she is endowed as per a lady that has big breasts and bumbum
“Baby, nobody know oh, nobody no go know” I really can’t connect this line to the entire song. Nobody go know about what?

It is a sexual song that talks about how the artiste longs for a lady sexually. He desires her and he is ready to spend all he has on her to have her to himself, even if it means reallocating her womb so that no child is formed during their sexual escapade.

Cassava: A male with a big dick; Aye- This means life or world
Mo Pe: To be complete; Mo ma kowale~To pack to the house
Zaddy: Someone dapper or better still, a guy that is appealing sexually and has got swag
Scatter your brain: To make someone confused, unable to think again or concentrate or focus or think clearly, too much for you to bear at a time that you lose concentration
No lele: no qualms, no problem or no worries. Suffery~Easily, Gently
Batter: To hit and behave violently towards a person, especially a woman or child, repeatedly over a long period of time, or to hit something with force …
Winch~Someone that uses voodoos or has spiritual powers.
Charlie- Means a woman’s breast or fool; Charley in Ghana means one’s friend or buddy
It has both outdoor (street) and indoor (Restaurant) shoots. It was shot in Nigeria.
Costumely! Kizz wore one costume (Black suit) all through the video while the video vixen- Beverly Osu wore two (A a tube dress and a night wear.
Melodious! Athough, at some point, his vocal was not clear. I love the drum beat, however, it also sounds like the same beat for Gina by Ghanaian artiste Becca which featured Kizz. Kizz’s tempo is faster compared to that of Becca. I love the fact that they brought back the beat after the interlude. Nice!
The video complements the song. I love the visual effects. I was really feeling @ Beverly Osu’s moves. At some point, I felt Kizz Daniel was just inflexible, especially where Beverly threw him on the table in the #other room. However, towards the end of the song, he became flexible, expressive and his expressions reflected the message of the song. Great video!

Does that really happen, people lose control in the face of a large gathering
The guy in the restaurant that was appalled by their action and almost poured the drink on the floor was in the video Able God by Chinko Ekun ft Lil Kesh and Zlatan (Which has been reviewed on this blog. View the review here @ www.ogefash.reviews) He acted as Brother lively.


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