Ah! Sex is sweet; very sweet gan ni! Its like there is a sweetening ingredient in both the vulva and the penis….

I am already feeling so horny self….Lol

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Anyway, regardless how sweet sex is, y’all; women in particular gotz to be very careful the kind of guy you allow to dick it deep in you, else you may be dicked (As in, be in trouble)for life…

Here is why:

Lots of guys go about with various sexually transmitted.diseases (STD), which they are oblivious of.

Some even have Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which they are also oblivious of. Remember, HIV no dey show for face.

So, ladies, again, be careful. Most guys are very careless when it comes to sex. They just want to quickly sex a lady, hence, they switch off their senses.

Common, don’t wait till you are infected. If you can’t wait; if he must dick it in, let him use a condom!

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Playing Safe makes You Stay Safe!

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