Is it safe to say that Terry Way, the billionaire father of now evicted housemate- Kiddwaya purposely made the above promise to disqualified housemate-Erica while his son was still in the competition just to get the public attention, their sympathy, and get them to vote and keep his son in the competition?

Because to muwa o, as in “me, myself and I”, Tery Waya knew that his son, Kiddwaya, did not stand a chance of winning the 85 million naira. Why?

  1. If it is by viewers’ votes, Laycon has more votes than anyone in that house
  2. Laycon has over 90 percent of top celebrities rooting for him; omo na GRACE o
  3. He knows that Nigerians have the mentality that the rich don’t need money; just the poor ones need it.
  4. He just knew his son couldn’t win the money
  5. That was why he promised such a huge amount of money to Erica.

And if Kiddwaya had won the money, “I will give BBNaija half of the money” Terry Waya had said, would have ended up as “Na wash” as in impossible, lies, deceit, because in the true sense, the money belongs to his son- Kiddwaya, and not him. You can’t tell a full-grown man with a vision, how to use the money he worked hard to earn, except Kiddwaya his visionless. You can’t also possibly be planning the usage of another man’s money in his absence when that man is still alive. Terry Waya has no right to take over the money, and direct its usage. He may have a say, no big deal about that.

Besides, aside from Kiddwaya having plans for the money, what if Kiddwaya is not interested in Erica, or both are not just interested in the relationship again? Would he still keep to the promise of giving her such amount? Who does that, biko, shift sir! I am sure his promise to give Erica and Charity the whole money was what got Kiddwaya evited from the show…

BBNAIJA organizers need someone that needs the money, and will put into proper use; not the person that doesn’t need the money!

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