Ehhh “leg up, leg down, hand up, hand down…” #Winks

Are you wondering what I mean by “leg up, leg down, hand up, hand down?” It is actually my dance moves to this melodious jam; this song is what I call jam of life. This song di (is) dope; I am so loving it!

I still prefer this song to unripe pawpaw (View the review here https://ogefash.reviews/2020/02/05/32/); the sound is more organized and made the song melodious.

In all honesty, this song ehn, lyrics or no lyrics, something must move in your body when the beat comes on. 

By the way, Zlatan seems to be doing a lot of collaborations with Papisnoop these days; is there any reason for it? If dem get kasala, na who go com solve their matter? #Winks

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The matter is a song by Zlatan ft Papisnoop. Remember Zlatan also featured Papisnoop and Oberz in the hit track “Uniripe Pawpaw” View the review here https://ogefash.reviews/2020/02/05/32/

The word “Matter” means a lot of things, the meaning and usage however depend on the context it is used. In this song, for instance, the repeated use of the word “matter” means a condition or subject that is of great concern and that needs to be resolved.

In this song, the artistes talk about finding every possible means to resolve an almost impossible/ unresolvable matter. Or better still, this is a call to people to resolve whatever issue they have with anyone regardless of how unresolvable it may seem. They used the word “matter” to point out various awkward issues, or issues among celebrities, families, friends, and society, in general, that may make people raise eyebrows, and that may be difficult to resolve.

Lyrically: The song comes in two verses taken by Zlatan and Papisnoop respectively. The chorus was taken twice by Zlatan. The lyrics are punchy, lengthy, and detailed. The artistes sang in Pidgin and Yoruba; a Nigerian language…

Vocal: The artistes’ vocal style made the song interesting to the ears. They were consistent with their vocal quality

Melody: This song is melodious. It has a fast tempo beat; the beat is quite similar to the beat of “Unripe pawpaw” by the same artistes. The rhythm flows well and the instruments are well balanced. The major instruments used to compose the song include drums and piano.

As at the time of penning down thoughts on this song, the video has not yet dropped…

Take a gander at the lyrics below.

Kindly feel free to correct the lyrics and translations. Also, share your thought on the song with other esteemed readers of Ogefash Photo Blog



It’s Mr. Jabulani
Haha Wahala!
(Ibile) Court!!
All cases have being adjourned till next week (Astala)
Dey don thief judge phone oh (Astala, Astala, Ayyiiii) (They have stolen the judge’s phone)

Shey you don hear the matter? (Have you heard the matter?)

Abi you no get data (Or you don’t have data)
They say pikin wey I born resemble Naira Marley (They said my child looks like another man’s child- Naira Marley)
We dey on top the matter (We are on the matter)

As we dey on top the matter (As we are on the matter)
Na im we hear another matter (We now heard another matter)
They say  2Baba post one pikin for children’s day (They said 2Baba posted the picture of one child on children’s day)
We dey solve the matter (Ah happy children’s day) (We are solving the matter)

Say this one na big palava ( This one is a big problem)
Ah but we go solve the matter (But we would solve this matter)
Because we don resolve matter wey pass this kind matter ( Because, we have been able to resolve the matter that is bigger than these)
We go solve the matter (We would solve the matter)

Burna- David dey fight (Burna and Davido are fighting)
KRM  make you solve the matter (KRM solve the matter)
Dem say dem see condom for isolation center (They saw condom at the Isolation center)
NCDC solve the matter (ah Abba Kyari) (NCDC solve this matter)

Igbo dey cure corona (Indian hemp cures coronavirus)
Rahman Jago go drop the matter (Rahman Jago would drop the matter)
Wetin Brother Jude do Cynthia  Morgan? (What did Brother Jude do to Cynthia Morgan)
Call me jo make we solve the matter (Do call me so we can solve the matter)

Dem say Mercy dey para (They said Mercy is angry)
Say her fans dem no dey support her (Eyan BigBrother) (Because her fans are not supporting her; big brother people)
Curfew meet Bobrisky for outside yesterday (Bobrisky got caught up in curfew yesterday)
Na one judge wan judge the two matter (It is one judge that wants to judge the two matters)


Ah Wo! See me see wahala (See; look at me and look at problem)
Na who go solve the matter ( Who would solve this matter)
Too much Kasala (Too much problem)
Lawyer Kunle go solve the matter (Lawyer Kunle would solve this matter)

See me see wahala (Look at me, look at trouble)
I order shawarma, I see akara (I ordered shawarma, I saw bean cake instead)
Too much palava, aunty Yemisi come and solve the matter (Too much problem, aunty Yemisi, come and solve the matter)


Ha! Olosho fe wa wahala (Prostitute wants to look for trouble)
Mo do, o cum o bere raba (I fucked her, she cum, and is asking for  money)
Shey mo jo Obi Cubanna ( Do I look like Obi Cubanna)
Abi mo jo Jowizaza (Or I look like Jowizaza)
Wo! Eyin omo copy cat (See, you that you like to copy other people)
Eyin omo ase e ye wa wahala (You novice; don’t be looking for trouble)
Ha, na only Zanku be the president (It is only Zanku that is the presidrnt)

Wey get mind to change producer (That has the mind to change producer)

Aunty fe ji airpod (Matter) ( That aunty wants to steal airpod)
Tenant di omo landlord (Matter) (Tenant has now turned to landlord’s child)
Police dog ge omo solider je (Matter) (Police dog bit soldier’s son)
Pastor ti yin ni o kin mu Aje (Matter) (Is your pastor that doesn’t catch witches)
Uber driver  lo learner (Matter) (Uber driver is using learner)
Street fighter la so no be Wale Turner (Matter) (Ordinary street fighter; not Wale Turner)
Ose t’oni ko fiyin wire (Matter) (The soap that she was askd to ….)
Iyawo fi fo aso, o sa sori wire (Matter) (She used it to wash and hung it on the cloth line)
O sneeze….. (She sneezed)


See me see wahala (Look at me and look at problem)
Na who go solve the matter ( Who would solve this matter)
Too much kasala (Too much problem)
Lawyer Kunle go solve the matter  (Lawyer Kunle da?) (Lawyer Kunle would solve this matter) (Where is lawyer Kunle?)

See me see wahala (Look at me, look at trouble)
I order shawarma, I see akara (I ordered Shawarma, I saw bean cake instead)
Too much palava, aunty Yemisi come and solve the matter (Too much problem, aunty Yemisi, come and solve the matter)


You get bitcoin matter Patricia go solve the matter (If you have bitcoin problem, Patricia would solve the matter)
XXXXX na my padi, himself sabi about the matter (……………is my pal; he is capable of solving the matter)

Ibile! Who go solve the matter? (Who would solve the matter?)
Their papa, their mama (Their mummy! Their daddy!)
Kerewa, Keregbo
(Matter ah ah)
Kereju, kerewa
Their papa, their mama (Their mummy! Their daddy!)







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